The Buddy Project 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 25th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 25th April 2013 Written Update

Piddi listens to Radio and gets an idea after getting furious at the RJ (Dimaag ki batti jali finally)

Avantika is looking through her yearbook, which no one signed and remembers all the selfish comments her so-called-friends made. Avi comes there to ask what the matter is since she gets so silent only when someone upsets her. She tells him it’s nothing. He says now she’s saying problem with sharing her problems too? He points out a story when a girl (indirectly meaning Avantika) needed his help in counting the hair on roach’s feet (You have no idea of the expression I made at this) Avi gets up to leave when Avantika pulls him back down with a oh-so-cute-pout on her face! She hugs his arm and resting on his shoulder, she says she never had a friend. Always tried to not think about it but today… Avi cheers up her mood by saying he didn’t leave even when she tried so hard to make him leave He says they’re special not because of his father but because they themselves are stars. She decides she’ll make Jaitley his friend. (Awwee!) She finally smiles, hugs him, and then tells him she hates all the mushy stuff and pushes him out.

Next morning, Ranveer talks about RJing in college with Avi. Avi points out that Omi won’t take it as college thing. On the other hand, Omi is thinking about RJ-ing and acts out too Pratham gives his try as well. LMAO! Sure enough, Omi brings the group talk in, as Avi had assumed. Piddi says it shouldn’t be about gang.. But omi brushes the point away.

KD goes to meet Mr. Junega and other people but no one is ready to listen to Kiya’s CD.

Avi and RV talk to Dean about Radio station; Dean refuses out of fear of D vs. C. After arguments, Omi and Piddi arrive as well with the same request. Taunts between Avi and Omi, the usual comic stuff happens, JJ aheming to remind them he’s present as well. JJ says all genieus think the same and then to Dean that since they all want the same, they should give it to them, pointing out the beneficial aspects of it. The dean comes in JJ’s talk.

JJ says RV should be RJ since he has experience. Piddi shows him the ‘thumbs-up’ sign. Omi opposes. Not understanding Piddi-RV’s impromptu plan. Piddi tries to make him understand but no luck. JJ watches with amusement, sitting in between, supporting points of both Omi and RV, then shocking them that it should be a girl. And the girl would be Rukmini, from Omi;s group. RV full on shocked. JJ manages to twist his words and force Omi into accepting it. Dean kicks them all out.

RV thinks that he wanted to open station to apologize to Rukmini. Now she’ll have to meet him! JJ stops RV and tells him she is not the type of girl to get smitten by his charm. The challenge is to win her trust and so wishes him luck.

Outside, Avi-Omi taunts (Better if you watch) Avantika comes on to Piddi to thank him for being her Secret Santa when he’s thinking that his work is done as RV is the RJ. He’s shocked when he calls him adorable idiot He accepts the word idiot but not adorable. Kiya again gets the misconception of Piddi-Avantika.

Precap: JJ meets with Rukmini and encourages her to take on the RJ position to fulfil her dream and inspire others to follow the same when they find out who she is and where she’s come from. Rukmini is left to think.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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