The Buddy Project 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 11th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 11th September 2013 Written Update

Kiya gets concerned for KD and tends to his wound. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt much but enough to get everyone concerned. Piddi investigates the ladder and finds out that someone tampered with it but KD ridicules this idea of anyone intentionally hurting him. Kiya requests him to go rest and he agrees on the condition that Kiya will continue with her practice.

RV escorts KD to his hostel and Piddi joins shortly. RV leaves and Piddi stays to tend to KD and forcefully makes him sleep. KD’s phone rings and Piddi keeps it on silent just so it won’t disturb KD.

Kiya keeps trying KD’s phone but he doesn’t pick. BA calls him and she talks to him thinking he’s KD but he reveals he’s not and that he gets mad hearing KD’s mention. Kiya gets angry and tells him she talked to him last night thinking he was KD but if the Buddies or KD found about him, there’d be hell to pay. BA threatens him that if she doesn’t stay away from KD, consequences will be bad. Kiya gets scared and disconnects.

BA then calls her on landline and threatens her by painting possible deadly scenarios that could happen to KD if she decides to tell anyone about their conversation.

Distressed, Kiya tries calling KD but he doesn’t pick. So she calls RV. RV tells her that Piddi might’ve turned KD’s phone on silent and sensing her distress, he asks if she’s alright. She remembers BA’s threats and doesn’t say anything.

ICC. Kiya is disturbed and can’t concentrate on her practice. Seeing KD, she rushes to hug him. He asks her what’s wrong but she doesn’t say and gets conscious if the BA is seeing her. She excuses herself to go to the washroom. BA follows her there and locks her inside.

Precap – After concert, Kiya declines KD’s request to drop her home saying she’ll get there with Panchi as she has to talk to her. Joshua steps in and says he’ll drop the girls home and Kiya agrees. Kiya is in car with Joshua who doesn’t drop her home and takes her to another route, scaring Kiya.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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