The Buddy Project 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 12th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 12th June 2013 Written Update

Car comes. Car stops. MiChi shocked. The door opens and…my video blanks out! xD No kidding! Talk about dramatic Anyway! It’s JJ like I had said. He sees her there and asks isn’t she getting late for reaching the venue and tells her he’ll drop her there. Panchi looks at Omi and says she’ll go with JJ ignoring Omi’s “AC wali Taxi”. Before sitting she looks around for Avi but seeing no sign of him, sits in the car and off they go. Just then, Avi comes in his car (SILVER! <3) and stops where Panchi was standing. He is confused seeing Omi there alone and gets Panchi's text informing him that she's going with JJ. Avi curses. Omi curses as well that in the morning black cat crossed his path so his whole day will be bad (Avi is wearing black ) and vows to change the color of black cats into white (Reminds of the manga "Black Cat". Mugz, you read it? It's really good! <3) Avi ignores his jibe and turns to sit in the car. Omi leaves in the taxi and Avi texts Panchi that he'd meet her at Victoria (the college where MVC is being held) before sitting in his car and leaving (Aise rajj rajj ke syape hone wale hain I tell you xD) Mini pulls RV in the RS and scolds him for making excuses and running away from learning. Is he ashamed of learning his mother tongue? RV is already in a bad mood and warns her not to misunderstand him. She sits down and tells him to read from the paper. Against his wishes, he starts to read while stammering. Then gets annoyed with all the typical words. Mini teaches him some, he rectifies her mistakes some. Khair, the classes continue with her asking him to translate English to Hindi. RV struggles at one word and she annoyingly changes the topic and makes him read something else. RV does but then becomes irritated and exclaims he doesn't want to read all this! Mini retorts saying why would he learn Hindi? He's a gentleman so obviously he'd speak English! Speaking Hindi is for illiterate people like herself. RV tries to calm himself down and tries to calmly tell her that she is misunderstanding him but she goes on saying it's alright if she studies English but if RV would speak Hindi, it's a shameful thing! (Ye baat ko bhada kyun rahi hai?! Can't she see he's clearly NOT in the mood?! Hindi Hindi Hindi! Love of language shouldn't surpass your ability to judge what the other person is feeling specially if you claim him to be your friend!) RV snaps and tells her to shut up! KiSha in canteen. KD thanks Kiya for taking up the MV idea. Kiya says she isn't the only one, he is helping them a lot. She calls KD sweet and lo and behold! Agaya LLHH! But then, my savior comes there and sits between them, rubbing his neck (Piddi..I'm talking about Piddi ) He tells KD that his neck is paining which breaks the LLHH. KD internally curses Piddi for being there and Kiya gets up to leave. KD tries stopping her but she doesn't stop. Piddi does that too but then chucks it and starts drinking Kiya's drink which KD bought for her. Durrr se Kiya turns to look at KD but kya faida? Moment is spoiled! KD STTC that Piddi comes in theater 10 minutes after the movie starts. He comes in class 10 minutes BEFORE it starts! His timing is always off but today he came right on time! He feels like strangling Piddi (KD was literally close to tears! ) Piddi asks KD to massage his neck from behind (The joke here is that strangling is called "dabana" in Hindi/Urdu and so is massaging. KD wanted to strangle Piddi as in the deadly wala while Piddi wanted KD to massage his paining neck. Both said the word dabana ) KD tells Piddi not to tempt him and makes strangling motions. Piddi doesn't get what he's saying and who's listening anyway? KD is busy giving Kiya sweet looks. Ignoring what Piddi has to say, KD gets up to go to Kiya. He asks what was she saying before Piddi came. A LLHH ensues and Kiya shyly walks away. Piddi comes there as she leaves and says to KD that his neck is still paining. KD who is already mad at him for spoiling the moment, grabs hold of him, lays him down on the bench and twists his neck SO hard that Piddi cries out in pain (well Piddi, you can't say you didn't see it coming ) RV angrily says it's true that he doesn't know Hindi but the media and the country mostly works on English and that he knows very well! But she doesn't know anything about English and without it she can't even get a proper career! It's true he has some weakness in Hindi but he can overcome them anytime but her pronunciation is so bad she'll waste years trying to make it better! If an Englishman would hear her English, he'd commit suicide! (Okay RV, calm down! CALM DOWN!! ) Mini is teary eyed at this scolding and RV asks why is she crying now? Does she think only she can pick out mistakes!? (Point!) Only she can get mad, he can get mad as well! (And in whattay way! ) Mini shouts at him to shut up and he retorts for her to shut up and get out! Mini stands up and almost slaps him! RV looks at her raised hand in shock (eargasm wali BG music!!! ). She snaps her fingers and shows him her index finger in a threatening manner (Ek dum attitude se!) RV walks out of the RS angrily. Victoria College! Venue for Victoria Fest which includes Miss Vista Contest, 2013. Announcer welcomes the judges and while it's been done, JeeMi arrive there (separately of course) and take their places in the crowd. Tika in the washroom, all dreamy eyed and thinking about her "date" with JJ. She sees her reflection in the mirror and gets conscious and awkwardly starts playing with her hair and top to make herself look better. As she's doing this, Kiya enters and notices her. Shocked, she STTC, Avantika? In the mirror? Taking care of her looks? It's the same thing as a sumo wrestler taking care of his diet and laughs. She says she's sure there is something and goes to check it out. She clears her throat to get her attention and Tika turns around and rather sweetly says that Kiya is looking good today (d'awww!! har ladki pe ye waqt aata hai...a time which feminist women don't like xD) Kiya tries walking past her like everything is normal but Tika stops her and starts comparing her hair with Kiya's (it's so awkwardly hilarious! ) Tika lets go when Kiya gets too awkward and tries walking past again but Tika stops her again and shows Kiya her curly hair and asks doesn't she think Tika's hair are way too weird? She requests Kiya to sort them out for her. Kiya agrees and starts setting Tika's hair in a more likeable manner. Kiya says that she didn't think Tika would be the type of girl to get conscious about her looks. Tika turns around and says she wasn't! But now she thinks she should take care of such stuff. She can't be all cool and stylish like Kiya but she can be better than she presently is. She asks Kiya will she help her out? Kiya asks help for what and Tika replies for her makeover and styling. Kiya agrees and excitedly, Tika hugs Kiya which goes for too long. So much that when a girl enters in the washroom and sees them all chipak ke chipak ke, she apologizes and goes away. KiTika break away and realizing what happened, burst into laughter. Tika asks to confirm will she really help and Kiya says yes and they hug again. MVC under way. Announcer says the next participant is from ICC which prompts Omi to clap very loudly and Avi to shake his head in embarrassment at his behavior. Panchi's name is announced and Omi again applauds enthusiastically and the crowd applauds in welcome (JJ is also there guys ) Panchi comes on stage (okay she wasn't looking dreadful thank God But rather sweet, in a school girl sort of a way. Black dress, straight hair and a tilted cap. Sweet! ) She searches for someone in the crowd and smiles seeing JJ who is SO PROUD seeing his little Angel on the stage (It was such a heartwarming scene! JJ was seriously all pride! Like a parent would be! <3) Panchi greets the jury in Hindi and says she'll present a Hindi act for them. She starts off really confidently and recites Omi's speech. Omi is happy seeing her do well, the jury are whispering amongst themselves and Avi also seems supportive. Few moments into the act, a guy standing next to Omi (Let's call him KK - Kutta Kameena! ) hoots in a booing way. Panchi looks at him and he has the crowd's attention. He says in a meaning way that Panchi should speak in Hindi! What's she reciting? Bhojpuri? Crowd laughs at this and Panchi gets nervous and JJ concernedly looks at her. Precap – Panchi is continuing with her act when a guy standing next to Avi (KK2 ) comments to his friend about Panchi is she here for MVC or some Fatso Tomato Contest? Avi hears this and turns the guy around asking what’s his problem? KK3 asks Avi what’s his problem and Avi tells him to step outside, he’ll show them his problem. KK2-KK3 flare up saying yeah, as they aren’t some girly girls. KK1 and Omi sees this as Avi replies he’ll make them a girly girl. They step out and Omi curses that he’d have to put them in their place and follows. In a garage type place, Omi hits KK1 and he falls on ground. Then, there’s this whole group of students and it’s JeeMi against all of them. They kick them out and Omi exclaims that they are making fun as they can’t understand! How would they know how much Panchi practiced for it! Avi agrees saying she did rehearsals day and night! Omi says he did such hardwork on that speech and trained her everyday! Avi is surprised and says she took training from him! JeeMi look at each other and mutter in surprise, “What?”

Update Credit to: Mais

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