The Buddy Project 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 20th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th November 2013 Written Update

Panchi is in the canteen. RV sees her and approaches to meet her but is stopped by two guys who want to talk to him. Panchi is giving him sweet stares as she remembers their closeness in the puppet show and RV also seems to be giving the same glances to her. Rukmini comes there and notices this. She gets mad and slams a book on the table, breaking RaHi’s eye lock. She storms away and Panchi feels bad. RV comes to Panchi and sits with her. He asks her what the hell is Rukmini’s problem? Panchi just says how would she know, Rukmini is RV’s girlfriend. Panchi excuses herself from there saying she has to go to library.

Piddi’s target number 3 – Panchi.

Piddi catches up to Panchi and brings up the camping trip. Panchi is not that interested in the topic and though Piddi tries emotional blackmailing her but to no avail. She starts to go away and as a last resort, Piddi exclaims doesn’t she care about Ranveer and Rukmini? This stops Panchi and she looks back at Piddi. Piddi says to her that this camp is a perfect chance for RV-Rukmini to spend some time together. But RV won’t go if Panchi wouldn’t and Rukmini wouldn’t go without RV. Panchi is thoughtful about it but says she won’t change her plans for anyone.

Rukmini goes to RS and RV is already there. She grumpily starts prepping and RV notices this. He asks her what is wrong with her and she retorts she is doing what he told her to do i.e. not talk to him unless she understands that RaHi were only helping her with the puppet show. She goes on to ask does RV remember when was the last time they spent some quality time together? All she knows is that he lied to her to go meet Panchi. RV gets mad and gets up without saying another word. Rukmini asks him where is he off to? RV replies coldly that he doesn’t think she needs him for the show, she can very well take care of it on her own. Rukmini gets up saying if that’s the case then she is also not in the mood to do the show and she storms away (why are their fights so irritating? -_-)

Rukmini is going in the corridor when someone holds her hand from behind. She gets happy thinking it’s RV (it’s not LOL) but she sees RV pass her by without a single glance at her. She turns around and is surprised seeing Piddi holding her hand.

Target 4 – Rukmini.

He asks why isn’t she coming to the camp? Rukmini replies she wants to go but she won’t go without RV. Besides, if she goes with this spoiled mood then it won’t do anything good. She tells Piddi to go convince RV to come, then she is ready for it.

Target 5 – Ranveer.

Piddi is at RV’s place (ALLLAHH!! RV was looking efffin’ hot in that black shirt as he lay on the bed, using his laptop! Blushing) RV asks what does he want? Piddi brings up the camping trip. At first, RV isn’t interested but Piddi tells him to think about Rukmini as she wants to go but only if RV comes. And then there’s Panchi. She had a rough break up recently. She should go out and have a change of air, it’ll do her good. Piddi says this trip will give him the opportunity to do both the things, spend time with girlfriend and get the best friend out of depression. RV asks like killing two birds with one stone? Piddi says he doesn’t know about birds and stones, all he knows that this is a golden opportunity for RV. RV STTC that Piddi’s logic is good. Rukmini and Panchi couldn’t be friends in workshop and puppet show, maybe they’ll be friends in the camp. Piddi grabs the camera from him and says his ulterior motive is to give RaHi some time alone away from everyone else so that the thing which couldn’t happen in all these years can finally happen (dhinka chika dhinka chika! Dancing I love you Piddi!!!!) RV asks Piddi is Panchi coming? Piddi says she has said no but he can try convincing her. RV calls Panchi and tells her that she is coming to the trip. Panchi tries denying but RV threatens her that he won’t go if she won’t. Panchi thinks about Piddi’s words that she has to think about RV-Rukmini and she agrees.

3 down.

ICC. KD arrives at the venue, ready for going to the trip. He STTC why should he spoil his trip cuz of Kiya? RV joins him and says he’s glad at least someone is coming along. KD asks about Panchi and Rukmini from RV and RV inquires about Kiya. Before KD can say anything, Kiya comes there and RV greets her. Seeing the cold tension between KiSha, RV escapes saying he should check the car and put in the bags and Kiya volunteers to join him. Away from KD, RV asks what changed her mind? Kiya replies she just stopped bothering about what other people are doing and RV nods knowingly.

Panchi arrives there and STTC that her decision of going to the camp is correct. If she won’t go, RV wouldn’t and for that Rukmini will taunt her all her life. RV sees Panchi and goes to happily greet her. Rukmini comes there and sees them joking around. She greets everyone except RV who doesn’t miss this. All are there except Piddi. KD tries calling him but he isn’t picking up. Worried, he calls Mrs.P who informs him that Piddi had an accident and is in the hospital.

Shocked Buddies reach the hospital. After some initial problems, they find out the room from the receptionist. They all rush to the room but it’s empty. The wardboy informs them that the patient had a bad accident and is in the operation theater. Buddies rush their and wait outside the OT. RV consoles Panchi that all will be well and Rukmini doesn’t like this scene.

Inside, Piddi is fine with just a bandaged head and high spirits. Mrs.P scolds him for walking like a fool on the road and getting himself hurt. Piddi just talks about a “mind is blowing” beauty who distracted him. The attending nurse flirts with him a bit and says she’ll patch him up with her sister. Since the nurse is pretty, Piddi gets excited but he passes out when he sees her not so pretty sister.

The nurse and Doc come out of OT. Doc asks if they are with Mr.P? Buddies affirm it. Panchi asks about Mrs.P but Doc is in hurry and he just tells them Mr.P had a bad accident. His head is hurt and he is in coma. Buddies are shocked hearing this.

Precap – Same as yesterday. Only Piddi saying he has done so much to get them together and he hopes all works out well with no problems (I can bet problems honge LOL)

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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