The Buddy Project 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 1st April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 1st April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with the preparations for Freshers Talent Show, everyone is busy setting the stage, Piddhi clashes with Avantika, they both look around the stage being set up, Piddhi clashes with Avantika again and he asks her what is she doing here, she asks him if he saw a zoo, Piddhi says yeah, Avantika tells him then why doesn’t he go there
Avantika gets down the stage and checks under it, Piddhi asks her to say what is she doing here, she tells him she is there to rehearse for clapping as a gifted talented person like him is going to perform, Piddhi tells her he knows she is pulling his leg and he knows he is gifted
Avantika tells him then he better wrap himself and put a huge ribbon and tell people he is gifted so that people believe him, Piddhi irritated tells him ‘You Suck’ and asks her whats in the bag she was holding, he tries to take it from her but she tells him to say please (hahaha OMG two crazy fools together)
He finally snatches it and goes horror shocked when he sees what is in the bag, Piddhi tells her they want to sabotage their performance, Avantika asks who they, Piddhi says she and her dhakkan group, Avantika asks why does he think like that
She says just because she is Avi’s sister he thinks like that and asks if he ever saw her ganging uo with them but anyways as it is in Godfather ‘Blood is thicker than water’ and asks if it was from the first part or second, Piddhi on the other hand is totally tensed, she tells him to try and remember and breaks something on Piddhi’s head as water splashes out
Avantika says all water and no blood and now she has to think about something ahead and leaves while Piddhi looks deadly worried and walks off limping
Avantika says now it will be fun and there will be huge competition between Dhakkans and Chillars
Piddhi walks to Omi and KD limping, Omi says holi came so soon and asks Piddhi where did he get wet, KD who is punching in the punching bag asks Piddhi what happened, Piddhi cries out ‘Bhootni’ and speaks in its and bits
KD tells him to calm down and speak, Piddhi breaks out that those guys are trying to sabotage their performance by blowing a bomb, how can he calm down, KD and Omi get shocked, KD asks him if he is sure they are trying to do that
Piddhi says he saw it himself, Avi’s sister had bomb and also ghubbare and she was even checking out the stage, someone from behind asks him a girl did this to him, Piddhi screams out she isn’t a girl she is mad but KD shouts and tells him to shut up
Omi says he knew they would do something like this, KD asks but what will they do now, Omi says ‘Tit for Tat’ and says if they bomb out their show then they will also spill water on their show
On the other hand in dhakkan gang, Avi says Chillars wont dare, Avantika says to believe her and takes her bag and shows them some fire crackers and ghubbare and says she saw them hiding these stuff behind the stage, RV asks her Piddhi, Avantika says yes, Kiya says such a loser they cant do anything themselves that’s why doing all these
Avi tells them to chill out, RV says how can they chill out when they are all planning to sabotage their show, Avi says when did he say they are not going to do anything, they will also do ‘tit for tat’ if they want a war then they will give them war, Avi tells them about the plan while Avantika nods her head happily and moves away from the group and says to herself ‘Welcome Dad, you are coming to see our show right, she is going to show him such a show that he will remember forever’ (Haila ye sab dhamaka for dad hehe but this is all going to be for JJ, now more buddies to handle with)
The stage is set in the college with Kiya and Piddhi’s posters, an announcement goes saying people think the fun and masti starts when the curtains are raised but that’s not true always, most fun and real madness starts at the backstage, let me show you
Dean gets shocked and says let me show you what, Sophia asks what, Dean says she didn’t hear there was a voice right now, Sophia says there wasn’t anything, Dean says he heard, Sophia says irritated that the students say right that his both ears are not working, Dean gives her a look, she says not me it’s the students who say and tells him to ignore that
Sophia says he doesn’t need to be tensed as all is in the well, dean says yeah she is right all is in the well, she says she means all is well, Dean says but there is something wrong
Panchi from the backstage looks at the crowd and prays to God tensed, she ges into flashback 15 min ago when the host of the show screams out OMG and says she is not in any of the two teams, how will he announce that, as he already prepared everything and starts panicking when Sophia says to stop and tells him he will just announce that Panchi will give an evening performance, he panics and asks her if he does this Omi and Avi wont do anything to him right
Sophia gets mad at him and says if he doesn’t do as she says she will do something to him, he says ok he will do it and asks her for her help, Sophia asks Panchi if she is sure she wants to do this, she says yes (awww cant wait to see Panchi’s performance, i’m sure she will be the surprise package of the show)
On the other hand the Dean looks at his watch and thinks about what happened 5 min ago, Dean was on the phone and screams out what, he says they can make the beginning slow, and then says yeah he is right the show must go on and it will be a good surprise for the students, he comes out of fb and tells the crowd to take it easy as he is all tensed up
Piddhi goes in to fb of 1 hr ago, whereall the chillars pick up their weapons, Omi picks up the water gun and says worry not as their Bhai is there, KD says that’s all fine but doesn’t he think they are over-doing it, Omi says to explain that to Avi and his psycho sister, if those Dhakkans blow out a bomb and make Diwali then they will do holi as its holi time, KD says if they do anything then they will attack but they should remember not to start the war first, Omi agrees
Piddhi pops up and says if they do anything then he will be out of entertainment batch, Omi tells him if they do anything to their show then they will make their condition as such that they wont be able to some to college, Piddhi and KD are both tensed
Back to reality Piddhi is thinking all this resting on the stairs upside down, Omi comes in and asks if his rehearsal is done, Piddhi is lost and Omi comes to him and asks him if he is ready, Piddhi nods happily, Omi asks where is KD, Piddhi thinks where he is and says he doesn’t know and asks where is KD bhai, Omi says that’s what he was asking
Avantika comes in front of KD saying hi,he gives her a stern look and she says Angry Young man where is he going, KD is about to leave when she again comes in front to stop him and asks he doesn’t talk much, KD says she doesnt read the boards and indicates towards the sign board at the top showing ‘Gents bathroom’, Avantika sees the board and ignores it and says why doesn’t he talk much, KD says he only talks with those whom he wants to
Avantika acts out of getting hurt holding her heart (ye lo Dramaqueen), KD asks is she okay, Avantika says she is just hurt with what he said, she says he doesn’t talk just because she is Avi’s sis right but did he ever see her hanging around with them, she has her own personality
KD says he has to go, Avantika stops him and asks is he in hurry and says he himself said and doesn’t read the board and shows him the out of order board on the door
Avantika tells him to go to the girls washroom as there is no one, KD tells her is she mad he will go to the second floor one, Avantika stops him and says how can he go there as he has to go on stage in 4 mins and it will take time, she tells him its good to talk to people sometimes and its also good to take help of others sometimes and pushes him to the girls washroom saying to trust her and she is a nice girl and locks him up(Uh-Oh)
KD turns to see Kiya inside, Avantika outside says but she isn’t that nice either and goes off (OMG the min they show Kiya i went like hahaha YAYYY KiSha locked up together)
Kiya asks KD what is he doing here, she goes in fb of 1 hr ago where Avi and some guys are packing things up, RV asks if they are starting a war, Avi says they are not but if those people do they have to be prepared, RV tells Kiya maybe he is right they will try to sabotage their show and if they do then she Kiya Gujral will have to say bye bye to entertainment batch, RV tells her not to worry he wont allow KD to under-estimate he can do anything
Kiya tells KD this is a girls washroom and he shouldn’t be here, KD says I know and tries to open the door but its locked, KD tries to make a call but there is no signal, KD says he shouldn’t have trusted her, Kiya asks who, KD says Avi’s sister who locked him up here, Kiya says she wants her to believe that, KD says she can believe whatever she wants but he doesn’t care (OMGEEE is it meee or have they set the screen on fire again hahaha damn i luvd KD today he was looking soo Hotand was sooo stoneface-ish and aaahhh Kiya was looking sooo gorgeous)
Kiya says she knows what he is trying to do, he is trying to sabotage their performance, KD says to stop the non-sense and help him to open the door, Kiya asks shocked if he just asked her for help, she further goes on he expects her to help him for whom she is stuck here and she wont be able to perform and his portable chamcha Piddhi will go off to entertainment batch
KD says wait a min and screams out even he is stuck with her here and she should have enough sense that he cant lock himself in from outside (Ok thats it this guy has totally nailed it damn he is going to kill me hahaha that was just so cutee the way he said that) , Kiya blasts off she doesn’t know but maybe his gang helped him out, KD says it was Avantika, Kiya says whatever and starts walking about while KD tries to bang the door and ask for help
KD tries to make his phone work but in vain he says to her in matters of girls there is no network and now even in their washroom there’s no network, Kiya blasts off ‘how dare you’ (hayyee Chicklet ki ‘how dare you’) and says to get her out of here, KD says that’s what he is trying to do from so long, they both stare at each other irritated

Precap: Dean says they will have to start slowly, Sophia tells Dean that they need to delay the start of the show as there is some backstage problem, Dean becums happy and says its perfect as the chief guest will also be arriving late, next scene Chief guest coming off the car, yesss Junglee Jaitley is back (OOMMG i soo cant wait for tmrw the fall and catch scene of KiSha damn cant wait and aaahhh JJ cuming back damn that looks like an Amazing perfect entry)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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