The Buddy Project 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 15th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 15th April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with JJ telling Omi and Avi that he knows they both love breaking rules, Omi Avi look towards him, JJ says he did his homework properly and further says they cannot break any rules in this challenge because according to the contract whoever breaks the rules they will leave the challenge and according to the contract they will be called ‘fattoo’ (Aaahh i LUV JJ’s Super-Cool act and Omi-Avi expressions are damn amazing)
Omi Avi look at each other, JJ asks if they are scared now or what, Avi says no way, Omi says rules are there so there there is nothing to be scared of, JJ cheers on and throws the rule book at each of them, Omi Avi look through and Omi asks which page are the rules, JJ laughs and says to Omi he is very funny and tells him every page has rules, Omi-Avi look at him stunned
JJ tells them the whole book is full of rules, Avi asks if he is serious, JJ gets up and says to relax he isnt telling them to memorize it and nor is he gona take an exam, he just wants to make sure nobody breaks the rules, he then seriously says ‘this time if the rules break then” he breaks the pencil in his hand into two and looks at the two
Outside RV-KD sit with their backs to each other, KD tells him he doesn’t want to fight anymore as its too much now, RV agrees and says with these fights they are just ruining their lives, KD says yeah but that doesn’t mean they are going to be friends, RV says ofcourse not he just wants to stop the fights and doesn’t have any plans for friendship, KD says exactly he has more other plans to do in life then befreinding him, RV says their feelings are mutual
They both get up to face each other and RV syas so from today we stop all the fights, KD says yes and from today he willw alk his path and RV will walk his path, RV says no dushmani, KD says no dosti, they both look at each other, RV then says they have to shake hands to seal the deal, KD says they finished their enmity they have to do atleast this much (Damn Brilliant scene, Fahad-Kunal totally Rocked it again)
RV puts his hand forward, KD is about to shake it when he says to follow dosti and dushmani theres loads of difficulties, RV nods in agreement and says The End, KD also says The End, they were about to shake their hands when Piddi calls out ‘KD bhai’ and both he and Kiya run towards KD-RV
KD-RV take back their hands, Panchi is passing by in the corridor when she stops and looks towards them, Piddi looks questioningly at KD and he tells him that he and RV have decided to stop the fights, RV agrees and KD syas they will move ahead in their lives, RV says to Kiya but they are not friends nor are they enemies (and one day they shall become friends tooYAYY)
Kiya says ‘but..’ and looks at Piddi, KD asks Piddi what happened, Piddi tells them Jaitley kept an ICC challenge with Dhakkans vs Chillars, RV asks shocked what, Kiya says yes and Avi has already signed the contract, Piddi tells KD even Omi
Kiya tells RV he knows that Avi will surely take him(RV) on his team, and Piddi tells KD that he knows Omi wont go forward with the challenge without KD, KD and RV look tensed at each other, Panchi walks away from there in a hurry
Dean in his office holds the two contracts and asks JJ does he think he is helping them(the college) by doing all this, JJ says absolutely not but he is helping the students and as a by-product the college is also being helped, Dean frustrated reminds JJ that when he joined Imperial he made two promises, ‘one that he was going to stop all the fights’, and before he could tell the second one JJ tells him he fulfills what he promises and this time also he will do it, the promise he made to the Dean and the promise which he made to himself (aaahh i luv Dean-JJ scenes hahaha they are so fun and the dean is just too adorable and funny)
JJ is lost in his thoughts, the Dean looks at him, Panchi comes to the office and dean tells her to enter, he asks her why is she here and what is the problem, Panchi tells him Jaitley sir, dean says ‘oh’, JJ asks Panchi why is she so tensed when india beat australia, Panchi informs him that KD-RV have rejected to take part in the challenge
JJ shocked turns to her and asks why, Panchi tells him because they have decided to end this fight themselves, JJ smiles
On the other hand Avi tells RV he cannot back out right now, RV tells him he isnt backing out he is just moving on, he doesn’t want to waste his life in this useless fight, he wants to do something in life and be something, Avi says excatly what this challenge will do and there cant be another better oppurtunity then this
While Omi explains KD this is the best decision for him and asks him to win this challenge and show everyone who is the King of Imperial, Kehsav Desai, Omi dhaiya’s bhai, KD says he doesn’t want to be any king he just wants to be something in life, Omi explains that this is the exact oppurtunity, every other star wins such challenges of school and college and moves ahead then why is he showing his back to it, why is he running away from it
RV tells Avi he isnt running away he just doesn’t want to fight anymore, Avi tells him who is asking him to fight, they give exams every year they don’t fight the other students, he further says its just like any other competition, there is dance debates music and all that and tells him to forget who is on the other side, RV screams out its not that easy
Omi tells KD its is easy it’s the Pappa of easy, he explains him that once he wins this challenge he will become the champion of this college, he further explains that he knows KD wants to earn money and says he can do that together with entering this challenge, and he will support him all he can for him to earn money but he leaving him(Omi) alone in this challenge that’s not done
Avi tells RV he cant quit now, RV thinks about it while on the other hand KD thinks too
KD goes to the canteen and comes across RV and they both look at each other, JJ calls out ‘Jokers’ and comes to them and says its good to see the two together, Panchi watches them from the corridor, KD tells JJ he was aout to come to him, RV says even he too, JJ smiles and says lets sit and talk,they agree and JJ indicates Chintoo their order
Chintoo gets the three of them three appy fizz, JJ thanks him and tells the two to speak up, KD tells him that he and RV are tired of these fights and that they don’t want to fight any more, RV agrees and says they have wasted a lot of time, JJ says thankgod they atleast said something sensible and says ‘Dere aaye durust aaye’
KD then apologises to JJ for disappointing him so much, RV also apologises for hurting him so much, JJ then says how can he believe them that they are really sorry, KD says they felt really bad hurting him so much, RV says they never meant to its just how things played out, KD says the way things were they just couldn’t control themselves, RV then says they ended up fighting then all the time
JJ says if they are really sorry then they should prove it, RV-KD looks at him, KD then says he is ready to do anything, RV says ‘try us’, Panchi smiles and JJ says great and tells them that the ICC challenge of Chillars vs Dhakkans he wants the two of them to participate in that, Panchi goes all shocked, RV-KD are stunned as JJ looks at them
Kiya drops a book from her bag by mistake and is about to pick it up when Piddi comes there and picks it up for her and hands it to her (OMG KiPi scene), Kiya looks at him and then says ‘thanks’, Piddi replies ‘your welcome’, they look here and there and start walking together, Kiya says its good that the fight is over between RV-KD, Piddi shocked says even she thinks the same, he thought’Kiya completes ‘that she in angry with KD’
Kiya says yes she is angry with him and she will always be, after what he has done she can never forgive him but then with all this fight nothing was going good and after the fight whatever happened, Piddi completes for her ‘it was bad’, Kiya says even what happened in the fresher talent show that wasn’t good, Piddi agrees and says Panchi’s performance was spoilt without any reason
Kiya says they prepared so much everything was gone in waste, Piddi then coming to his happy mode says he even prepared Govinda matki breaking item, Kiya exclaims ‘Really’, Piddi says he even practiced by breaking 12 matkis but then all of them were a waste, Kiya syas even she prepared a salsa song and dance but then never got the chance
They again start looking here and there, Kiya then says she also wanted to say sorry as she said so many things in anger, Piddi says its ok even he also said so many things and did also, Kiya says whatever happened but she feels they both have said a lot to each other, Piddi says no problem he feels everything is going to be alright again (OMG OMG hahaha cv’s really surprise us damn this was the BEST KiPi scene, aaahh i luvd it soo much, both of them building an understanding and apologising and sharing their mutual thoughts awww i luv these duo’s scenes)
Kiya asks him if he thinks KD will participate in the challenge, Piddi says he was saying he wont but he doesn’t know, Piddi asks about RV and Kiya says she doesn’t think so and was about to say something but stops, Piddi asks what and she says nothing she was just saying that good the fight between them is over and says it would have been fun though to participate in Jaitley’s challenge, Piddi agrees and says even he wants to but if KD is not participating he wont either, Kiya says yes if RV isnt participating she isnt going to either
JJ in the canteen tells KD-RV that they both were top in school in everything sports academics etc, he further says Intra-college challenges brings out the best talent in the college and that best talent is in them and that’s why he wishes them both to participate in this challenge
RV gets up and says they don’t want to fight, KD also gets up and JJ tells RV that not fighting doesn’t mean they both wont face each other, it means they will compete with each other but not hate each other, Panchi looks confused, JJ says he isnt asking the two to become friends and nor is he going to ask that because friendship cannot be forced, RV-KD look at each other
JJ says that them becoming buddies again or not is totally their call but without any disrespect and conflict they both can compete each other in a healthy manner, they all look at each other, JJ then says not for themselves but atleast for him

Precap: KD tells Piddi its not like he doesn’t want to participate, the competiton’s thrill and adrenaline rush he likes it all, Rv says to Kiya what will he do, after Alphaplus he felt he should’ve particpated inother competitions and he knows this competition is a golden chance for him but’ Kiya asks ‘but what’, Rv says he fears that the fight they ended with so much difficulty what if it starts again, Kiya also looks tensed

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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