The Buddy Project 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 28th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 28th August 2013 Written Update

RV picks up Panchi from Avi’s home. RV asks Panchi what happened? Have you fought with Avi? Panchi says that it’s not like that. She says that Avi’s world is much different.It’s not his fault. During the party he left with someone and didn’t come back.She said that she isn’t angry on him but she felt lonely. RV says that he must have been stuck somewhere, it happens often in parties.Panchi asks RV what was he doing when she called him? he says he was with “Ruku baby” outside the girl’s hostel. Panchi gets upset hearing this and says that he should have mentioned this to her, and that Rukmani must have felt bad . RV replies that she didn’t at all feel bad and she herself told him to pick you up.Avi calls Panchi, he asks her why did she leave ? Panchi replies that her mom called and it was getting late so she left. Avis says but why trouble poor RV for that then? Panchi gets surprised hearing this and ask how does he know she’s with RV? They realize that Avi is following them in his car. They stop the car. Avi says to RV that he’ll drop Panchi home and you can go. He says to her that they should at least have a ice-cream and then he’ll surely drop her home. Panchi agrees and they leave.

ICC. Everyone is gossiping about a girl being caught at the Boy’s hostel. The buddies come to know that Kiya too was at KD’s hostel room. They get shocked hearing this , but Kiya says that KD just wanted to give her a birthday surprise. She also tells them that there was another girl who was fighting with a guy at the hostel, due to whom they almost got caught. Panchi’s asks why were they fighting? Kiya says maybe the guy was double timing . Panchi and Rukmani joke that they wonder if KD does the same. Kiya says of course he won’t …She trusts him and knows that she is only girl in his life. Piyali (Piddi’s GF) who is nearby, hears this and says that she shouldn’t trust KD this much. Kiya says that she trusts KD and that she knows KD is a gem of a person. Piyali tells her to prove this and leaves. Kiya says to panchi and ruku later that she can prove it. She says that she will take a loyalty test of KD. Panchi and Rukmani try to stop her, but she denies saying that it will be fun.

Scene shifts to Piddi and Piyali . He is showing off his biceps when Kiya comes there and says that she wants to talk about something important to him . He says that he is busy right now and that he’ll talk later. Kiya then says to him that bobby will be glad seeing your biceps, right Piddi? Piyali immediately asks who bobby is. Piddi excuses with Kiya from them saying that Bobby is the name of his gym instructor. Kiya tells Piddi to spy on KD. Piddi denies saying that how can he spy on his close friend and that KD will beat him up if he finds out. But Kiya blackmails him that if he won’t do this, she will tell Piyali all about him and bobby. Piddi gets worried hearing this and agrees to spy on KD.

Panchi calls at Avi’s home asks if Avi is at home. The servant replies that Avi is sleeping and that he just returned at 8 a.m. He asks Panchi if there any message she would like him to tell Avi . Panchi says that no thanks and that she’ll call later. Panchi STTC that after having ice-cream , Avi dropped her at her home at 1 a.m, then where was he till 8 a.m?

Precap : Kiya sends Piddi to spy on KD and tells him to record every detail of him. Piddi spies on KD when he is at a xerox shop . A girl enters and goes near KD. Piddi sees this.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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