The Buddy Project 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 17th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th April 2013 Written Update

Avi asks what is the team work in this challenge? JJ, at first does a little beizzati of his by reminding him to read the rule book where it is clearly written that you can participate as individuals, pairs of team. But the points that you gain will be added in the final tally. RV says sarcastically that JJ would be the one to choose their partners for them, right? JJ does a fake cheer and applaud at their sheer brilliancy. Avi comes up with another but and JJ loudly shouts:

“No if! No but! Only-”

And Omi feels it his responsiblity to finish his sentence by adding:


Piddi gives a “oh you’re screwed!” expression to Omi as JJ walks to him and comments that Omi watches way too many movies. He then finishes his intended sentence, “No if, no bud. Only ‘Yes sir!’”

Omi and Avi get into yet another fight about how Chillars would win and how Dhakkans would annihilate them etc and JJ asks their permission to get the chits, in a sarcastic way of course. He takes the bowl with the chit and gives them a warning that if they tell the name to anyone, well Piddi, Kiya, RV and KD can tell them of his bad habit better than himself as how much he likes keeping track of everything that they want to hide. He’d be keeping a watch on all of them. He calls JeeMi forward. They both tussle to bit to pick first but JJ stops Omi’s outstretched hand and asks would he mind if JJ handed them the chit? He then asks Omi’s fav color, pink or green? Omi replies it’s blue so JJ hands him the green chit. He asks Avi the same but before Avi can answer, JJ hands him the pink chit. They get their chits, look at the names and take back their places.

Next up is KiPi. He hands Kiya the chit first and then Piddi. They are surprised seeing the names. Piddi wants to say something but JJ cuts across him saying that what he sees is what he got. Kiya asks JJ if he’s joking? JJ asks, is he? Then he sends them back to think about it to themselves in silence. They reluctantly take their places back. Then, he calls RanSh as they are the final ones. One D asks will no one else participate and JJ says from every team, 3 would be the main representatives. In this case, they are RanSh. They come forward and JJ hands them the chits, he also comments that RV is wearing a nice jacket (AGREED!! I simply LOVED his yellow jacket and till today, I’ve loathed all the jackets that RV has worn ). RV reads the name and gives out a, “Huh?” and JJ just points him that they’d talk later. KD’s chit has Kiya’s name on it. Reading it, he has some FBs of the bad memories of Kiya like how she made him bow in front of her and how she had said that had KD some diginity, he wouldn’t have joined the same college as them. He is lost and JJ brings him back to his senses. He then says he hopes they are ready for this.

KD is an empty classroom looking at the chit. He then sees Kiya there who asks if he really is her GS and will he really be doing good for her? KD looks away and she’s gone. He says to himself wasn’t it bad enough that Kiya teased him in real life and now she’s attacking his imagination as well? Kiya comes behind him and says it’s good that he confessed he still imagines about her. KD says that’s not what he meant. Kiya says it’s okay if he denies it, but he can’t deny the fact that he still has feelings for her. KD wants to argue this but Kiya doesn’t let him give the chance and continues that every moment they had, all the times they shared, good or bad…he doesn’t want to forget any one them. KD says painfully that it’s all bullshit! And besides, there was nothing good about the times they shared. Everything was bad! Kiya asks really? And she makes him close his eyes. He has FBs of some good KiSha memories and snaps his eyes open. Kiya asks, were they really all bad? And then KD remembers some painful memories like the slap and the kiss, farewell fiasco and the story Kiya made in college about the guy selling friendship for money. KD sweats like he is being physically tortured. Kiya says, I told you, you still have feelings for me. He better accept it. KD screams at her to leave him alone! He cries seeing Kiya’s name.

JJ is excitedly retelling Sophia about the scene he had with the Cs&Ds and she’s listening with a huge smile on her face (OH EM GEEE!!!! ) Just then, RV enters the office saying he wants to talk to JJ. He shows the chit with Rukmini’s name on it to JJ and asks what is this? JJ says it seems like a girl’s name and asks Sophia’s confirmation on it who agrees. RV thanks him for his help and asks who the hell is Rukmini? JJ says that’s for RV to figure out. RV asks how will he find her? JJ replies he doesn’t have to do all India search for her, she’s in the same college as him. RV says even if he does find her, what will he do for her? He doesn’t know anything about her! JJ says that’s the point! For the first time in his life, he has gotten a chance to know someone and do something for them. All that’s needed is some effort. Sophia agrees with JJ and RV rolls his eyes. JJ thanks him for his valuable time and opens the door for him. RV leaves.

Avi is sitting at the table alone, lost in thoughts and Avantika comes there, in her tornado avatar and asks him what’s up in a rap style. He asks her not to bother him as he is disturbed. She offers him her help but he says he can’t take help as it’s against the rules. He then whispers to her that he feels JJ has spread his spies everywhere. Just then, Chintu comes and puts the drink on the table. Avi looks at him and says he can’t tolerate it anymore and leaves saying he wants to talk to Dean. Chintu takes his vacant chair and says it’s not like Avi can do anything about it, he is just wasting time. Avantika replies she doesn’t get the problem, it’s such a cool thing JJ has come up with! There’s only unfair thing here, Junglee didn’t pick her. Chintu asks who and Avantika rectifies that Jaitley didn’t pick her. Chintu advices her to talk to JJ herself and leaves. She says she has better idea, she’ll add herself in the teams without invitation and she knows to whom she’ll become the Good Samaritan.

Dean shows Avi empty hands and asks what’s in them? Avi says they are empty. Dean says that’s the point, there is nothing in his hands so he can’t do anything. Avi says but he’s the Dean! Dean replies that’s true but the challenge’s boss is JJ and he can’t do anything about it. So, Avi better leave him alone. Avi threatens that he knows they won’t stand by and tolerate all this! Sophia suggests that they tolerate it while sitting down. She tells him that they had better read the RB before signing the contract as it’s clearly written in the rules that the students can’t go on a strike or indulge in any activity which would disturb the college’s regular schedule during the challenge. Another rule states that they can’t involve parents, trustees, media or any entity which would disturb the challenge. She hands him the RB and suggests that he should do a thorough study of it.

Avi gets out of the office and Omi makes his way in. Avi tells him it’s no use as he has already done what Omi wants to do. They should’ve read the RB before signing the contract, now they are stuck. Omi says that JJ thinks too highly of himself and deems himself too smart. Avi corrects him saying that JJ is smart. They were the ones who underestimated him. Omi says does that mean they have to participate!? Avi replies, as of now, yes. But later, they’ll do something about it. Omi curses his bad luck that he had to see a day where he agreed with Avi! Then says later they would turn the whole game upside down. Avi clears that Omi is on his own in whatever he does, he himself will take care of stuff in his own way. Omi says of course! He’d rather take pheras with a buffalo then take Avi’s help! Avi is confused hearing his statement and asks him to explain. Omi calls him a cow and tells him to shut up and warns him that he’d take care of him and that JJ soon.

RV is in the library staring at Rukmini’s name. He gets FB of JJ who hands him a letter saying that Panchi entrusted it to JJ to hand it to him as she thinks JJ is some sort of modern day pigeon who can distribute letters and laughs heartily at this but sobers up when RV looks at him. RV takes out the letter in which it’s written that she can’t come to college for a few days and even her phone will be switched off. She’s doing everything on JJ’s orders and can’t explain everything. All the best for the challenge and take care (WHAT?! Panchi will be again absent for a few episodes! KYA YAAR?! ) RV is tensed that when he needed Panchi the most, she is absent! Now what’s he gonna do?! Just then, he hears the all too familar “sssh!” and looks at Rukmini behind the shelf. She is giving him the look and he says he knows it’s the library and all and says sorry. Rukmini looks away and RV continues it’s just that but then sees Rukmini not paying attention. He leans back in dejection and Rukmini puts a paper in the book near him. He takes out the paper where it is written that he shouldn’t talk in the library. He writes the reply that he is sorry, it’s just that he is tensed. He puts the book back and clears his throat to get her attention. She takes out the note and puts the reply there which reads that every problem’s solution is present there. RV sneers that in this library and she points to the books. RV rolls his eyes and leaves. The camera pans on Rukmini making notes from a English Composition book and zooms to her bag where her name is written, “Rukmini.”

Precap – KD vowing to make things right by paying back RV’s money and compensating for the hurt he knowingly and unknowingly caused Kiya.

Update Credit to: Mais

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