The Buddy Project 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 14th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 14th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kiya shooting for the music video.Kiya is in Pink dress and is enacting the Mere Saath Song.There are few retakes but Kiya enacts it so well and KD is watching all this.All applause and Piddi wishes Kiya with a hug.Kiya notices KD and they wish each other a Hi.Kiya sits for touch up and KD also sits beside her.KiSha have an eyelock (BG music is awesome here).KD admires Kiya as she puts on some make up while Piddi instructs the cameraman about the shots.When the shot is ready,Kiya asks for 5 mins break and leaves.Piddi comes to KD and shows him the footage.He leaves KD alone who is seeing the whole recorded video.He admires Kiya more and when the video stops he touches the screen and is lost in her.

Omi is in restroom and lost in thoughts.A guy in the nearby restroom plays a sad song and Omi is in full heart break mode.He thinks about how he helped panchi ,how he got to know the truth and is sad.He comes back to reality and realizes that someone is playing that song.He asks him to stop but the guy does not.He enters into the restroom and beats him up.

Avi comes to Ice cream parlor by cycle.He sees Panchi waiting there for him.She tries to apologize to him but he does not listen and goes away.Panchi is confused about what to do.

Omi is sitting sad in the hostel corridor.Some boys are chasing each other to see some video.They all settle at some place and start to watch.Omi gets a phone call from Panchi but he rejects.The boys call Omi but he leaves to his room.In the room, Omi thinks about his moments with panchi,how she went to convince avi etc. Someone knocks his room door and when he goes to see a boy offers him a closed plate.Omi opens it and sees two samosas with the smiling smiley written by sauce and sorry written on the plate.He comes to the corridor to see Panchi standing in the ground.She holds her ears to apologize but Omi is still angry and throws the samosas on the ground.Panchi is hurt.

RV is at Panchi’s home.He is confused whether to ring the bell or not.He thinks about his friendship with rukmini and also the incident when panchi refused to come with him.He is about to leave without ringing the bell but Panchi comes there and sarcastically ask him also to leave.Panchi is sitting sad on her bed.RV also comes and sits beside her.He congratulates for leading Miss Vista.He asks why she is worried if she is leading.She tells that its because she messed up with her 2 friends and also asks RV to not ask her anything regarding that as she does not wanna recall it again and its already feeling very bad.RV tells her that he will not ask and also tells that he has been so busy with his own life that he stopped to be part of her life.He also tells her that he wants to change it and asks sorry for not being able to come to Miss Vista.Panchi tells him that its okay and also asks him to remember one thing that he is always an important part of her life and will be like that forever.She also tells that even he can’t change that fact.Panchi tells that but there is one problem that RV expects that there must be no one except him in her life but that can’t be like that.RV is hesitant at first but accepts the fact.He tells that atleast he is an important part of her life and he can live with that.He tells that today she messed up with her friends and he also messed up with rukmini.RV tells that he must apologize.Panchi also accepts and tells that she lied to them and wanna tell them that how much they matter to her.RV looks at her.She remembers JJ words.RV holds her hand and tells thanks.RV tells that she has always been by his side and Panchi also holds the hand and tells that feeling is mutual.They both hug.She pats him in his shoulder and tells that she missed him a lot in miss vista today.RV holds her hand and promises that he will come to the miss vista final tomorrow for sure.Panchi is happy and tells that she is nervous as there are lots of contests.RV laughs and asks why she is nervous as she is the one who gonna win it.He tells that he will be there to see her win.Panchi tells that the happiness will get double if tomorrow they both also come.She further tells that they are new friends but became a part of her life.He is puzzled and comes near Panchi.He asks hesitatingly whether Avi is one of them.Panchi looks at him confused and they both look at each other.

Precap: Panchi is singing “Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin” song.JJ and RV are there.Its time to announce the results of miss vista.All including JeeMi and RV are shown praying.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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