The Buddy Project 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 21st March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st March 2013 Written Update

Ranveer stumbles into a room (library) coughing from the smoke. A girl, hiding her face in the book, taps the other books on the table to get his attention, points at the board of ‘Silence’ and goes back to her reading. Ranveer is curious to see her face but she keeps it well hidden, with only part of her eyes and side showing. He finally leaves.

Avi comes into a room and thinkly idly when he hears a girls voice counting. He kneels down to look under the table. He sees the crackers (cause of the smoke) and asks ‘What they hell do you think you’re doing? She gives a chirpy reply but he is stern. He calls her Avantika and tells her she blasted the bomb in front of dean’s office! after she calls him ‘bhai’. She apologizes for it (It was so cute!!) He tells her to shut up and get out from under the table. She does. Her code name for him is ‘Marshal’. She tells him it’s not fair that he keeps the race in front of dean’s office but scolds her for blasting similarly. He says it’s different! She messed up with freshers run, putting emphasis on fresher’s run.

She continues to boast on her ‘grand finish’. He holds her ears and warns her to not take the fight between chillars and dhakkans lightly. All the while, she is only worrying about her ear Avi finally gives up after warning that he won’t let her wreck his reputation. She makes a face as he yells at her. Not able to help it, he goes to pacify her Avi praises RV and says they can beat the chillars. All throughout, Avantika isn’t listening but pretends she is and leave from there. (He’s concerned for her!! Such a cute brother! And she just ducks his attempt to hug her and leaves!)

Panchi and Kiya are tensed as they wait for RV to arrive. Panchi says the idea was just wrong. RV questions that was it not wrong when she took KD’s side and sat behind him? Kiya asks who’s side she’s in on. She says she isn’t on anyone’s side or in any group. She’s been their friend and always will be. But she still believes the MMS wasn’t leaked by KD.

Piddi-KD are conversing, mostly Piddi praising KD. The five come face to face and KD-RV tashan. With Kiya taunting KD with money. KD too gives a reply back. Both of them about to fight when Panchi comes, scolds them that she’s had enough all throughout school and won’t keep up with it anymore. Even strangers stand together against ragging. But here, they themselves are doing this! They used to be buddies at one point. They should be buddies and friends. Not enemies. (Go Panchii! Haha, just happy to see her scolding them both.)

RV says they were friends. But it ended when he sold it for money. (Someone clear this MU soon!!) Kiya says if he had even little decency, he wouldn’t come to this college {to KD}. She leaves. Both of them hurt in their own way. RV too leaves, leaving a troubled Piddi and Panchi.

Princi and assistant talking . She explains to him he can’t expel Avi or Omi. Principal goes on to thinking what he could do!! poor guy. (I think JJ will come in again now to help train new Junglees )

Panchi and Piddi talking. Panchi talking about how it felt when they were buddies and the situation now. Piddi says neither Nawab, Juhi or Bobby are there. Both of them missing all three and how even not being here, they’re with them. But the other three? They’re here and yet so far away. She doesn’t like that. (I like them talking about past and present!)

Panchi says they have to think from other’s POV as well. Piddi yells what POV? KD bhai didn’t do that!! He explains to him that his height is short but he isn’t mad at anyone! Because he knows it’s no one’s fault. Panchi is emotional as well and says RV and Kiya think KD is guilty so till he’s proven innocent, the fight will linger on. Piddi asks proof? After thinking, he laughs and repeats ‘Proof’. In friendship, the proof word just stands out. He says you support RV and Kiya and as always, he’ll be with KD. He leaves while Panchi tries to tell him she didn’t mean that.

Panchi to camera: Everything’s going wrong… If Jaitley sir was here, there wouldn’t be a problem. Jaitley sir… (She tries calling but slams the phone down) Jaitley sir is out of reach. No phone no mail.. What to do now?

KD doing push up’s remembering RV’s spiteful words, angry. RV too throwing tennis ball to the wall and KD’s words running at back of his head.

Kiya’s mirror (or was it trophy?) falls and breaks on the floor, as she too remembers KD’s words as he defends himself.

Assitant telling Principal about Avantika Roy. THe Principal gets mini heart attack Assistant says they have 36 spots and there are 37 students. So they have to remove one. Princi says it would be unethical but he has to choice.

Precap: PiYa saying to Princi, emotional torture style, “aap hume nikaal rahe ho?” Omi-Avi standing up for Piddi and Kiya respectively and threatening the Princo if he dares to remove either, he knows what they can each do

IC is a truly master place!! Students threatening the Principal

Update Credit to: Khushii

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