The Buddy Project 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 18th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th September 2013 Written Update

Kiya comes across some cards KD gifted her. In one of them he vows to always be by her side. She decides that she can’t live in fear all the time and she better tell KD about this as he would have the proper solution.

When she gets out of the house, Joshua comes there and offers her a ride. She agrees. In the car she tells him she is off to meet the Buddies. Seeing her change of plan, Joshua decides to do so as well. He stops the car, excusing he needs water. When he’s out, KD calls her and informs her that Joshua is the one who uploaded the video.

Kiya puts it all together. When he comes back, she asks him why is he stalking her? Joshua is busted while KD keeps calling Kiya’s name on the phone. Joshua takes her phone and keeps it with him. KD informs RV that Kiya is with Joshua.

Girls are in the rickshaw on the way to Kiya’s when a car stops them. It’s Avi who goes to Panchi, requesting she talks to him.

Kiya is forcing Joshua to stop the car. They pass by the spot where the girls are with Avi. Joshua hits break and Kiya’s head hits the dashboard and she gets knocks out. The trio follow the car where it’s stopped. Joshua is shocked seeing them.

(Kiya found sense! FINALLY! And Avi? Wo kahan se aya?! Thappad kha ke nahin sudhra! Means, ViChi are still far from over? Sheessshh! GOD!! It’s all so RANDOM!! And when Kiya knew Joshua is the stalker, why did she keep sitting in the car? BHAAG NAHIN SAKTI THI? Sorry, I’m trying to find logic here )

Joshua speeds away. Avi suggests that they chase after him. They agree. In the car, Panchi calls KD and updates him with the situation. RanSh also get in car and head towards the location.

Car chase ensues. But Joshua manages to get away. Avi loses the sight of him.

(Okay, first. Sound effect wale bande ko koi Oscar de please. Second, Joshua ko koi best driver ka award de! Man! If my brother sees this, he’d do such a hilarious parody of it. The road was straight, with no traffic but Joshua kept jerking the steering wheel This part is a treasure box of unintentional hilarity! )

Buddies all together. KD asks RV to inform JJ to call the police. CW suggests they go to Joshua’s house but RV says it’s a slim chance he took her there. KD says they might get a clue from there. Avi agrees and they all rush to reach there.

Kiya wakes up in Joshua’s room who is next to her. He professes his never-ending love her for her in an obsessed way. She is scared, begging him to let her go but he continues being a creep. He says he loved her since he saw her in on the first day of college but when she starting dating KD, he thought he had to do something. So, he uploaded the vid and everything. But now it’s all history, she’s all his now.

(The dialogues were so corny, they made me laugh )

Precap – Buddies reach Joshua’s house. KD goes to the room and seeing Kiya all tied up, gets mad and punches Joshua. He goes to Kiya to untie her and Joshua breaks a glass bottle, threatening KD and demanding that he leaves Kiya alone. Buddies are shocked.

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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