The Buddy Project 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 24th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th September 2013 Written Update

Omi with KD and Cs in canteen, saying he isn’t running for Elections just to show off. They really have to do sincere efforts for students. He asks for KD’s help in making their mandate and KD agrees. Kiya comes there and KiSha leave.

KiSha are talking. Kiya wants to spend time with KD but KD apologizes as he will be busy with the Hostelers preparing for the elections. Kiya is disappointed but doesn’t pursue any argument. KD tells her to meet in the evening. Kiya is thoughtful about something but says she’ll tell him in the evening. KD sees Avi heading a meeting in a class.

…which is extremely boring for RaHi as RV is trying his best to not sleep and Panchi is making all these faces while Avi talks about Day Scholars being their main target. RaHi begin

to chat on paper which Avi sees and reprimands them. Panchi says they can’t win just with charts and numbers; Avi has to address students personally and convince them about his ideas. CW comes there but seeing them busy, goes away. Avi says she can help them as well and seeing an opportunity, RV runs away after CW.

He tells her the meeting is so boring and she says he should concentrate on all this rather than terming it boring as they are the first step towards change. RV rolls his eyes and invites her in the discussion but she says she’s going to support Omi as she likes his ideas more, nothing personal. RV isn’t too entirely pleased with her decision. (MAIN MARJAWAN!! This man will be the death of me someday!! It’s CRIMINAL to look this hot, okay?! )

In meeting, a student gives all these cheap ideas to garner votes and others agree. Panchi rolls her eyes and says all these are under-confident strategies. RV comes there and Avi asks him about CW. Knowing what happened, Avi gets annoyed and asks RV to convince CW as she’ll be a great asset to them. Panchi stands up and says this is all not right. Everyone has a right to choose their elected leader, they can’t force someone to trust them. Either trust is there or not. And all the ideas presented are short-term. They have to do something big (Can’t she leave his side? Be neutral? I love her in neutral zone!)

In canteen, Chillars are doing a mock “parliamentary session” with everyone speaking at once, giving ridiculous suggestions as to what their logo should be. KD says something inspiring should be there. CW comes there with a logo which stands for “Strength in Unity”. The logo is passed unanimously.

Avi comes with his Ds and RV there and like always, begins taunting Omi and Cs. It becomes a war of words and taunts which ultimately leads to a fight. RanSh break the fight apart. KD tells them what’s the point of elections if they had to fight this way? RV tells them not to make this personal and do something together for college. Panchi steps in saying if they have to fight, they better take it outside and let those who actually want to do something do it in peace. Avi is not pleased with her stand as they all leave.

Avi goes to Panchi and says why was she publicly cutting across him? If his own girlfriend would do it, how would others take him seriously? (SERIOUSLY!? She ain’t no trophy wife dude! ) Panchi says she said what she felt and she genuinely feels neither him nor Omi is right for the post. Because they can’t help but make this all personal rather than thinking of the college. She wishes the elections didn’t happen. Avi says but they are, and they can’t change it. And if she stands by him in this, it would leave a good impression on others (shut your trap mister! ) Panchi says as his GF, she’s with him but deep down, she’s not involved at all. Avi changes topic to avoid any fight.

KiSha. KD is upset about whatever happened and Kiya tries cheering him up. He asks who is she going to support which displeases Kiya that he’s bringing in elections in time he should devote to her. He cheers her up by romancing a little. Kiya says going by his party agenda, if CCTVs will be installed everywhere, how will they enjoy such private moments then? KD is taken aback at this but Kiya kisses him and says she needs only him to protect her and nothing else and he’s always there for her.

JeeMi, simultaneously, are hell bent on winning the elections. For that, they bribe someone to make sure the other doesn’t make it on time to submit the nomination.

Precap – RanSh discussing JeeMi’s way of doing things. Both agree that they aren’t being sincere with this college and the elections (RV…dude, just kill me already )

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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