The Buddy Project 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 21st January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st January 2014 Written Update

Jaitley tells Harsh to run. The Buddies rescue Harsh. JJ goes out of ammo and he willingly surrenders. Buddies reluctantly leave him on the ground in a surrender position with three goons pointing guns at him.

In the car, KD suggests that they go to police. Harsh opposes the idea. KD gets mad that Harsh is being all chilled and calmed about a person who saved his life. Harsh defends himself saying that he is only thinking practically. His father and JJ had a deal to save Harsh’s life from the goons. Most probably the goons will call his father for ransom money. KD remains mad at him. Piddi reasons to him that JJ asked them to protect Harsh so they better leave him home.

Harsh’s security at his home gets tightened. Harsh things about how JJ saved him

and KD’s accusation.

Buddy Boys arrive at police station. Before they can go in, a goon calls KD and warns him that if they go to police, JJ will die. KD gets worried and asks RV to just go back. Goon calls him again and tells him to meet at a place.

Buddy Boys go to a shady club. Panchi keeps calling RV but he can’t talk much to her. The goons tell the boys to bring Harsh to Jodhpur in 72 hours else JJ will die.

Boys are worried as to what to do next. Piddi says that they just give Harsh to the goons as he is the reason for the mess, they have only 72 hours left. KD gets thoughtful about what to do next.

Next day in ICC, Buddies are outside Dean’s office. Harsh goes to Dean. Kiya offers that she talk to Harsh and Dean to cancel KD’s expulsion but KD says he doesn’t want to put her in any more trouble. Dean cancels KD’s expulsion with the explanation that Harsh says he was also equally responsible and that the matter should be forgotten. Kiya follows Harsh out. Boys are happy but Panchi gets curious as to why Harsh did that. RV diverts her attention.

Kiya asks Harsh why he saved KD. Harsh says he did what he felt like doing and that he ain’t a bad guy. Kiya gets confused.

Girls are suspicious that something is wrong. They choose to confront Piddi about it.

Boys are talking and having some laughs. They get worried about JJ and how to take Harsh to Jodhpur. Piddi gets an idea.

Girls confront Piddi and Panchi emotionally blackmails him. Piddi ends up telling that JJ got kidnapped.

Precap –
Girls confront RanSh. RV says they have to bring Harsh to Jodhpur and they will have to kidnap him.
The boys are taking away Harsh after knocking him out and they get surrounded by his guards.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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