The Buddy Project 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts In college all buddies arguing each other about light issue.. panchi says stop it.calm down. we have less time and work more.. we will make team..and divide work. its better.. JT sir says make teams and assign them different departments. Fist and very important point that one deparment will not interfere in other departments work. Second we have to be completely co-ordinating. we have to work fast…He decides that KD will handle lighting as usual..Kiya costume , and so on.. Piddi asks what about me . Jt says him to help sheeba.. Now guys get back to work..

All are working “tum na humko roko abhi hum chale apni manjile” background music plays….All are connected with walkie.. Kd says piddi you are a donkey ..Maya mam says guys do you remember we are also

on walkie talkie.. get back to work..maya tells them about work. Ranveer says through walkie I love you panchi , other couples also..

Panchi say to jt sir your chance now..come on.. Piddi also insists. So JT says I love you to Maya. JT sir tells KD and Sheeba to meet him near stairs.quick.. he explains them about work..Kd asks sheeba can you handle everything..tell me clearly.. Sheeeba says i will and if i get any problem you are with me..

Kiya doing reherse “ithi si hansi’ .. Everyone claps..Kiya asks them what they are doing here.. dont hey have work.. Kd says we have work but we wanted to see your performance. Exclusively without crowd..hooting so.. They demand to sing her once more.. Kd says to kiya ,you are a superstar.. Panchi tells all guys about scholarship .Piddi says you cant apply one prank again.. Ranveer saays she doesnt know it this prank will be true. She got letter really.. No believes them…

Now everyone gets to know truth by principle that Panchi is going UK for further studies..ranveer says to buddies not to worry she is going UK we will be keep in touch. Just relax..Panchi thanks ranveer to support her. and kiss him.

Now panchi n ranveeer sitting in stairs..ranveer says I am making a picture of you in my mind. so that whenever i miss you ..I can see.. Panchi says will you make me cry. I m going to check the work..
Ranveer says to himself why always with me.

KD comes to ranveer..both have a talk about panchi..Ranveer says its not easy but i m not selfish how can i stop her for my selfish reason.. I cant destroy her dream.. Kd says to support her..You are right..
JT sir and maya mam says to ranveer, Your situation is not so bad .. Maya mam says your love should be strong when panchi come back..JT says distance makes love strong..

Its night time now..there is Crowd outside college.. Sheeba says them i will not allow you all to enter.. Piddi is also controlling crowd..

Dean says to JT that this festival is very important for us and future of our college. I dont want anything wrong happen.. Someone informs there is furore outside .. Sheeba says piddi we have to do something please think something..Piddi controls them forcefully.. Jt sir also comes there to check ..Episode ends on his face…

No Precap

Update Credit to: Priya

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