The Buddy Project 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 23rd September 2013 Written Update

JJ has called for an assembly. There, he thanks the Buddies for saving Kiya in time. He voices out his wish that ICC be a campus where each and every student can live without the fear of some creep stalker. For that, he invites students to come up suggestions which will help safeguard the students’ safety.

Avi asks Panchi to have a talk with her. She thanks him for all his help and he says he wants to talk about them. Can she forgive him? Panchi replied she did. Avi asks didn’t she miss him? RV comes there and blurts that she missed him at least 20 times a day and kept eating ice-cream in his memories. In this happy patch up atmosphere, Kush informs Avi that Omi is putting up CCTV cameras in the campus.

Avi goes to Omi and reprimands him for implementing something when JJ only asked for suggestions. Omi says 24×7 survelliance is the way to keep eye on stalker creeps. RV comes there and says that is violating students’ privacy. The right solution is to remove the roots, change mentality. KD comes there in support of CCTV that survelliance will keep students in check. RV says that would mean recording all private moments. KD says that’s a sacrifice to be made. Panchi stops them from fighting, saying let the management decide but it’s evident RanSh were not pleased with their little debate.

Kiya says to KD that CCTV idea is not good, unless boys change their mentality nothing will happen. CW says to RV that changing mentality is right but cameras will help. The couples debate on their POVs and reach the canteen where Cs are fighting with Chintu for raising the prices of canteen food. Chintu says inflation is the cause of it, he has to keep his business in balance. He is not running a charity. Omi comes there and supports his Cs. While some Cs are ready to get violent if Chintu doesn’t oblige to their wishes, Avi comes with Ds in support of Chintu. There’s a little day-scholars and hostelers fight as each have their own worries which leads to JeeMi almost having a fist fight. JJ comes there and breaks the fight off. He scolds everyone for acting like this over such matters. Omi suggests they vote in this matter and then whoever is the majority, wins. JJ gets angry at this suggestion that will they vote for every little thing. He then suggests there be a system. A proper student body, by the students for the students which will be decided by elections. He officially declares the nominations open and invites students to file in their nominations by 11 tomorrow. Ds start chanting Avi as winner while Cs do the same for Omi. RanSh see this and only sigh helplessly.

Cs and Ds have already started their election campaign with the chants, something RanSh aren’t pleased with. Dean reprimands JJ for his idea, saying JeeMi would never work hand in hand even if it’s for the college’s betterment. JJ sees RanSh sitting together, not pleased with turn of events and says to Dean that he knows what he’s doing.

Precap – Avi bribes a guy to spike Omi’s food with something that would stop him from coming to college. Omi bribes his Cs to make sure Avi would never make it to college by the time of filing nomination.

Update Credit to: spcysugar

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