The Buddy Project 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 19th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 19th April 2013 Written Update

KD is calling Panchi but it’s coming unreachable. He turns around, looking for her and bumps in Avi. Avi hides the chit with KD’s name on it behind his back and smiles and says sorry. KD STTC how come the king of rudeness is talking with such manners? KD says it’s okay and turns to leave but then stops and goes back to Avi and asks has he seen Panchi? (OMG!!! I can’t handle these PanSh feeels!! ) Avi says nopes, smiles brightly and says sorry again after playfully thumping KD’s shoulder. KD is confused seeing his behavior and walks away. Avi sighs after KD leaves and says he is being so polite only cuz of the challenge and swears that when it’s over, he won’t say a line which is fit for family audience. But now, he is he supposed to deal with the problem in hand and stares at KD’s chit.

RV joins Kiya who is lost in her thoughts in the cafeteria. He asks her if she is alright? She says she’s fine and almost blurts out her Piddi issues but sees RV and zips her mouth. RV tries pushing her to tell him the issue but she avoids the topic. They both stare at each other, wanting to share their problem but bound by JJ’s warning not to do so. RV then takes out Rukmini’s photo and shows it to Kiya saying what a funny lookin’ girl. Kiya stares at the pic and says she has seen this girl somewhere. RV leans closer and asks does she know her? Kiya says yes, it’s Bipasha from Raaz days. RV gives her a look and pulls away from her. He says she is someone else, maybe from ICC. But she’s defo not Bipasha from Raaz days (he says this in a mock imitation of Kiya ) Kiya says if he knows so well, then he should tell her who this girl is? RV avoids this by saying how will he know? Kiya is adamant that it’s Bipasha from Raaz days and RV just gives her an annoyed look (Shazzy! Dil thaam lo! You’re gonna be squealing like CRAZY seeing this scene! ) Kiya tells RV not to be mad and asks if he wants to hear a funny story? RV is clearly not interested but gives her his approval. She retells the story about a girl dumping noodles on Piddi’s head and saying that his hairstyle looks like Malinga. YaRa laugh at this (in a totally FRIENDLY way so no flames please! ) Kiya wonders what could’ve Piddi said to the girl and asks pointedly RV’s opinion about what kind of girl will like Piddi? RV thinks for a while and says only an Alien type girl would like Piddi. Kiya half heartedly laughs at his joke and brings up Bobby saying how much Piddi liked her but she never paid attention to him. She gives meaningful looks at RV and again asks his opinion. RV raises his eyebrows at her and asks how come she is so interested in Piddi’s love life? Kiya looks away saying why would she be interested and flicks her hair like she has no care in the world. RV nods knowingly and gets up to leave. But then turns around and snatches Rukmini’s pic from Kiya. Kiya asks where is he going with the girl’s pic? RV makes up an excuse that he’s going to Dean’s office. Kiya comments she didn’t know Dean was a fan of Bipasha and laughs. RV hits her lightly on the head and leaves.

Piddi is washing off the food from himself and STTC that it’s all Chintu’s fault! If he cooked his chowmein better, girls would be interested in eating it and not dumping them on others! He gets out of the bathroom and gets cornered by Avantika. He tries warding her off but she is resistant in teasing him. He runs away and she mumbles that if she has to get information from him, she has to talk politely. She runs behind him and catches to him. He asks her what does she want? She says she wants to buy him a coffee. Piddi tries avoiding her by saying that she should send the coffee to his house and tries escaping again but she gets hold of him and says she wants to have coffee with him! Piddi asks suspiciously what is she up to? Will she spike his coffee with poison or something? Avantika says innocently if he likes, she can take the first sip of his coffee. Piddi STTC that she is a cunning girl, one shouldn’t trust her innocence. Avantika asks is he scared of a small, innocent girl like her? This makes Piddi come in his macho mode! He says he is not afraid of anyone and tells her to take him anywhere she likes!

Avantika takes a sip of coffee, smiles and passes the mug to Piddi. As he picks it up to drink, she starts to choke and holds her throat. Students start to gather around them as Avantika feigns being suffocated. Piddi says to the students that she drank coffee and something is happening to her. Avantika starts laughing and says she was just joking and apologizes. Just then Kiya enters the cafe and sees Avantika grabbing Piddi’s hands and leaning closer. Avantika asks Piddi does he know what happens when a guy and girl share coffee? Piddi asks what happens? Avantika whispers she doesn’t know as well. Kiya has this Sherlock Holmes look on her face as she witnesses this scene! Piddi gets up to leave but Avantika holds him and makes him sit again. Kiya’s eyes are bulging out of her sockets seeing this rather intriguing scene. Piddi asks Avantika why has she brought him here and Kiya tries to listen in their conversation from afar. Avantika playfully touches Piddi’s nose and says it’s not like she is here to make him her boyfriend. She holds his hands, pulls him closer and says she only wants his help in doing some good. Piddi says so sweet, she does really good comedy and mumbles as if she can help anyone. She pulls him closer still, Kiya hides her face in embarrassment but leaves space open for her eyes to see everything, and whispers that she wants to be JJ’s GS. Piddi says you can’t tell anyone about your partner, that’s the rule. She replies that’s for them but since she’s unofficial participant, she can. She asks Piddi about JJ’s likes and dislikes. Kiya is seeing this all interestedly, all that’s missing in the scene is a basket of popcorn for Kiya to eat from Avantika asks Piddi will he help her? He replies he’ll think about it. Avantika tells him to take his own time, as his processor is slow. She holds his hands and reminds him that today she was good with him, if he continues helping her she’d continue being good with him else she’d make him meet Avantika’s devilish twin everyday. Piddi fbs to Avantika’s current torture and nods. He pulls away and leaves. Avantika smiles happily and leaves as well. When they are gone, Kiya goes to their table and picks up the coffee mug. She STTC in shock that Piddi and Avantika as a couple!? But then thinks about it and says it could be, as both of them are weird. What if she makes their romance happen? That way she can help Piddi! She becomes excited and leaves from there, maintaining an air of dignified class.

KD is making notes for his GS challenge and crosses out Panchi’s name. He STTC that since he can’t find Panchi, he’ll have to figure something out by himself to help Kiya. He writes “family” under Kiya’s name then lists her mother and sister. He STTC that he can’t do anything in this family area. He thinks about it for a while and gets an idea. He writes “Anya – Singer” and underneath is “Kiya – Popstar” in the notes and STTC that once Kiya’s popstar career takes off, all be well. After all, Kiya wants it, her mother wants it and once it happens, Anya will stop treating her like a filmy vamp. He starts packing his things and STTC (AGAIN!!) that this is what he has to do. All he needs to do now is to figure out how he’s gonna do this.

One of the Cs is complaining to Omi about someone who cheated in Snakes & Ladders by saying that the snake on 99th block is friendly one, it doesn’t bite. (WHAT?! ) Omi says that’s the rule and the guy asks, whose rule? Omi says it’s his own rule, Omi makes his rules by himself. TD asks then why is he following JJ’s rule in the challenge?

Avi saying to his Ds that he can’t do anything, they have to play along. And even the Dean has no say in this! One D says that the college belongs to him (Avi), not to the Dean!

Omi says it’s just a small game, if they follow rules what’s the big deal? The C says, in this game the college will slip out of their hands.

Avi says no way, he doesn’t take shit from anyone!

TD suggests Omi to tell JJ who is the husband of mummy of this college i.e. who is the Daddy Greatest!

Avi says he’ll tell JJ who the real boss of ICC is.

Omi curses what does JJ think of himself?!

JJ is in front of a huge board with Chintu. Omi and Avi come from opposite paths and stop seeing him. JJ notices them and says to Chintu after this session, there’d be two photographs on the board. One will be under the heading “Champs”. And the other will be under “Loser”. Chintu says it’s a great idea. The Champ guy will be Legend in ICC for at least the next 10 years, everyone would want to be like him. JeeMi brighten up hearing this. JJ says he is thinking of adding a bigger column above these two columns. Chintu asks what for? JJ says it’d be for the ones who’d leave the challenge midway. Chintu asks what will be the heading of that column. JJ says, “Fattu Bhagora!” and they both laugh heartily at this. JeeMi are shocked hearing this. JJ and Chintu continue joking about the FB – Fattu Bhagora as he’d become the laughing stock for ICC for the next 10 years. JJ says if Avi leaves the challenge, student will call all the runners, “Hey! Why are you doing Avigiri?” They laugh. Chintu adds, if Omi runs, students would be like, “Oye! Stop doing this Omipanti!” They laugh again and Chintu notices JeeMi behind them and calls JJ’s attention towards them. JJ asks them if they wanted to talk but they get scared and say it’s nothing, they were just heading opposite ways and they scamper from there. Chintu compliments JJ’s thinking and asks how did he know JeeMi would be coming to talk to him? JJ says the one who wins chess isn’t the one who knows his next move, but the one who knows his opponent’s next move.

RV comes in the library, searching for Rukmini. He first tries matching the pic with another girl but then notices Rukmini (it feels weird writing this way ) and goes to her, asking his help. He blabbers that she was the one who said he’ll find all his answers in library but he can’t find his answers in notes and he doesn’t know how to use library but she is the greencard holder of this library so can she help him, PLEASE?! She nods from behind the book. He hands her the pic and continues his blabber that he has been searching for her for so long but he doesn’t know who the girl is, where has she come from, WHY has she come here! Rukmini sees her pic and is shocked and as RV is blaberring, she makes her way towards him, pushing a guy from her way and papers fall in the sky and makes RV turn around. Papers continue to fall over them as RV FINALLY sees Rukmini (MOOH DIKHAI HOGAYI!! ) and he has this stunned look on his face (Yups, CC fallen flat )

She scolds him and asks why is he roaming around taking her picture everywhere?! RV asks your pic? She points at the picture and then to herself. RV nods at first but then gets SHOCKED! Once he realizes what he’s done, he bits his finger is exasperated fear!

Precap – Rukmini scolding RV for roaming around with her pic. RV says he found the pic on the ground. She asks then why didn’t he return it? He says he thought of it but the pic was so funny and ends up laughing. Rukmini pounces on him for laughing at her and takes off her chappal to hit him but he stops her. RV asks Chintu if he knows any Rukmini in college.

Update Credit to: Mais

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