The Buddy Project 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 27th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 27th November 2013 Written Update

Piddi is alone in the jungle and is confused as to how did he end up here. It’s dark and scary. Seeing this, he gets an idea of scaring the Buddies by lying about a ghost. that would bring in some excitement in their night and he would be able to take RaHi away from the watchful eyes of Rukmini. He gets happy at this idea.

Piddi goes to the camp, shouting about a ghost and being all scared. He manages to frighten the Buddies enough. Panchi says there’s no ghost and to calm him down, they’ll go check it out. Kiya bails out saying she’d rather play on her cell. KD also decides to stay back. RV calls him a chicken but Panchi agrees with KD’s decision cuz Kiya is all alone in the camp. The other four go in the forest.

Kiya is seeing KiSha’s pic on her cell and KD sees her from behind. She gets a mail from the university she applied in, saying she got accepted. She starts cheering at this and is surprised seeing KD behind her. She goes to him and tells him that she had applied in the Californian University and she got applied. that’s her answer to everyone who thought she was worthless, her mother, her sister and even KD had started to think that. What would he say now? KD is shocked at this news but he smiles and just says, “Congratulations” and goes away, leaving behind a baffled Kiya.

Through various fake scares, shivering, torch running out of battery; they go deeper and deeper in the forest. RV and Piddi are the most scared of the four. Before going in too deep, Piddi starts chanting, “Aaltu jalaltu, ayi balla ko taal tu!” and gets a massive scare when a shrilly voice repeats his words. They get very scared but they go in anyway.

Turns out, there’s only a parrot mimicking their voice. They all calm down at this. Rukmini scolds the two boys for being scared of a parrot. She tells RV, who is still shaken, that he need no worry as she is there for him. Hearing this, Panchi who had been clinging to RV, lets go of him and RV looks at her.

KD is tending to his scratch wound and Kiya goes to him and tends to it herself. They talk stuff through. KD says he never meant to hurt her, they just had a few misunderstandings. But now she will be gone. He is happy for her, he really is but what about them now? Their future plans? Their relationship? they share an emotional moment and they hug.

Piddi is worried that his plan is failing again as Rukmini is the one holding RV’s hand. He cries out loud that he got hurt and deliberately drops their only source of light on the ground. It becomes way too dark now. RV holds both the girls close to him. Piddi cries out more and fake fear and runs away, dragging Rukmini with him while RaHi run in the opposite direction.

KD asks Kiya various questions about her admission? When did she apply? When will she leave? How long will she stay there? Kiya faces him and though he says he’s fine and happy for her, she can see he is lying.

Precap – Rukmini-Piddi come far away running. Rukmini cries out where RV is? They all got separated in all this disturbance. On the other hand, RaHi are together. RV is rubbing off something from Panchi’s eyes while smiling and Panchi is giving him all these loving stares..

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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