The Buddy Project 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Panchi confused asks Kiya how did she and KD manage till now with all the problems and misunderstanding between them, she asks Kiya didn’t she fear that one day she might have to separate from KD, Kiya says ofcourse she is scared of loosing him, Panchi asks how did they pull it off till now then, Kiya tells her till now everything just fell in place but she would never want that she and KD wont share a relationship as that would be terrible, Panchi is in her thoughts

RV is busy setting up the system for the party, KD comes and asks how is it all going, RV says so far so good, KD says he is sure this time RV will rock it with his dj-ing, RV asks KD if he is coming with Kiya, KD sarcastically says Katrina is behind him but he is coming with Kiya only and then says ofcourse

he will come with Kiya only, RV laughs and says such a day comes where Ranveer Shergill doesn’t have a date and soon the world is going to get destroyed

KD says really and tells RV he cant understand him its just a NYP why doesn’t he ask Panchi out, RV thinks and says he doesn’t think it will be right, KD tells him he understands RV is trying to give Panchi space and time but everything has a limit, RV says he is scared already once he almost lost Panchi he cant take the risk again, KD asks if he is going to wait all his life like this, RV says he will wait until she isn’t 100% sure, KD asks how will he know if Panchi is ready or not, RV gets confused in his thoughts

Panchi is in the corridor looking outside lost, she looks at RV who looks back at her while passing by carrying something along with KD, Kiya gets off the phone and tells Panchi everything is arranged and now they should go get Piddhi

Kiya and Panchi rush towards Piddhi in the canteen apologizing him and says they want to talk to him about something, Piddhi tells them he doesn’t want to talk to them as he knows what are they going to say, Panchi says they are sincerely sorry and whatever happened wont happen again and in future they will try to approach more sensitively, Piddhi tells them they just don’t care about his feelings and only want to make fun of him, Kiya tells him their intention isn’t like that its just that they couldn’t understand him, Piddhi hits his head saying no one can ever understand him
KiChi then persuade him to say what kind of girl he wants, Piddhi back to his mood says he is shy to say, just then the chashmish girl pops up calling out Piddhi who whines to KiChi they both set her up again behind him, KiChi tries to talk to him but Piddhi says he is leaving and disappears, only to be followed by the girl who keeps calling him out, Piddhi hides behind people and then finally hides near the staircase

Piddhi gets a call and he answers it hesitantly, the girl says Pratham’ and Piddhi thinks the name is familiar, the girl laughs and says she like his sense of humour and asks if he is Pratham, Piddhi remembers his name and says yes, the girl asks him if he will go with her to NYP as her date, Piddhi falls down and says he is even ready to be her calendar of the year, he asks the girl who she is but she doesn’t reveal and tells him she is his biggest fan, Piddhi gets shocked

Piddhi to the camera: he is so famous

The girl tells him tomorrow morning at 9 she will meet him outside the college gates, the girl asks him if he will come, Piddhi says he cant handle the suspense and asks her to tell who is she, the girl reminds him tomorrow’s meeting and says he will know everything tomorrow, after cutting the call Piddhi is lost again with rose petals raining over him(OMG Bobby ki yaad dila di)
Piddhi at home dresses up in a formal suite and admires himself on the mirror

Piddhi’s dream sequence: dancing with a girl on MashAllah

Only to be woken up by Mrs. Punj’s jharu hitting him, Mrs Punj asks him why is he dancing like mad, Piddhi says she wouldn’t understand it’s a modern style dance, she hits him again and asks why is he dancing wearing his dad’s suit, Piddhi says he feels mature wearing it that’s why, he asks her to go sleep and chill and even he will go to sleep since he has to wake up early, Mrs. Punj warns him to wake up himself and she wont come to wake him up and leaves hitting him
Piddhi thinks he always acts macho but always gets hit by his mother, but then its ok

Piddhi near the college gates is waiting in the suit, RV and KD comes to him, RV says he looks so smart minus the bag, Piddhi sharmaofies and says hawa ane de’, RV asks did he buy a new wrist watch, Piddhi says no, RV asks why is he staring at it, Piddhi then tells them he is waiting for one girl, RV asks who, Piddhi tells them the whole story and RV-KD cheer for him
KD asks Piddhi she must have said something who is she and all, Piddhi sits down frustrated saying she said nothing and said its going to be a surprise, RV says then they will also sit and see who the girl is, Piddhi gets up telling them to leave as they are not required here, they both ask him why, Piddhi says the girl wanted to meet him single single’ and anyways in KD’s presence he becomes a little nervous

RV says no problem they will stand a bit far and watch and see who the girl is, Piddhi all emotional tells them not to do like that as it’s the first girl in his life, KD says fine but on the condition that today’s lunch will be from him, Piddhi says have lunch dinner but to atleast let him have his breakfast, RV says ok and they leave, RV comes back pulling his cheeks wishing him all the best

RV tells KD he has to leave now for the NYP prep, KD says ok and is about to leave when he calls out RV and asks him if he thought about what KD said, RV says he idd and his answer is still no as he doesn’t want to risk his friendship just for one night’s party, KD tells him he has to begin somewhere, he cant be waiting for her all his life, he urges RV to make it happen and ask Panchi, RV says his decision is final and now he has to leave cause he has loads of work

KD to the camera: both his friends are gadhes’ one is waiting like a joker outside the college and one who is ready to wait all his life for the girl…what a waste
Panchi comes running and calling out to Piddhi, she tells him she heard everything from RV about his secret admirer and secret meeting, Piddhi tells her to pray for him so that it doesn’t become tragedy, Panchi hits him saying not to think negative and asks if he spoke to the girl, Piddhi all shy says he did yesterday, Panchi says its such a good feeling to know someone loves you, Piddhi says yeah and she would know better since she also… he stops and becomes tensed for saying that, Panchi says no problem she will see him in the evening and take full report then and leaves off
Piddhi then starts looking at his watch again and towards the gate waiting, he sees a girl and a guy having coconut water from the same coconut and imagines himself doing the same with the girl, he wakes up and looks around asking Where are you my dreamgirl?’

Panchi overhears two girsl talking about how Piddhi is stupid to wait till now outside, the girl goes on saying how could Kiya nad Pnahci think she would date someone like Piddhi, the other girl asks why did she even say yes, the girl says just for fun, Panchi comes to them shouting at the girl how could she ditch Piddhi when he is waiting for her there, the girl tells her to chill and its her choice, Panchi asks her why did she even say yes in the first place, the girl tries to ignore Panchi and leave but she stops her and the girl tells her if she dates someone it would be RV why would she go for Piddhi, Panchi shouts at them to get lost as Piddhi deserves better girls than them and leaves from there

Piddhi thinks she said 9 and its 2 now, he tries to call her but she cuts the call, he tries again but the phone is switched off, Panchi comes running to him, Piddhi says he knows it’s a prank, Panchi hugs Piddhi

Panchi and Piddhi are in the canteen, Piddhi asks Panchi if he is so bad that no one can love him, Panchi tells him not to think so negative about himself and that everyone loves him a lot, Panchi tells him who is he listening to as all those girls are loosers, Piddhi depressed says everyone only knows to make fun of him, Panchi says those girls don’t even know him well, Piddhi says Bobby did know him but she also didn’t love him(OMG missing Bobby, wish she would come back)

RV and KD arrive, KD asks Piddhi what happened, Piddhi says nothing few days back college gave him trophy now they will make fun of him, KD says not to think like that and why is he taking them seriously, nothing as such will happen, RV trying to cheer him up says girls will all line up for him, Piddhi depressed says its all a lie and he is sick of hearing it, he knows he doesn’t have any girl in his life since he is a looser

KD tells him to come with him outside and get some fresh air, Piddhi refuses saying he doesn’t have the mood

Precap: Panchi tells RV its so romantic, and another scene both RaHi in white and in between red drapes and candles(OMG dat looked soo freaking BEAUTIFUL), eye to eye moving round and round, RV says ofcourse she never thought he could be so romantic, Panchi hesitantly says no she never imagined it and look at each other

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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