The Buddy Project 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 17th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th June 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RV asking Panchi hesitantly if Avi is there, Panchi looks at him and says yes, RV looks hurt, Panchi tells him that Avi is one of those friends whom she hurt today
RV to the camera: Panchi has new friends in her life, is she going away from him
Panchi looks at RV’s face and asks him what happened, she tells him Avi is his friend also and he is a nice guy, RV agrees he is, Panchi goes on that she hurt Avi a lot and she hopes he does forgive her, she further says even if she won Miss. Vista it would be meaningless without those two, RV feels more hurt
At JJ’s place both he and Chintoo are having dinner, just then thunder strikes and JJ exclaims Mumbai’s rainy season started, Chintoo tells him he will make pakodas for him tomorrow it will be fun in this weather, JJ says with tea also

JJ then tells Chintoo he was thinking that if he wasn’t there in his life what would have happened to him, Chintoo shies away putting up the collar on his face saying ‘aisa mat kahiye Swami’, JJ looks up asking what, Chintoo jokes he said such a couple types line that he also thought of making it romantic, JJ smiles
Chintoo tells him it would have been so much better if he would have said this to a girl, he advices him to choose a girl now, JJ asks him why does he always get stuck on the ‘girl’ point, Chintoo jokes because he doesn’t get stuck that’s why, they both laugh and JJ starts choking on his food, Chintoo leaves to get water, JJ gets a message from KDP that she really wanted to meet him that evening
JJ replies ‘me too’ and asks if se wants to meet today, on the other side Avantika reads his message ‘Mumbai’s first rain and meeting her will be awsum’, Avantika replies back ‘first rain equals to traffic jams and pottholes’, JJ replies ‘first rain is also equals to cold wind and hot cup of tea’, Avantika replies she didn’t know he was so romantic at heart, she apologizes for not today but they will meet soon and it will be face to face

JJ writes to her ‘Monsoon is here but when will this ‘soon’ cum’, Avantika replies pretty soon, JJ smiles and replies he will wait, Chintoo laughs looking at him and offers him the water, he tells JJ if he had two pimples on his face and if he sat a little to the side then he would have looked like a typical teenager, he tells him that his smile is as such as if a girl said yes for a coffee date
JJ tells him is he mad or what, Chintoo luks up confused, JJ makes up that it was nothing like that and just a friend’s message, Chintoo sighs nothing will happen of him and goes back to his food
JJ to the camera: the whole matter started with a practical joke but now has reached somewhere way ahead, first time a girl has come so close to him in his life, many a times he did mistakes but this time he wouldn’t let anything happen, he thinks she is a sweet girl (Oh damn why do i feel that JJ is going to be much more hurt when he comes to know who it actually is)
Avantika on the other hand admires JJ’s pic
Next day Panchi searches for Avi in the canteen, she asks some people if they saw Avi, they reply no and tell her that his phone is also switched off, Panchi goes outside and asks Omi’s friends if he know’s where Omi is, he tells her he doesn’t know but morning he did slap him saying his mood is off, Panchi runs off from there
In the library RV is waiting looking around

RV to the camera: where is Rukmini, she should have come by now and he even has to go for Miss. Vista
Panchi looks around in the corridors, JJ comes form behind and calls out to her and asks her if she is okay, Panchi says yes, JJ asks if she is looking for someone, Panchi says no, JJ tells Panchi that she already apologized them and not to worry as it might be late but hey will forgive her, as friends cant stay angry for long, he tells her that today is a big day for her and all these anxiety and negativities shouldn’t come her way, he tells her to do her best
RV comes there and JJ asks him if he is coming with them, RV says ofcourse and JJ tells the two to come, Panchi was about to follow JJ when she stops and looks back at RV and asks him if he is okay, she asks him if there is a problem
RV thinks about the talk they had at night about Avi(Oho so much jealousy), Panchi calls out to him and RV says there is no problem, Panchi asks if he is coming, RV says ofcourse this is such a big day for her and plus he promised her so he will come, Panchi hugs him and they leave together

Omi’s chamcha sitting in the corridor plays an old song ‘Bewafa ho tum’ and Omi just passes by and becomes angry listening to the song, the chamcha sings the song to Omi and Omi comes raising his fist on him and he switches off the song quickly, Omi asks him he is deliberately mocking him, the guy tells him he was just playing the song and its his favorite song of Kumar Sanu
Omi says then why is he singing alone he will also join and play the tabla, the guy asks him but what will he play on as there is no tabla, Omi holds his head and says he is there and starts beating him up
Avi in the ice cream parlor is sitting with an icecream thinking about him and Panchi meeting in the parlor when a dog comes and eats the icecream in his hand
Avi gets a call from Ishaan who tells him ‘its party time’, Avi exclaims happily and asks him where is he, Ishaan tells him he will say but first he should start arranging for welcoming him, Avi says he will never change and tells him that this time if he comes he shouldn’t disappear, Ishaan tells him to stop being senti like girls now and they will meet soon, Avi says ok and exclaims excitedly that Ishaan is coming

Rukmini in the library is thinking about how she met RV and what all happened between them, Piddi comes there with Kiya telling her that everything is settled, he even convinced the students, they can start shooting now, he then stops looking at Rukmini, Piddi hushes the crowd behind him and tells Kiya he didn’t think about Rukmini, he tells her she is a hindi teacher and wouldn’t allow them to talk here, Piddi says its better to leave, Kiya agrees too
By that time Rukmini notices them and asks what is happening, Piddi scared says nothing is happening and assures her they are not going to trouble her, Kiya also agrees and says they were leaving and asks her not to be angry
They were about to leave when Rukmini asks them why are they leaving, Kiya tells her they came to shoot her but since she is studying they will leave as Piddi said if anyone has problem or not she surely has problem so they will leave, Piddi tells her Kiya is lieing and asks Kiya when did he say all that he never says anything about a girl and tells Kiya why is she lieing, Rukmini says that why will she have problem, she says something in hindi and Piddi whispers to Kiya he told her right, she is trying to band bhajoafy of their hindi, he cant understand anything whatever she is saying

Kiya hits him and asks him why does his switch get off hearing hindi words, she tells him Rukmini isn’t scolding them, Rukmini tells them that if they are going to shoot here then even she will watch, Kiya and Piddi exclaim happily ‘really’, Rukmini says she can even help them, Piddi and Kiya look stunned, Rukmini says if they don’t have any ‘apati’ (problem), Piddi excitedly says there is no apati chaipati tulsipati, Kiya tries to stop him, Kiya tells her to stand near the door and see that no one comes in between the shoot, Rukmini says ok happily and Piddi and Kiya thanks her
Piddi settles everything telling the camera man from where should he shoot and all
Panchi in the contest sings ‘Abhi mujhme kahi’, JJ and RV watches her happily, judges are impressed, everyone cheera for her after she finishes, Panchi looks at them happily and JJ and RV gives her thumbs up, the hosts comes up saying the entertainment round is done and now its turn for the last Q&A round
Kiya starts her shoot for the song, Rukmini watches her excitedly, KD comes at the door and admires her, suddenly KD’s phone starts ringing and Piddi screams out to cut the shot and shouts asking whose phone is ringing, KD calls out to him and he looks towards KD who shows him his phone was ringing, Piddi sighs ‘KD bhai’ and tells him all the concentration was disturbed, KD apologizes, Piddi says its okay

KD mouths ‘sorry’ to Kiya as she blushes, Rukmini asks KD why is he listening chup chupke and tells him to come in, KD tells her its an urgent call so he will come later, he looks at Kiya
KD leaves while Kiya is still smiling, Piddi comes to her and asks her why is she smiling like Ismail Darbar, Kiya replies its nothing, Piddi tells her to do her part and he will start his rapping as they don’t have much time, Piddi shouts out to roll camera and ‘Action’
Kiya sings her part of the song and then shifts out as Piddi enters with his rap(damn Piddi’s rap was total DinChak), everyone cheers for his rap,Kiya tells him it very impressive and she told him he could rap, Piddi thanks her and Rukmini comes saying it was really good, she asks if she can say something, Piddi tells her to tell whole heartedly whatever she has to say
Rukmini tells him that since after his part Kiya’s part comes so instead of singing ‘Piddi is King’ 4 times he could say at the end ‘Now Kiya you Sing’, Piddi imagines again his rap with the new line, Piddi says what an idea happily, he screams out its fantabulous, he tells her he thought that people always in the library knew nothing than to hit others, Kiya hits him
Kiya tells Rukmini not to mind and says they will surely include her idea, Rukmini looks at them lost, Kiya then translates her sentence in hindi for her, Kiya leaves with Piddi discussing about the shot while Rukmini happily watches after them

KD on the phone apologizes for keeping on hold as he couldn’t talk, the guy whom he worked for tells him its ok and says that he can come collect his fees today as he convinced his friends to give KD advance, KD thanks him, the guy tells him that there’s no need for that as he deserves it, he further tells KD that when he comes in the evening he has to sign a contract, KD says ok
KD to the camera: finally its time to return RV’s money today

Precap: The host of Miss Vista contest announces that the contest was really close and all the participants were really good but now they have to see who was the best, the other host announces that the result is in her hands and is about to announce the Miss Vista wile everyone is stressed out, RV is praying shutting his eyes

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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