The Buddy Project 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 27th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 27th June 2013 Written Update

Piddi keeps on teasing KD to speak up about Kiya and says he’s falling in ishq wala love with Kiya. KD denies it all and threatens to slap him. Piddi tells him he can but he should first go tell her he loves her. KD leaves flustered but Piddi yells and says it’s mutual feeling. KD walks back to him telling him to not shout it out for others to know He tells him that Piddi is now a ‘bada wala ghadha’.

Panchi asks Avi about his important talk but he delays ordering coffee first. When he leaves to get coffee, Omi sneaks up to Panchi, he too wanting to convince Panchi to choose him as the dance partner. He takes her away saying he wants to have an important talk with her. Avi turns around to see Omi take her away. He runs after them. Omi isn’t able to tell Panchi so she starts to leave but he holds her back. Ranveer takes her away saying he wants an interview on her victory. Avi and Omi are left to look at each other.

In caf, KD admires Kiya talking while Chintu and Piddi continue to tease KD and probe him to go tell Kiya before 4 years passes away and her kids call her ‘mamu’. He starts to walk about Kiya and instantly, Chintu and Piddi hide. He feels shy to talk to her. KD says I love you. Do you love me? And Ranveer comes over the intercom turning the radio on and bringing Piddi out of his dream

As the interview begins, Kiya invites KD to sit with him. Avi and Omi’s gang reach the caf as well, putting their rivalry at their best again, in order to show you supports Panchi more. KD and Kiya smile seeing all this.

Panchi says she feels achieved and made two special friends and got her old friends back. Ranveer asks how it felt to sing as she always wanted to dancer. Panchi says she was inspired by Kiya and her stage-fright has vanished now. And the credit goes to JJ and all her buddies. Kiya puts her hand on KD by mistake and then takes it back consciously seconds later. Ranveer and Panchi are pulling each other’s legs on air making everyone chuckle. RV says he loves her new character and Panchi says even he has changed and he likes it too. (They are freaking adorable!!) Panchi gives him a hug and Rukmini feels a bit awkward.

Question from callers:
Panchi’s nickname: special nickname- moti.
Boyfriend: RV interupts saying n personal question. Panchi still says she’s single. (Omi gets excited then pretends to kill flies)
Special someone: Maybe. But that’s for me to know. (RV gets curious)

Rukmini asks if she wants to send a message. Panchi says yes, to her two special friends. Avi and Omi gets up excited. Panchi says the two of you are perfect for each other. Avi and Omi get shocked and look at each other. Panchi tells them to confess to each other. KD and Kiya seem to have gotten the message, even Piddi has. Avi and Omi leave feeling awkward.

RV asks who the friends are and she says they must have understood her. They’ve seen many ups and downs and misunderstandings but they’re together now and hopefully…! RV says he thinks he knows who she is talking about and gives the same advice to listen to Panchi. Indirectly pointing at KD, he says he knows you don’t like taking advice from others, but this once, he needs to before she gets out of reach. KD and Kiya are stealing glances at each other. Chintu comments him saying the same thing.

In the radio room, Ranveer pulls Panchi into a hug after she give attitude to him and Rukmini feels something.

Precap: KD and Kiya are having their look look session when suddenly JJ comes up to KD and teases him to tell Kiya too and that RaHi were right. He leaves. RV pulls Rukmini to the quietest corner in library saying he urgently needs her help. She questions about the issue. He says about KD proposing.

Update Credit to: Khushi

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