The Buddy Project 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Panchi falling down coz of RV’s push.RV blows Panchi’s wound and he ties her wound with his kerchief while panchi keeps looking at him and eye locks between RaHi in between.They continue their journey walking hand in hand.Both of them keep thinking about the astrologer aunt’s words again and again with the camp flashbacks.RV gets excited seeing the end of the forest and goes first.
Panchi asks him to stop and but he does not listen.He suddenly slips and falls in a quick sand.When Panchi comes to pull him up he realizes that it is a quick sand and he is sinking.Panchi panics and tries to pull him up.But their hands does not meet and she tries to use her belt but it is also short.She finallly pulls out a branch from nearby tree and pulls up RV.As

she pulls up, her hand starts bleeding coz of the branch.
After RV comes outside,Panchi hugs and scolds him saying that he never listens to her since childhood.She keeps on scolding that, she told him not to go,he is always careless etc etc.RV kisses Panchi.And then they both slowly come closer and passionately kiss each other.(Dil Ibaadat from tum mile plays in the BG).As they keep kissing each other, Ruku and Piddi comes from far and sees this.RV notices Ruku and moves away.They both are shocked and stand up.
Rukmini runs away.Scene changes to camp site where everyone are packing to leave.KD is confused on why they are leaving soon and asks Piddi.Piddi tells him that we had all the fun of Picnic and there is nothing to get tensed.They all leave.RV,Panchi and Ruku are being awkward to face each other.Piddi tells to camera that his plan became a blockbuster hit.He wanted RaHi to spend time alone but here kiss happened.He also tells that god is great, Ruku may feel bad but they can see to it later.Piddi laughs and KD asks the reason.He tells that he is thinking to take a short film on their bhoot experience.Ruku tells sarcastically that there must not be any love angle in it.
Panchi’s home comes and she gets down.She keeps waiting for RV to say something but he remains silent.Ruku tells that she is getting late for hostel and they start to leave.Panchi going to home and RV in jeep keeps thinking abt their moments in the Camp.(Bin Tere in the BG).They all reach Ruku’s hostel.RV tries to talk to her but she leaves.
Next day in college,Piddi advertises his new brand jeans.RV is sitting alone and Piddi comes to him.He asks RV to thank him for the camp but RV chases away him to beat but stops as he sees Ruku.He goes to talk to her but she keeps on moving away.RV says to Ruku that it was a mistake and asks sorry.Ruku tells him that he done what he wanted to and there is no use in saying sorry now.He tells that Panchi saved him that day or else he would have died.Ruku tells him that Panchi is his childhood friend and may be he has some feelings for her.RV tells her that he is misunderstanding but Ruku replies that he is misunderstanding himself and to think patiently and decide what he want in life. (Rukmini actually made sense here…RV is misunderstanding himself)
Panchi is waiting for Rukmini in library.Ruku asks whether she also came to clear everything and tells no need of it.Panchi pleads Ruku that it was a mistake and asks her to give another chance to RV.Ruku tells her not to advice on whom she should trust or not and she understands everything.Panchi wonders she does not know how to explain her but Ruku tells her that how can she tell that she by mistake done that.Ruku also tells her that she consider herself as the most understanding among the buddies,then where her understanding nature went by that time.Ruku also tells Panchi to talk among them or their friends but not tell her what to do.Rukmini leaves and RV comes there.
Panchi tells RV that Ruku thinks its all her mistake.RV hugs her but Panchi moves away and asks him to leave her and make Ruku understand.She asks him to find solution for this situation.She also tells that she does not know how he will or what he will do but he must do.Panchi leaves and RV keeps thinking abt Panchi’s words.

Precap: Ruku tells RV that we need to forget everything.RV tells Ruku that we will forget everything and have a new start.Ruku replies that you are misunderstanding me again.She tells that only one can be thr in his life..Ruku or Panchi??? RV thinking 🙂

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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