The Buddy Project 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 17th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th September 2013 Written Update

Kiya goes to the cafe and KD follows her there. Joshua is there but sitting hidden and KD also stays away from Kiya’s sight. When Joshua sends Kiya a pic of hers, she follows the directions and goes to Joshua. She is surprised to see him there but he acts all innocent and invites her for coffee. He sees KD there and gets mad but invites him as well. KD asks Kiya why did she lie to him? KiSha have a tiff and Kiya gets angry that KD followed her there and doesn’t trust her. She goes away and Joshua is pleased.

At night, Joshua calls Kiya and gets mad at her for calling KD there. Kiya gets scared as he threatens to hurt KD some more. She begins crying and begs him to spare KD. Joshua agrees on the condition that she stops going to college and breaks all relationships with KD. Kiya breaks down crying.

(My reaction watching this entire sequence – Stern
Patheticness ki bhi hadd hoti hai. I feel like holding her and shaking her till she comes to senses. She is deliberately giving Joshua all the chance to control her. For an educated, modern girl; Kiya can be pretty childish.)

ICC. KD is worried about Kiya’s behavior when he gets a text from her saying she can’t make it to the college. Buddies join in and they start talking about Kiya’s weird behavior as they are all very worried about her. It all began when Kiya’s video became viral. KD says he never uploaded it which surprises the Buddies. They talk about all the attention Kiya has been getting that how no Buddy has the hand in it. They come to the conclusion that someone might have downloaded the copy of the video from college server and uploaded it. RV says Kiya is in trouble.

And my Man looked hot in that grey blazer )

Joshua is being all obsessed with Kiya with the pics and calls her. She is frustrated and demands that he comes out of the shadows. Joshua invites him to a cafe and this time, he won’t hide and confess his love for her.

(Reaction – facepalm. Joshua is sooo creepy! I have nothing against the actor, he’s doing a fab job but the obessesive nature of Joshua is scary. I was always scared of such obsessed characters.)

Buddies do some computer searching and track down the IP address of the place from where the video was uploaded. RV tells the girls to go check on Kiya and find out if she is safe while the guys go to net cafe and find out who uploaded the video as the details must be in the register.

RanSh go to the cafe and request that they be shown the register. The Manager says he can’t share details as it’s against the policy. RanSh tell him that it was an unauthorized video upload, a cyber crime and their friend might be in danger. Manager shows them the register. They are shocked seeing Joshua’s name.

(HAYYEE! Ranveer looked sooo hot!!! <3)Precap – KD calls Kiya and tells her that Joshua uploaded the video. Kiya is surprised as she’s already in the car with Joshua.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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