The Buddy Project 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 24th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th June 2013 Written Update

Avi tells Panchi when his team member challenged Omi’s team member for moonwalk Omi said in reply that ‘if you want to challenge then do it here, he doesn’t have the money to go to moon’ Omi says so its fine as he didn’t know, he then tells Panchi when they went for a social welfare project to a village all he asked was ‘how many cows in the village give milk’, he laughs and then goes on that till now Avi thought Anu Malik were two people and when he came to know it was one person he started thinking Vishal Shekhar was one person(Gosh even them mocking each other is so hilarious but bechari Panchi kaha phass gayi)

Avi tries to think of mocking Omi and says to remember what he used to say when he used to go for hair cut and also when

his chamcha got hurt in the special place what Omi said to him ‘don’t worry you wont become omi-potent, Panchi puts her hand on her head, just then phone starts ringing and Panchi jumps to pick up the call
Its JJ on the line and Panchi asks where is he, JJ tells her something as she hears it all shocked and tensed and replies ok

JJ drops of Piddi at his place, Piddi limps towards KD and asks him if he is ok as KD is still sitting lost, JJ looks at KD and indicates Piddi it will be ok, Piddi leaves
Panchi tells Avi and Omi no one will come to the party as some major crisis happened, Avi asks what did happen, Panchi says JJ told her he will tell about it later, Panchi annoyed says it was her day today and this major crisis had to happen today and says she is so unlucky, Avi tells her they are there, Omi says yeah they are having fun
Pachi looks at them with dagger eyes and says both of them aren’t here, they are in the boxing ring where they always are, she leaves from there irritated from the two, Omi gives a hard look to Avi who tells him its all because of him

RV and Rukmini are having the bhurji in the car, Rukmini says its good, RV is busy eating, Rukmini looks at him and asks if he is still angry with her, RV says he was never angry with her, he was before but now he isn’t but right now she is still angry with him, Rukmini asks if he wasn’t angry then why did he drag her to his house like that, RV jokes that he didn’t know any other ways to take people to his home

Rukmini asks to say why did he do that, RV says he was angry not with her but with himself because she always takes him to be a rich spoiled insensitive person which is very wrong, he then says the rich part is right and even the spoiled part but he is not insensitive at all, he was before but then he met her and they became friends and he totally changed, that is why her friendship matters a lot for him, he says he thought she was angry with him and would break their friendship

A lady comes asking what is happening here, she then asks Rukmini what is she doing here, Rukmini tells her she was late and then the watchman didn’t allow her in so that’s why she is here, RV and Rukmini explain everything to her, Rukmini asks her to forgive her this time and it will never happen again, the lady says ok but she shouldn’t be late next time onwards
The lady tells her to go in and also informs the security guy and leaves from there, RV says to Rukmini now her road is clear she will be heading to her place and he will go to his, he bids her good night

Omi and Avi are standing outside Panchi’s door, Omi apologizes and pleads her to come out, he wont fight with this ‘gaddha’(Avi), he tells her he wont even speak to him, Avi also apologizes and tells her its such an important day for her she shouldn’t spoil it, still no luck, Omi looks at her mom and asks her to do something, Panchi’s mom tells him what can she do as Panchi never gets angry easily but once she is angry it doesn’t go easily
Omi and Avi look tensed towards the door and at each other, Panchi’s mom tells them Panchi is already upset that her friends didn’t come to the party and above that both of them are fighting from the time they came, she tells them to fix the problem themselves
Omi goes back to calling Panchi to come out of the room, Avi tells him he will try, both start arguing on who will try, Panchi’s mom looks at them annoyed and tells them to stop, she tells them again they both started fighting, she asks them if they cant forget this fight for sometime
Omi says he can as more than the fight his friendship is important, Avi says same for him, Panchi’s mom nods smiling, Omi then asks her what should they do, Panchi’s mom tells them how should she know, they should think and leaves from there

Avi says they have to think something, Omi tells him he cant do it, Avi says again he’s doing it, he reminds Omi that they have to forget the fights if they have to get her out, Omi says ok as Avi is about to say something, Omi asks him if he thought of something, Avi says she loves music, Omi smiles and ponders
RV gets into his car, Rukmini is about to go into the hostel but turns to look at RV who says goodnight, Rukmini then realizes the jacket and takes it off and gives it to RV, RV takes it as Rukmini holds his hand and ties a ‘best friend’ bracelet, they smile at each other, Rukmini tells him the fear he has in his mind he should take it out, RV looks at her cofused, she tells him he isn’t alone, RV smiles as she leaves and he looks at the bracelet

KD tells JJ it isn’t about the money but its about his past, he wants to forget his past and move on, but until and unless he doesn’t repay the debt to RV he cant do it, JJ tells him the past is not holding him he is the one holding on to the past, KD looks at him confused, JJ tells him until he doesn’t stop looking back he cant move forward

He explains to KD that the day he stops looking back his past will leave him, he tells him its not about the money and debt, JJ asks KD from a few months didn’t his and RV’s friendship build up again, KD thinks about time when he and RV decided to stop the fights and then the time when they came together to wish Panchi all the best and then the time when they shared one chocolate
JJ says even his relationship with Kiya has improved a lot from before, JJ tells him they have all learnt to move on but problem is he cant accept it, he gives an example of a kid learning to swim and even though he learns it he cannot leave his float because he feels insecure as its settled in his mind that he cant swim, he tells KD similarly his past is his float which he is holding on to strongly, why(OMG this was brilliantly said damn i love JJ)

JJ says maybe he wants to live as a victim and his past is helping him do that, JJ says about his money he will get those as he will talk to DCP tomorrow and those policemen who were wrong will get their punishment and he will get back his money and then he can repay his debt, KD asks if that’s possible, JJ nods and says not to worry it will happen like that
JJ then says he doesn’t get one thing, why did he treat Kiya like a beggar(Hai ka kaise)
Outside Panchi’s door Omi starts singing a song and Avi also joins in and they sing giving tashan to each other, Panchi watches them from her window and sighs, Avi and Omi notices her and both start singing arms in arms and then when Panchi closes the curtains they push each other off

Panchi shuts her ears in frustration with their singing, Omi and Avi go to her window and Omi apologizes and says they wont fight in front of her ever again, he then looks at Avi and asks him if his tongue fell into his stomach, he asks Avi to say something, Avi apologizes to Panchi and asks her to come out as they wont fight anymore, Panchi screams out to shut up
Omi and Avi starts singing ‘Ye dosti’, Panchi goes to her window, Avi and Omi notices her coming and they put their arms on each other and sing, Panchi looks at them and smiles, Omis tops Avi goes on singing and Omi hits him to stop, Omi then tells Panchi to believe them, Avi also pleads, Panchi tells them she has forgiven them and now they should leave
Avi says no they wont go until she doesn’t come out and have cake and ice cream with them, Panchi tells them she is in no party mood, Omi says if she doesn’t come then they will start singing again and they begin when Panchi says no and stops them and tells them she is coming out

Avi and Omi high5 excitedly and then looks at each other and leaves off each other’s hands, Panchi opens the door to find the two waiting for her to come out
Panchi is cutting the cake as Avi and Omi is eating, Panchi asks how is it, Avi says its yummy, she looks at Omi who is busy eating and hits him and asks him how is it, Omi says its good, Avi thanks Panchi for making them part of her celebration, Omi with the cake in his mouth says thankyou to Panchi, Panhci thanks Omi and hugs him she then thanks Avi and hugs him but Omi pulls her by the arm and so does Avi(Ye lo phir se shuru hogaye, its so cute and funny the way they both fight for Panchi but aakhir mei tou koi aur hi leke jaayega Panchi ko)
Panchi says ‘guys’ and gives them the look and they let go off her, Panchi smiles and tells the two that both of them are very important for her and thanks the two and hugs them both as both watches her lost(hahaha awww)

KD looks at JJ shocked and says ‘sir’, JJ says he heard him right and asks him why did he treat Kiya as a beggar, KD asks when, JJ says today when he gave the money, KD says he only did that to save her, JJ says for whatever reasons he did but he made her feel like a beggar and humiliated her, KD asks but with what logic, JJ says with his logic
KD looks shocked and confused and JJ says the logic he used on RV(OMG damn JJ is too good shit the way he connected the dots from the other side shit that’s brilliant, at first when he said the beggar thing i was soo damn confused myself hahaha but damn this was really a faadu scene hats off to JJ), KD says that’s a different matter and says its not like Kiya doesn’t have the money, it was just to save Kiya and Piddi he had to give the money, JJ asks and why did RV give him the money, KD looks at him

JJ tells KD that RV knew what was his abilities and he knew very well that KD could earn money and he even has seen it, but it was just at that time KD didn’t have the money and he needed help so according to RV’s point of view he was a friend who needed help and so he did but in KD’s pov he saw himself like a looser and a beggar(If anyone can explain it well in others own terms it would be JJ only)

JJ tells KD that RV didn’t humiliate him but KD himself humiliated him, KD thinks about what RV told him in the farewell party and has tears in his eyes

Precap: KD tells RV that day he kept the money to help him but because of his inferiority complex he thought ill of him, KD says sorry and says when Kiya got back her friends even he wants his friend back, he puts his hand forward but RV pulls him to a hug, JJ says when friendship is done then he should tell them a secret, the police arrives and greets JJ while the buddies are stunned

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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