The Buddy Project 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 1st January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 1st January 2014 Written Update

DS looks around in the corridor and JJ comes to meet him. DS looks at him and asks if he is the famous Jaitley? JJ corrects him saying that he is Junglee Jaitley. DS coolly gives him suggestion that the college needs sign boards pointing where the Dean’s cabin is and where’s the washroom etc. JJ says point taken but if he needed help, he could’ve asked someone. DS replies that he is Harshvardhan Sisodia and he doesn’t take anyone’s help. JJ takes of Harsh’s attitude without being too mightily impressed by it. He tells him to come along with him when KD comes there. He seems a little fazed and wants to talk to JJ but JJ tells him to gather all the Buddies and meet him in the office.

Piddi is cursing Harsh and his guts. KD comes there and

asks them guess who he just met? Kiya replies did he meet Samar? He asks have they met him as well? Panchi says they have met him but he isn’t Samar. He just looks like him. They are all confused and KD suggests that only JJ can clear everything and they should go meet him. The girls go away but Piddi stops KD and says something seems terribly fishy. All this smells of double role track. It is all just way too mysterious.

In the office, JJ is introducing Harsh to the Buddies saying he belongs to a royal family and is kind of a Yuvraj. Harsh tells him to cut the unnecessary details and come to the point. JJ tells the Buddies that Harsh is gonna be studying in ICC now and they all have to befriend him and make sure he is at peace there. In short, he is completely their responsibility. Harsh doesn’t like it too much and says he doesn’t want to be surrounded by such monkeys, much to the Buddies’ offense. He then whispers to Kiya that she was excluded from the comment, she is fine. Their proximity doesn’t sit too well with KD and he wants to say something but JJ intervenes and asks Harsh to be respectful. RV comes there and apologizes for being late. When he sees Harsh, his reaction is also of excitement seeing his old friend Samar but Harsh rudely asks if he is another monkey from the gang? JJ introduces RV to Harsh by saying out of everyone, RV is the only one who is very much like Harsh in terms of having money. Harsh seems impressed and offers a handshake to RV which RV begrudgingly does.

JJ tells them all to leave. Everyone else does but Piddi stops to check out Harsh and JJ reminds him to leave. Harsh also turns around to leave but JJ stops him. Harsh pulls back a chair to sit but before he can, JJ kicks the chair and says Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogue from Zanjeer, “This is my police station not your father’s house. You can’t sit unless asked to.” JJ then warningly tells Harsh that he is here only cuz of JJ so he better not even think about trying to outsmart him.

Buddies are in the canteen, all discussing this Harsh guy. Panchi says he can’t be Samar, Samar could never beat her in basketball. Piddi retorts that any game can be learned, she didn’t come out playing basketball from her mother’s womb and Panchi angrily shuts him up. Everyone else also agrees that the guy seems too rude to be Samar. Piddi thinks it’s all a prank of Samar and JJ but Panchi says JJ doesn’t seem like the guy to play such pranks on them. KD suggests that the only way to know the truth is to get close to Harsh and find out everything about him. And from all the Buddies, only RV is the one who hasn’t had a previous encounter with him so RV should do that. Kiya pipes in saying that Harsh was really nice to her but KD ignores her and continues saying that RV should be the only one to get close to Harsh. Kiya gets mad and walks away.

Panchi follows Kiya, trying to calm her down but Kiya tells her not to say anything. She, like her boyfriend and friends, must also think that Kiya can’t take care of herself so be it. Leave her alone. Panchi gets tensed.

Harsh is in the car and RV comes there, checking out the silver Mercedes. Harsh signals him closer to him and they do some mechanical mumbo jumbo by the end of which Harsh tells RV how rich he is and gets impressed by RV’s calls. Harsh offers to drop RV home to which RV agrees.

Harsh’s self praise continues in the car and he asks RV his plans for the night as he is bored. RV excuses himself saying he has plan with his girlfriend. Harsh coolly says that plans with girlfriends can change. He shouldn’t miss the chance to be with Harsh. RV excuses again and asks to be left on the side of the road, making up an excuse that he has some work. As he is getting out, Harsh tells him that girlfriends can come and go but some opportunities won’t come again and again. He will wait for his call.

As he drives off, RV angrily STTC that he can’t be Samar! “Arrogant ape!”

Buddies are all in Panchi’s room and RV impatiently asks why are they all gathered here. KD says they have to get close to Harsh ASAP. RV tells them that Harsh invited him for dinner but he refused, much to KD and Panchi’s surprise. RV says that he has plans for the night. Kiya teasingly asks what plans? RV whispers to KD that he planned a surprise date for Panchi so he really can’t go. KD understands and says that since RV is unavaible for the night, they will do it the next day. Kiya says she can go with him, what difference does it make? KD rejects it saying that he won’t let her go alone. Kiya reasons that JJ asked them to be together, why would he have suggested anything like that if it was dangerous? Panchi demands to know what is RV’s so important plan for the evening? RV replies it’s a surprise and Panchi cuts across him saying if it’s a surprise, it can wait. KD again says Kiya shouldn’t go alone but Kiya refuses to hear anything saying KD can’t always be her bodyguard. RV settles the argument saying Kiya will go with him. He assures KD that he will drop Kiya home later so not to worry.

RV calls Harsh and Harsh asks him to text the address so he can pick him up. RV says he is bringing a friend along as well and Harsh asks him not to bring another loser girl from the college with him. RV just rolls his eyes and disconnects.

YaRa are waiting for Harsh. He arrives and is delighted seeing Kiya there. He praises RV’s choice in girls and they all sit in. Harsh insists that Kiya take the front seat. When they are settled, RV texts KD that they are with Harsh.

PanSh are in the room when KD gets the message. Panchi says that now they will skype with Samar and find out if these two are same or not. They turn on the laptop and connect to skype and the screen freezes on the two respective groups.

Precap – RaHi are together. KD calls RV and asks if he dropped Kiya home. RV hesitates and tells him that he left her with Harsh at the lounge and KD gets worried

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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