The Buddy Project 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 29th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 29th March 2013 Written Update

The professor asks Kiya to read her story. Kiya reads that he is self-centered,he broke the trust,for money he betrayed the friendship etc, indicating KD. She reads that he broke her heart and that’s why there was a misunderstanding and fight between them indicating KiSha. Both KD & Kiya are hurt.Its KD’s turn to read now. KD reads about a girl that she is so rich and spoiled brat, indicating Kiya. He further reads that she grew up with shallow people in shallow world.He further reads that she blames others when something bad happens to her and not even understands whether the blamed one is really wrong or not. Kiya shouts Lie and starts to tell that everything is a lie.They both start arguing. Professor asks them to shut up and they both sit down. Avantika says bye to piddi and escapes from the class when the sir is not seeing. Professor calls Piddi.

Avantika is dancing in the corridor and bumps into the secretary.She tells avantika to concentrate on FTS and she asks her she does not want to embarrass herself in front of her dad.The secretary asks her to concentrate on constructive things and leaves.

AviRa are discussing something in the canteen. Avantika comes running to them.She informs Avi that their dad is coming as a chief guest to FTS.RV is happy and excited.Avi calls someone and confirms that his dad is coming for FTS.He wonders why he is coming here.
Panchi calls the secretary and tells her that she wants to talk to her.

Piddi says KD that we can’t sing or dance and what we are going to do.KD says that we will also sing and dance but whatever we do,it will be in groups.KD tells that we got a story to do and Kiya herself gave that.Omi comes and informs KD&Piddi that Superstar Chandan Roy is coming as the Chief Guest for FTS.Piddi gets tensed, Omi and KD calms him down and asks him to be himself. Piddi says to camera that KD says Don’t be an Idiot and Omi says be urself, how can one man can do things at a moment.KD says piddi that Avi’s dad is coming as a chief guest and not as a guest.
RV asks everyone to relax and tells that we have awesome script and musical strength.

Panchi is thinking about her meeting with the secretary and Dean.Dean says that there can’t be any solo performance.Dean says that there must be from any one group, so that which group wins that one gets the entertainment batch seat.The Secretary tells that if you want to give solo performance, you can’t participate in the competition. Panchi tells that she does not want to compete but want to perform.The Dean agrees and tells that she is the true artist.

Panchi tells to the camera that Panchi Rastogi will be No.1 now.She tells that till today she was in audience clapping for others and now its their turn to favor it back. (Awww..what an attitude..MY ANGEL..U go girl..<3 Loved this dialogue 😀 )The groups of boys form Pyramid and Piddi climbs up and reaches the stone at the top.Everyone is happy and celebrates. YaRa dance on music. ( It was a well choreographed one and the dance was so good.)Panchi is practicing her performance.She is singing in her bedroom with a mic like thing (blub attached to a stick).She is practicing with tu hai toh I will be alright playing in the BG.(She looks awesome in this one..She gonna ROCK IT..eeks MY ANGEL).The screen divides with YaRa and Panchi. (OMG…Is it YaRa vs Panchi…eeks..excited).Kiya comes back home.Anya calls her rockstar and tells Rehearsal for the big night.Kiya calls her anya and then adds di.She tells that there is no need to be so arrogant.Anya tells that she is not being arrogant and being better than her.Kiya is about to argue when her mom calls out.She tells her about Kiya's next show.Anya taunts Kiya that she must not waste time for small fest in her small college with a small talent.Kiya tells that chief guest for this small fest is Chandan Roy.Kiya's mom is excited and anya is shocked.Kiya tells that now there is more chance for her to sing in movies before her.Kiya leaves and her mom follows her back.KD and Panchi in Canteen.Panchi asks Wassup and KD says that rehearsals are going on.He asks about their practice.Panchi asks what it means.KD says that you,RV and Kiya.Panchi asks why he feel that she is with them.KD tells that you are Ranveer's friend since forever.Panchi says that she is his friend too.(OMG..KD's Expression..PanSh..!!!).Panchi reminds about bike race where she took his side.KD says that he does not meant that and asks her whether she is not part of performance.Panchi asks when she said like that, and tells that there is a problem with him that he assumes things and leaves.KD calls out her but she does not listen.RV is standing and Panchi sees him.( RV is jealous :O Awww…<3).RV asks her what she was talking to KD.Panchi asks whether KD is seeing them.RV says yes and Panchi tells that she want to give answer for this question again as KD will also ask the same question.RV tells that she is on his side and panchi asks why.RV tells that she is supposed to be on his side.Panchi replies that he also has the same problem that he also assume things.RV asks her to tell whether she is performing from his side and Panchi replies why not.RV is shocked and tells she is part of them.Panchi tells really and asks him when he asked her to perform from his side.RV stumbles to reply and Panchi bids bye to him and leaves. The episode ends as the screen divides between KD & RV.Precap:
KD asks Piddi to calm down.Piddi tells that those dhakkans are trying to spoil our performance so that they can defeat us.Omi tells that we will spoil their show.RV tells that chillars are trying to sabotage their show.Avi replies that we will sabotage their show.

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