The Buddy Project 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 18th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th June 2013 Written Update

Kiya finishes her shoot and Piddi praises her saying the indoor shoot is done, only the outdoor stanza is left. Mini comes there and praises Kiya’s singing and Kiya thanks her. Kiya then apologizes for being judgemental about Mini before meeting her and says Mini is really different from what she thought. Mini smiles at this. Kiya says RV always said to her that Mini is all cool and he has so much fun with her but she never believed it but meeting her, she accepts that he was right. At RV’s mention, Mini’s smile is gone and she leaves saying she has to study. KiPi wonder about her sudden mood change at RV’s mention but don’t dwell on it much. Kiya asks Piddi to wait for her in the canteen.

Piddi comes in canteen, all tired and KD calls him over. KD asks about the progress of the MV and Piddi says it’s going well and thanks KD for giving the idea. He tells KD that they’re gonna finish it all within the day, only the beach scene is left. KD says it’s a public place, they can’t just go and shoot. They have to take permission from the police station first. Piddi asks him to chill as it’s only a matter of a few hours. KD is concerned about the police issue but Piddi assures him all will be well. KD agrees and leaves instructing Piddi to keep him updated on the events.

MVC. Q&A round under way. Panchi’s turn.

First question – What was Nelson Mandela’s name when he was a kid?

Panchi smiles cutely and says his name was always Nelson Mandela. Laughs all around! Yay! First question is cleared.

Second question – Suppose she’s the captain of the ship with a length of 30 meters and height of 15 meters with the wind blowing at 50 km/s…calculate the captain’s age?

Think think. Captain is 19? How? She’s the captain na! Smart girl! Applauds all around!

Third question – In which game can you beat a computer in? Chess? Scrabble.

Answer – Kick boxing! She always defeats the computer in kick boxing! (Reminds me of the epic Junglee 100th episode! ) Judges are mighty impressed.

Fourth Question – Tell us about your worst teacher, mentioning a bad encounter with them..including his/her name!

Panchi thinks and declares, “Panchi Rastogi!” Judges are confused, how come? Panchi replies, once she was teaching herself to cook and the end result was so horrible she declared herself the worst teacher! She bowls them all over with her wit and charm!

Question – If you are travelling at the speed of light and the headlight is on, what’ll happen?

Answer – The same when you are travelling at the speed of sound and you turn on the radio!

Girl, you making me fall for you! <3Quiz continues and she keeps on giving answers which charm all. RV and JJ applaud for her so much.Last question - if by lying, something good happens to her and others, will she lie?Panchi gets silent at this and everyone mumbles at her sudden reaction. She thinks about her dream where JeeMi declared her a traitor saying she doesn't deserve their friendship. Overwhelmed, she starts to answer saying there's never ever any use of lying! For the time being all seems well but the final result is always disastrous. She lied to two of her friends and eventually ended up hurting them so much. And now they are so mad at her. Hence, lies never help.Question - so what does help?She looks at JJ and replies, "Truth!" It may seem like truth is bitter and no one will help you but ultimately, truth shall always set you free. And from now, she'll always say the truth. Judges and everyone present there applaud at this and she looks at the entrance where Avi is standing, clapping as well. She is shocked. Then there's Omi, also applauding her and she can't seem to believe her eyes..they are smiling at her.Announcer comes and praises her. He says they'll take a 10 minute break and come back with results. Hearing this, Panchi runs away from the stage. JJ and RV are surprised, so are JeeMi but they follow her.JeeMiChi backstage. JeeMi are silent while Panchi apologizes to both of them saying she knows she shouldn't have lied but had she told the truth, the two of them would've started fighting amongst themselves. Helplessly, she starts to cry. Omi sees this and gets up to console her (he's sitting at a distance) but before he can so much as move, Avi turns her around to face him (she was closer to him ) and wipes her tears (OMG! It was so gentle!! <3) He says he's still mad at her but not so much as before. She's very very special! Try as he may, he can't stay mad at her! (AAWWW!!!!) Omi doesn't like this proximity (obviously ) So he gets up and turns her around saying she's VVS to him - very very special. Maybe more than that. Panchi smiles at his. Avi turns her around saying he doesn't want to lose her friendship specially cuz of a silly downmarket reason like this (le! She's still juggling! ) Panchi wants to say but Omi turns are around he also doesn't want to lose her friendship cuz of silly reasons. Panchi STTC their peace offerings sound to violent. They claim to befriend her but actually, they are declaring war against each other. What kind of friends is she stuck with!!For a second, just a second, all's well. Then JeeMi take out lip gloss for her to apply for the result, again bickering which lip gloss she'd use! Like usual, Panchi is helpless. RV comes there being sandwiched between the two and exclaims that outside everyone is looking for her. She says she'll be there in a second. RV wishes her luck and they she hugs him. Then, Avil pulls her towards him and holds her hands to wish her luck. But Omi is do haath aage and he half hugs her and RV is looking all sour. She thanks them and chirps she wouldn't mind if she loses today because both her friends forgave her! Then, they take out the lip gloss again and she just laughs as she handles them. RV sees her all close with JeeMi and Panchi turns around, rushing away without a backward glance at RV. We all know how RV felt at that, ne?All participants are invited on stage. The guys take their places in the crowd. Results are taken to the stage. And the winner is...(break time. A little Ishaan promotion)So yeah! Anticipation! Anticipation! Anticipation!But first, KD gets his advance money. DG says he deserved it when KD says the money means a lot to him. Happy, KD leaves from there. Outside, he STTC that he'd return RV's money on the very day itself. Just then, he gets a call from Piddi who tells they are unofficially shooting in the beach house which was closed for many days and asks KD to come there as extra help. KD agrees and looks at the money thoughtfully but leaves to help Piddi.Yeah, and the winner is...PANCHI RASTOGI!!Panchi is stunned at this while the guys all hug in happiness and congratulation. She steps to face the crowd as the winner. She thinks about when JJ announced Panchi to participate in MVC and all the help she got from JeeMi and gets teary eyed. JJ thinks about Panchi's fear and then smiles with pride and happiness. Judges to present her the crown and award but she stops them and requests to call her sir and friends on stage, as whatever she won today was cuz of them. They agree and she asks the four men to just come there and be with her!JJ looks at the boys and exclaims, "Boys, let's do this!!" And they all practically run up to the stage! RV hugs her and spins her around saying she won! Panchi thanks JJ for all he did and hugs her. She then goes to Avi and doesn't know what to say so she just hugs him, which RV doesn't like. Even Omi is not liking the way she is only hugging Avi so he turns her around to hug her as well (arey! ) While she is all esctatic, JeeMi give each other a "tujhe tou mein baad mein dekhta hoon!" look behind her.Panchi is crowed Miss Vista amongst cheers and laughter and happiness. JJ STTC that finally, Panchi was crowned Miss Vista! So proud of her! Doesn't she look beautiful? Actually, she looks beautiful cuz of her smile than the crown (so true yaar! so true! I have so much HAPPINESS in this moment ke kya kahoon? ) , the smile of victory! She proved to everyone including herself that she is no less than anyone...however she is, she is the best! She's happy cuz she got her friends back, Omi and Avi. They both care for her but their personal grudges against each other, she can't see it right now. She's just so happy! But it's okay for now! It's time to CELEBRATE!!! The guys all engulf her in a group hugPrecap – Police comes at the shooting site and asks for permission which they don’t have. They arrest everyone. At a deserted area, KD asks the police to take the money and leave KiShaRa. Police agrees but they stop Kiya from going saying they’ll leave her later. Kiya is scared and when Piddi threatens to complain against them, the policeman beats Piddi. KD stops him saying they can’t do this and the policeman points the gun at KD. There’s a gunfire and Kiya is shocked. Piddi is crying and KD, all blo*dy faced, falls on the groun.

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