The Buddy Project 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 20th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th September 2013 Written Update

JJ brings drinks for everyone and says that he has ordered Pizzas too. He sees that they all are tensed and tells them and to loosen up and feel at home. He then tells Piddi to play some music for them. JJ jokes to Buddies saying that Piddi in a way saved Kiya’s concert. When asked how, he says that Piddi would come to rap on stage but before he starts everyone would run away and no one would be left to hear Kiya’s song. JJ tells Piddi to rap for them and show his talent. Piddi raps and the Buddies and JJ cheer for him. Later, JJ tells the buddy gang to do something special to show their love for each other, He tells KD to go first. KD hesitates at first, but begins to sing ‘Mere Saath’ for Kiya, everyone except kiya put hands around their ears

and complain about his bad voice. RV says that its better that I play the music rather than KD singing it. He plays ‘Mere Saath’ on his cell phone and Kisha dance together on it. At the end, KD tells kiya that the buddy gang will always be with you , so you don’t need to get afraid for anyone. Kiya hugs him.

(Okay, the dance was nice, and I like that song, But why do they always dance on either Mere Saath or IWL? )

Piddi says that he would like to do something too, to show his love for someone. He removes his jacket and shoes , and then calls KD near him. Panchi asks him if he is going to love for KD by stripping? xD Piddi does a awkward strip dance around KD and other dramatically pretend to close their eyes. Piddi shows KD a small round mirror chain near his chest and says thats where KD’s place has always been, As his big brother. KD gets happy seeing this and hugs him.

RV is turn is next. He gives a flying kiss to Chappal Wali (aka Rukmini , in case you guys already didn’t know this ) and that he loves her, but today his dedication is for someone else. its for the love of his life, his best friend Panchi and gives a flying kiss to her too. (D’awww ) . CW then says her infamous chappal dialogue saying that he better do it for Panchi or else she’ll hit him with his chappal . ( Dialogue writers ka brain kya holiday pe gaya hain? Why does she says that everytime? Koi aur dialogue nahi aata kya ? ) He plays Dumb charades with Panchi and does the gestures about a film. Piddi guesses it and is about to answer but JJ stops him and says that the game is exclusively for Panchi and she will only tell the right word. Panchi asks him if it is “Aap Hamare Dil Main Rehte Hain” ? He says that she is right! But Panchi tells him that its the wrong film, the name of real film was “Hum Aapke Dil Main Rehte Hain” ,right? RV says that he knows that and smiles at her. Panchi runs to hug him…He says that She is the Best! Panchi same to you and they hug! (And again, D’awww )

(CW confuses me. At times she gets jealous seeing Rahi together and at other times she behaves as if RV is just her casual friend.*sigh* Well, CVs and their brains! Who knows what they’re thinking )

The Buddies ask JJ to prove how much he loves them. JJ takes them to a dark room. He draws the curtains and a wall full of Photo’s of Buddies is displayed. JJ tells them that all these pictures, and the moments caught in them is all he has.It has photos of Kiya’s first concert in school, Buddy gang’s camping trip, The Buddy Project Contract, Panchi winning the Miss.Vista, their trip to Imagica and many more. He says that these pictures are all he has and treasures. Now you guys only tell me, How much do you think I love you? The Buddies get emotional at this. And they hug JJ. JJ has tears in eyes too. Piddi says its a moment to be captured in a photo , for JJ to put on his wall. He takes a photo of them together.

Precap : JJ says then hence forth there will be a parliamentary system in college.Elected President and ministers will represent all of them. Omi asks how will be the President selected. JJ answers through elections and declares the nominations for Student Body Leadership to be open. Cs and Ds have a fight over who will the President be, Avi or Omi. (OMI! Feels so good to see him back! )Dean’s office, Dean says to JJ that his plan is going to fail, and that Jeemi absolutely hate each other.JJ is leaving the office when he sees Ransh sitting upset on the stairs, he turns around and asks the dean to trust him, s he perfectly knows what he is doing.

Update Credit to: Crazy_life

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