The Buddy Project 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 17th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th January 2014 Written Update

Kiya is at her place. Mrs. G informs her that she is going out with Anya. Kiya is surprised but Mrs.G disregards her. Kiya STTC that she can’t even say no to Harsh now. KD calls Kiya and asks her if she is all prepared and if her mother and sister know about Harsh. Kiya lies to him that they are very excited to meet Harsh. KD asks Kiya to take care of herself.

Kiya asks Harsh to enter. Mrs.G is happy seeing Harsh and excuses herself as she has to go out. Harsh becomes all flirty and says it will be a good night if they are gonna be all alone. Kiya warns him not to do a stint like the last time. Harsh gets a little annoyed at her and holds her hand saying that he isn’t a cheap guy, he just does what his heart tells him to. He lets go on Kiya’s hand. Kiya

jokes that it didn’t take him long to switch to angry young man mode. Harsh laughs and says he is hungry at the moment. Kiya offers him omelet and he is surprised.

Kiya is making the omelet in the kitchen and Harsh looks at her sweetly. He asks her if she really likes omelet. Kiya tells him a story of her school days about how she used to bunk classes to eat omelet with bread at a shop near her school. Harsh gets lost in his thoughts and Kiya asks him what’s wrong. Harsh says he just got reminded on his memories. Kiya insists that he share. Harsh tells a story of his friend Jai whose mother used to make some great chola batura daal . He also used to bunk classes to go his friend’s place to eat it. He used to eat so much that he could never have dinner at his place and his mother got worried that her son doesn’t eat anymore. Kiya asks what happened then? Harsh becomes a little mellow and says then restrictions were imposed on him and he wasn’t allowed to go out and meet with friends. He never ate the daal again and doesn’t even know what happened to Jai. In their conversation, Kiya’s omelet gets burnt. Harsh laughs at this while Kiya gets embarrassed. Harsh offers that they eat out and Kiya agrees.

While Kiya is changing, Harsh checks out Kiya’s phone. Seeing KD’s name on recent call list, he gets mad and calls KD. He insults KD and tells him to stay away and makes up a story that he is all alone with Kiya at her place and is planning to stay the night. KD gets infuriated and Harsh hangs up. Panchi is walking on the road when some bikers surround her. She recognizes them as the Dhakkans. She warns them to cut it all out else she will complain to the Dean. The Dhakkan guy laughs and says their problem is that she is the president, the one who ditched Avi and started dating RV and now she will support the Chillars only. Panchi moves to go away and the guy forcibly holds her hand. She starts crying out Ranveer’s name.

And wakes up crying Ranveer’s name. She was having a bad dream. She gets surprised RV sitting on the bed, looking at her. He says that she remembered him in the dream and he is here, it’s telepathy. She is confused if there is really such a thing as telepathic connection between them. RV laughs and says he had just come to visit her but seeing her sleeping, he decided not to disturb her and he sat quietly. She tells him she had a bad dream. She is caught between the cross fire of Chillars and Dhakkans and doesn’t know what to do. RV assures her that JJ appointed her for a reason and he believes in her. She will be fine. Panchi tells him her plan of doing a court session in college to address the students problems. RV is impressed and he jokes around to cheer her up. Kiya dresses up and Harsh is all mesmerized. She tells him not to be flirty but he genuinely compliments her. They go out. KD comes over and he sneaks in the house and gets worried seeing it empty.

Harsh and Kiya are together. Kiya apologizes that the restaurant was close and offers him some street side paani puri. Harsh isn’t too eager but for her sake he agrees. Kiya notices two men following them and gets worried. She says this to Harsh who tells her to calm down and tells her that those are his bodyguards. He calls the guys over and Kiya is surprised. Harsh tells the men to do their duty but maintain a safe distance from her. The men walk away and Harsh tells her that his family is worried about his safe being hence all the security. Kiya is impressed and she teases Harsh about it. They share the paani puri in a jovial mood and some one clicks their pictures on cell phone.

Harsh drops Kiya home and thanks her for a lovely night. He says it feels like it’s the start of something new between them. Kiya tells him to go. He doesn’t want to but he goes anyway.

When he’s gone, Kiya turns around and is shocked to see KD there who confronts her about her lie. She defends herself saying that KD said he would trust her and she can take care of herself. But KD is mad and says he can’t be expected to just trust while Kiya keeps lying. He is tired of his Kill with Kindness thing. Enough is enough. The next day he is gonna go face to face with Harsh and end it all. Kiya tries to stop him but he goes away in anger. Kiya gets worried.
The mysterious figure takes the picture of KiSha together and individually, capturing this whole showdown.

Precap – Panchi is addressing the court while JJ assumes the role of the judge. She says they have arranged this court to directly address their issues and find solutions for them and requests the students to co-operate. One Dhakkan says their problem is with her being the president. How will she deal with that? Panchi gets nervous and looks at JJ who gestures her to answer the allegation

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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