The Buddy Project 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 20th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th March 2013 Written Update

The bikes are ready, so are the players. Kiya tells RV to break KD’s ego and defeat him. Panchi just wishes KD luck. Okay! Ready…GO!

The bikes go on, KD is in the lead. Students follow RanSh. JeeMi (for the time being, unofficial name for the guys ) give each other tashan looks at the end. Race goes on in the corridors where it’s hard to navigate since the space isn’t wide and crowd is gathered. But they go on and finish the round. The crowd cheers for them. In the basketball court, they take the laps and to distract them students throw basketballs at them. Amidst all that, they finish the lap. RanSh give each other looks. Omi comments to his sidekick that they lads have fire in them. Now the real fun will begin. It’s race time!

RanSh take their places as they wait for the whistle. They are sweating and giving each other looks (UFFF!!!!!) They look ahead. The whistle blows and the race round the college begins.

They run through the corridors, above the stairs, tackling an unarmed professor along the way RanSh tou go ahead, then the crowd tackles him and runs away. At the end JeeMi reach him and they cutely smile at him.

Now down the stairs. RV is in lead but KD jumps from above the railing. They stop for a second to stare at each other and continue running. It’s neck to neck. They reach an empty cafe and stop at the counter. Behind it, a guy gets up and looks at them (It’s Guru from NBTNMKK and the older MM from 3 Idiots). He welcomes them to “Chintu Bhaiya ki Canteen” and tells them that Omi and Avi have prepared snacks for them which will help give heat to the race. He puts two plates full of green chillies in front of them.

The crowd arrives. Omi encourages KD to start and Avi tells RV to make them (Dhakkans) proud. The crowd cheers while the remaining Buddies look worried. KD picks up the chilli and starts eating. RV is a bit reluctant but he gets down to business as well. The chillies are too hot and it shows when they have tears in their eyes.

Panchi, as the Angel that she is, can’t take and comes by KD’s side and tells them to stop all of this for someone else (Dhakkans and Chillars). Ovi stares at her and smiles. He comments, “Again…so sweet!” He says that the Nonu Bodyguard strikes again. Ovi respectably calls her Madam (thank GOD sister nahin bola! Kasmey! Mera tou shock se heart attack hojata! Hai hai, MiChi ka future abhi safe hai ) and tells her that whatever RanSh are doing, they are doing on their own will. If she’s alright with that, she can watch silently or she should zip her mouth and not say a word. Else he’s got a “nonu as box” in which he’ll put her, cap her tight and shove her in the corner. RV mentions Panchi to not interfere and she takes back her place in the crowd.

They continue eating chillies. Piddi STTC that he always looked up to KD Bhai, always wanted to be like him but tomorrow…forget him! No one would want to be like KD. He unenthusiastically cheers KD.

They are down to the last chilli. Chintu comments to the camera (he doesn’t call it like the Buddies but he is just looking at it) that everywhere, many mentals come in ICC. He thought no one could beat JeeMi in that but RanSh aren’t humans, they are literal ghosts!

KD finishes first and makes a run for it but Omi stops him and gives him water. KD takes a few gulps and runs. RV is finished and Avi gives him water. KD has a head start so he’s in lead. RV follows.

They run and crowd follows them. They jump over tables and counters and come at an empty place. They are confused as to where to go from and RV realizes the right path first. He’s in lead and KD follows. They open a door – wrong class. They reach another door – again, wrong class. Run run run!

In one room, class in going on. Professor giving lecture that Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. Just then, RanSh enter the class and they start jumping from table to table. Professor is shocked and throws warnings at them but who cares? They are done and they go away with the crowd and the students in the class following them. Professor catches his breath and comments that Cheetah is not the fastest in the world

Down the stairs they go. Someone spills marbles on the ground. RV loses foot and trips. KD tries to not fall so RV puts his foot ahead to make him trip Omi comments angrily to RV to run like a man and not do cheap antics. RV gets up and runs away with KD following him.

RV reaches a washroom and gets to washroom business and KD joins him shortly (Uhum! ) They are giving each other hard looks while the crowd with JeeMi wait for them outside. KD finishes first and runs away. Omi is happy. When RV gets out, Avi stops him only to tell him to hurry up. RV runs away and crowd follows them while Omi gives Avi a smug look which a worried Avi can’t manage to return.

They continue running, KD above a couple and RV beneath them. Run run run! RanSh go into some silly CGI mode where they are running neck to neck with the dialogues and FBs from their farewell party fallout in the BG. The music, the looks, the scene is all tashanfied!

They reach the final place. They are running when someone rolls a small ball on the ground. Just as RanSh reach the door, it explodes and there’s flash and smoke everywhere. It’s a girl who threw it and she laughs gleefully seeing everyone coughing. The face isn’t shown. Princi gets out of the office screaming what’s happening. Crowd disperses. KD is too busy coughing to realize what’s going on. Omi sees this and he goes to KD and helps him out. The smoke is cleared a bit and Princi is shown. He’s an old guy wearing orange shirt and looking like a typical grandpa cum retired Fauji colonel. He notices no one there and smiles while playing with his mustache and shouts, “SOPHIA!!!”

Omi and KD at Chillar Adda. KD is still coughing. Omi comments that KD truly has fire in his backside but that Dhakkan lad isn’t so bad either. He asks KD if they have some old enmity. KD gets up and says he’d rather not talk about it. Omi smirks and says it seems like there’s old Yaarana between them. KD asks him why did he help him? He is also rich like others. Omi tells him that this Dhakkan and Chillar groups were always there in ICC. He and Avi entered ICC together. Avi was easily accepted in Dhakkan and he landed up in Chillars. These Dhakkans have some superiority complex. Anyone who’s not them, anyone who isn’t branded from head to toe, anyone who still has a Kumar Sanu song etc; people like them easily fall prey to Dhakkans’ antics. And these people, sooner or later end up being Chillars. Omi did and now so will KD.

KD says he doesn’t want to join any group. But for whatever Omi did for him, he thanks him. These RV type people always made fun of his poverty. And first time, someone taught them a lesson in their language. Omi threw money at him, something KD always wanted to do but luck never allowed him to do so. But why did Omi take chance for him? Why was he ready to be humiliated like that. He doesn’t even know him. Omi takes out a toffee and offers him but KD doesn’t react so he eats it himself and says, they may be meeting for the first time but Omi does know him from before.

Omi makes KD sit and gives him tea and continues that KD is just like him. Not 100% but more or less the same. Omi has loads of money but money isn’t enough for these Dhakkans. They need class and stuff like that. But honestly, Dhakkans are scared of them. Because Chillars have a fire which Dhakkans don’t, the fire to do something. He understands that dogs run in groups while the lion runs free but sometimes, even lion gets lonely and wishes for a friend. Friendship makes stuff easier to handle. Omi can help KD and KD can help Omi. So, what say?

KD looks at him and replies that he doesn’t believe in groups but he does value friendship. And for all that Omi did today, after that he’s ready to help. Omi gets happy and offers him another toffee and tells him that now he has to accept it! KD does so and Omi takes out his hand which KD shakes. Omi says excitedly now they’ll teach Avi lesson while the other Chillars excitedly look on. KD smiles a little.

Precap – A lady (I guess Princi’s assitant) tells Princi that the quota is of 36 students and all the arrangements are done so accordingly. To admit a 37th student, they’d have to kick one student out. She hands him some papers and says it’s your call. Piddi and Kiya say in shock, “you’re kicking us out?!”

Update Credit to: Mais

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