The Buddy Project 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 16th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 16th April 2013 Written Update

Panchi catches up to JJ and asks him that she doesn’t get why is he so adamant about RanSh competing if they themselves have finished the fight? JJ explains that they haven’t finished the fight, they have paused it. There is still hatred within them and for that to go away, they have to face it head on. Panchi voices her concern that for that to happen, they have to clear out the MU about the extra money and leaked MMS. JJ says she’s right but that’d happen later. For now, they have to put away this flame of hatred in a way that there is no spark left behind. And all of it happened cuz of lack of trust, if there had been trust there wouldn’t have been no fight. Panchi is still not satisfied and asks what will she do in the competition, she isn’t part of any team? JJ chuckles that it’s only for now, he has thought something for her as well. Panchi is left confused.

Night time. PraShav.
Piddi says it’s JJ. KD replies it’s JJ, that’s why he’s thinking.

Shift to YaRa.
RV says he can’t stop thinking what to do. Kiya asks him what does he want to do and he says he doesn’t know. He asks her what her opinion about this competition is?

Piddi says he’ll take part only if KD does. He can’t stop thinking about JJ’s advice that he has to use his talents in constructive way. And he had intended to do that in college as well as FTS but it didn’t happen.

Kiya says it’s not about being a singing star now, she feels she has never made anyone proud. Not JJ, nor her mother or her friends. This competition is an opportunity to prove her worth. But if RV won’t participate, neither will she.

KD says it’s not like he doesn’t want to participate. Competition’s thrill and adrenaline rush excites him but..

RV says but he doesn’t know what to do. It’s true that after APC, he thought he should’ve participated in more competitions but…Kiya asks what but? RV replies that he is scared, this fight was over after many difficulties. What if it starts again?

KD says whenever he and RV come face to face, they fire up.

RV says he can’t help hating KD.

KD continues that they become aggresive.

RV says he doesn’t want to be that person anymore. Kiya consoles him that he has changed, he is not the same anymore!

Piddi assures him that they have changed now.

Kiya says she is sure, KD is also changed now.

Piddi says that they have to show JJ that if they couldn’t become Buddies for him, they can still fulfill some of his dreams.

Kiya says this competition is a golden chance for all of them.

Screen splits on four of them.

ICC. Chillars. Omi is making up teams for respective tasks by naming the students of his group. For the quiz competition, one of his guys volunteers as he loves asking questions. Omi hits him and says they have to answer questions, not ask and if he goes, he’d only humiliate Omi.

Dhakkans are also doing the same, making up teams for various tasks. Avi says they have to cover up all the events that have ever happened in ICC and his friend says that JJ is a different guy, would he set up such easy tasks for them?

Omi agrees and asks his Cs to think of different tasks which JJ can set up. They suggest Kabaddi and Gilli Danda.

There, Avi suggests baseball as JJ is a US return.

Omi’s Cs keep coming up with ridiculously pervy suggestions and Omi shuts them up.

Avi says that jokes apart, JJ can throw any challenge at them. And they should be prepared for it. They have to defeat Chillars in all challenges. They’d crush them!

Omi also says the same that they’d bury Dhakkans in shame. TD asks will KD participate? Omi says yes. Other guy says that KD had refused and Omi says that was when he didn’t meet JJ.

Avi says RV will never refuse JJ.

Omi says KD will come but they have to concentrate on the strategy which would help them crush Dhakkans. Then, Avantika comes and offers her help. Omi whispers to his group how come she wants to help them? Avantika explains that he is making his teams, right? And she is here to give her CV. She can speak 7 languages, abuse in 11. Knows martial arts and judo. Can do Bharatnatyum and Kathak and also has done a course in Belly Dancing (she shakes her belly at this and Omi looks away. So CUTE!!!) but Avi doesn’t let her do Belly Dancing, that’s another thing. Rifle or a pistol, she’s a perfect shot in all! She’s a pro in Blackjack and no one can beat her in video games. To all this Omi replies, he doesn’t care about them so she better leave. Avantika shakes her head and asks does he think she’s in Avi’s team by default? Well that’s not the case. She can be an asset to both the teams so whoever offers her best, she’d join them. He got time till tomorrow midnight, make me an offer I can’t refuse. Omi is thoughtful.

Sophia is checking a list which JJ gave her and she exclaims at Avantika’s name saying that if they combine Cs&Ds, they can’t match to Avantika’s power. JJ thoughtfully asks that she’s Avi’s sis and Sophia nodes. She sees a last name and asks why is it here? This person is not a part of any gang? JJ explains this competition is not about gangs, its for the college and anyone with the potential can participate. Sophia asks why does he think this person has potential and JJ says by the way Sophia talks about it. But he doesn’t explain much and rushes away saying he has stuff to do.

AviKa. Avantika offers Avi her CV as well saying how he has never won an argument against her, how she carried a heavy trophy single handedly and how she always wins in bike races. Avi asks she never defeated him in a bike race and she slyly replies that she will, in next 6 hours at night time. She continues counting her abilities and realizes that she never told Omi about some of them. Avi is shocked hearing that she went to Omi and she explains since there are two teams, its only fair she went to both of them. Avi says she’s his sis, she’s in his team and she replies he never asked her so she doesn’t know. She then does some melodrama and he shuts her up saying they are siblings, it is assumed that they’d be together! She gives him the same offer she gave Omi and the same deadline and leaves. At then end she says to herself that now JJ has to notice her when both teams would be begging her to be on their side.

KD comes into the gym room where RV is already standing. He asks RV why did he call him there and RV retorts why would he do that? KD says that he got a note from Panchi asking KD to meet him there. RV is surprised that he got the same note as well. Just then, JJ makes his entrance quoting a Deewar dialogue, “You came on your own but you’d leave only after I’m done with you.” He then chuckles and says he’s joking. He just called them there to know of their final answer. Both say they agree to compete.

Just then, Cs&Ds including Piddi and Kiya come there in two groups. JJ asks RanSh to join their respective groups. They do so.

JJ stands in front of the groups and asks them if they are ready for their first task? They all say yes. JJ tells them their first task:

“The Good Samaritan Challenge.”

Omi nods knowingly and happily hearing this and TD tells him the meaning that Samaritan means a generous and helpful person. Omi is first shocked hearing this but then recovers saying, “Your brother knows everything!” JJ comments that it’s nice that Brother knows stuff () Avi rolls his eyes. JJ asks if they are all ready for it? One Chillar and one Dhakkan ask what the challenge is all about. JJ explains that some of them will get a chit with the name of any random student. And they have to do something for that student which would bring a drastic change in the student’s life for good. Avi interrupts saying with due respect that they used to play such Secret Santa type games in school. JJ chuckles and goes near him saying he’s right. So this time, they won’t do puny things like giving someone a toffee (he hands one to the Chillars. Omi wants to take it but TD beats him to it ) or doing someone’s homework. They’d do something big! Something life changing. Omi asks who would be the judge of that? JJ says he’s the Third King here and ultimately he’s the one who has to give the points anyway. He explains that they’d run through their plans with him before setting them in motion. But there’s a catch. The persons assigned to them, at all costs, must NOT know who their Angel is i.e. everything is to be done discreetly. Avi asks that they’d do all those things and won’t even get credit for it? JJ says that’s the point. By telling everyone about all the good deeds that they’ve done, it only helps in ego massage and lose their value. It’s a bad thing. But that’s for later. Right now the important thing is if the partners get to know who their Good Samaritan is, points will be deducted and in some cases, they can be disqualified as well.

Avi asks what kind of competition is this supposed to be? Omi says that they’d thought it’d be something like cricket or music related, the boys ended up buying 4 bats and 3 guitars for nothing. JJ advices Omi to shut his pea sized brain in his huge pocket and from that pocket, take out the rule book. Under rule 6, point (B), the contest can be about anything and everything and whatever Anirudh Jaitley says will be final and irrevocable word.

Precap – JJ presents them a bowl with chits. They can’t share the name written on the chit with anyone. From each team, 3 would be main representatives. In this task, they are RanSh. KD takes out the chit with Kiya’s name on it. KiSha in an empty room. Kiya whispers in KD’s ear that the fact is that he still has feelings for her. KD is shocked.

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