The Buddy Project 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Piddi is at Chillar’s practice room, sitting in a tire swing. He STTC that KD is missing and he’s getting scared. That Kareli must’ve already reached the stage and if KD doesn’t show up, Piddi should just say bye bye to Entertainment Batch. Just then, RV comes there inquiring about Kiya. Piddi replies she’s from his team, why is he looking for her her? RV then asks seriously about KD. Piddi tries avoiding the subject saying what does it matter to him where KD is? RV pulls him out of the swing and asks angrily what did they do to Kiya? Piddi gets hyper and retorts they aren’t like Dhakkans. Dhakkans are the ones who want to sabotage Chillars’ performance, not the other way round! Piddi then gets a lightbulb moment and asks RV what have they done to KD? He runs away shouting

for Omi and RV follows suit.

Outside in audience area, C&D have a Takra (Tashan is a RanSh word ). Avi says that Judgement Night is here and Omi has his typical, “Hain?” moment. His sidekick explains what Avi meant and Avi continues today they’ll find out who won and who lost. Omi retorts that is that what Avi was looking forward to? In that case, he should’ve asked first because Omi knows the result beforehand. He doesn’t know if anyone taught Avi Lessons of Wisdom but worry not, he can gladly do the honors. Avi advices him to save his over confidence for later because when Cs would lose and they’d beg for pennies, that confidence will come in handy. Just then, Piddi and RV come running there and inform about the missing KiSha. Omi gets angry that now Avi has done it and he’s finished! Avi retorts that Omi should worry about himself as Avi has advanced booked his bed in the ICU. Omi says there is no booking for visitors in hospital because that’s all he’d do, visit Avi in the hospital with flowers, not the usual one but the one in a wreath.

In the bathroom, Kiya shouts at KD to get her out of there and KD yells at her to shut up. She immediately blurts out to please, get her out of here. Then gets a grip on herself and threatens KD that if he doesn’t, she’ll get him expelled. At this, KD angrily looks back at her and begins walking towards her. She gets nervous and begins backing away while he gets closer and closer. She tells him to stay away but he corners her while she stands there nervous and scared. KD asks if she has a match or lighter? She confusedly asks him what for and he tells her that he wants to start a fire. Kiya gulps and apologizes for her threats saying she didn’t mean it that way and KD says out loud that there is a fire alarm at the top of the door, he’d light a fire and the smoke will trigger it and someone will get them outta here. Kiya gets happy hearing this and looks at the fire alarm in a “why didn’t I think of that” manner. KD looks at her and comments, “Ab aaya network dimag mein?” At first Kiya is too happy to realize what he meant and when she does…let’s just say she can’t come up with an intelligent retort to that

From the stage, a voice booms that it’s all a trailer! Real show is yet to begin!

Back with KiSha, Kiya denies helping KD. KD tries explaining her that they have no other way and Kiya firmly says she’ll find another way. KD rolls his eyes and stands aside, taking completely out of her way. Kiya didn’t see that coming and repeats loudly that she’d find another way but KD pointedly ignores her. Seeing such reaction, she stomps her foot in annoyance and gets to work. First, she tries jumping to reach the FA but it’s too high. KD just keeps looking at her desperate attempts as she then takes the towel and tries hitting FA with it but no good. She then angrily turns to KD and says how can he stand by and not help a poor girl? KD feigns surprise and repeats, “Help? Did she say she wants help?” At his sarcastic manner, she huffs and says she doesn’t need it. She then picks up the trash can and puts in upside down at the door and gets up on it. She jumps to reach the FA but to no avail. KD sees that she’s in the danger of falling but resists the temptation to hold her. But then, while jumping she loses her footing and is about to fall and KD catches her. Not just holds her, he actually carries her in his arms (what makes this scene bearable for me is that NO ISHQ WALA LOVE PLAYED!!!! )

Omi and Piddi are searching for KD and Piddi can’t connect to KD’s phone. He says to Omi he will find KD, even if he has to google him! Omi tells him to not joke and concentrate on the search mission. Avi and RV are doing the same and RV realizes that Kiya always turns off her phone two hours before the performance. Avi tells him to relax but RV says he can’t! Because a guy who can circulate a girl’s video for money can do anything! ()

KD puts down Kiya. Kiya thanks him and he says it’s okay because if she had fallen, the blame would’ve come on him. Besides, he sometimes feels she blames him for Global Warming as well. KD asks does she have any more bright ideas or is she willing to help KD do what he wants to do?

Turns out, she does! Kiya takes off her shoes and gets on the dustbin while KD stands infront of her, leaning downwards with his back towards her. Kiya offers a silent prayer and gets on top of KD and tells him to stand still. KD huffs as Kiya puts all her weight on KD. He asks her did she reach there and she tells him to wait. Two seconds later he asks again and she suggests while snapping at him that why doesn’t he take a flight and come up there?! He tells her to hurry up. Kiya succesfully reaches at top and hits the FA lightly. KD tells her to hit hard and she tells him to wait. She again hits gently and he again tells her to hit hard and she AGAIN shouts at him to have patience! KD tells her to imagine that FA is his face and tells her to hit with all her might. She does and succeeds! The FA rings! They rejoice and Kiya gets down. They are happy and jumping and almost give each other a hi-5 but realize their positions and stop.

The Stage Supervisor is hyperventilating that the crowd is here but no performers. Sophia comes there and he asks her what to do? Sophia asks what about Omi and Avi as they were the most enthusiastic about it all but SS is clueless. Sophia asks Panchi who is sitting on the stairs with her iPod on and asks her where everyone is? Panchi asks who everyone and Sophia just gives up. She tells SS to announce Panchi’s performance in two minutes as she’s the first performer and hope that by then everyone turns up. Panchi STTC that she hopes there is no trouble brewing.

Search party hears the siren and all four reach the girls’ washroom. RV calls out to Kiya and she tells him to get her out of here. Piddi half heartedly calls out to KD to which RV rebukes him saying why would KD be in girl’s washroom? But KD shouts that he’s in here! Piddi and RV unlock the washroom and KiSha get out. Kiya hugs RV and says thank God he found her, she was scared she’d miss her performance. Seeing them, Piddi imitates Kiya and hugs KD and says thank God they found KD, else he (Piddi) would’ve missed his performance Omi asks KD what was he doing in GW and KD says Avantika locked them in? RV says nonsense! Why would she go against her own team? It must’ve been his plan. Piddi taunts that they know who is sabotaging whose performance and they typical blame game happens.

Announcement happens that FTS is officially started!

The trios reach the backstage in time and they are relieved. SS announces Panchi Rastogi as the first performer and she nervously walks on the stage. Avantika is looking for someone and says desperately that Dad, show is begun! Where are you? Just then, a car arrives in style and she rejoices seeing it! A mysterious person steps out of the car in an attitude which is oozing attitude.

Precap – C&Ds are wrecking havoc at the stage and a typical fight breaks out. A cracker bomb flies away and the mysterious man picks it up. He goes towards the riot which is engulfed in smoke followed by Dean.

Update Credit to: Mais

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