The Buddy Project 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 11th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 11th June 2013 Written Update

All anxious and nervous, Panchi enters the foyer of ICC and sees PraShav who are playing basketball. They greet her like it’s just another day of the calendar with nothing special. My Angel is shocked at this behavior. Kiya comes there and greets Panchi with a smile and a “Hi” and sees PraShav’s progress. Then, RV comes down from stairs and also does the same and goes to stand beside Kiya. Panchi is speechless at this reception from her friends. RV starts commenting on the game while stealing glances at Panchi. The other Buddies are also doing the same, stealing glances that is while acting like there’s nothing different about today! Mad, Panchi STTC that today is the most important day of her life but her friends are acting like today is some sort of a super extra normal day! No one is caring! Disappointed, she moves to leave but KD goes to her and invites her to play (PANSH!!!!!!! Butterflies ) Panchi hotly replies she’s too busy to play. KD asks is she too busy cuz of MVC? Panchi brightens up at this and is about to say something but KD cuts across her, puts his arm around her shoulder (DEAD! PANSH! MERE PANSH! MY FIRST NON-CANON LOVE OF TBP! djasdjasdjhasdasdjk! ) and says that’s why the entire college was waiting for Panchi Rastogi, to wish her. Panchi is surprised and asks what does he mean? (Detail doon? Detail doon? DETAIL DOON?! While saying this, Panchi lightly touches KD’s hand which is on her shoulder! EEEPPPSSS!!!!!!! ) KD turns her around slightly and dun dun dun! There’s this group of students there, cheering her name with balloons in their hands and applauding. Panchi is beaming seeing all this as all her friends cheer her name (UFF! Better than I expected! <3) Kiya silences everyone and says to Panchi they have another surprise for her and points to a wall where a poster of Panchi wishing her all the best gets rolled down for all to see. Panchi is speechless! (So am I! Aaah!) Piddi tells Panchi to Roshan the name of ICC like Hrithik! (Bad joke but chalta hai! PANCHI IS GOING FOR MVC!! ) RV tells Panchi that he's sure she'll win MVC. Panchi is too overcome by emotions. KD says to her (AND HE GETS REALLY CLOSE AS HE DOES IT!!!) that she shouldn't worry, as they are all there for her. Panchi gets teary eyed and KD stops her saying she should save the emotional drama for her winning moment (there's just too many PanSh feels ) Panchi sniffs and smiles and Piddi tells her if there would've been a melodrama contest in MVC then she would've won even before stepping on the stage. Panchi sulks at this while everyone else laughs and KD playfully hits Piddi. The Buddies group hug (ALLAH! If JJ had seen this, he defo would've cried! All his Jokers, together like nothing EVER seperated them...even I'm close to tears here *sniff*) All around, three cheers for Panchi are said while she smiles sentimentally at everything her friends did for her (One of the best opening scenes of TBP EVER!!!)Omi Daiyya, all dressed for the occasion in his shiny green kurta and with a 100 w smile on his friends, asks C2 for his "opinion" as to how he's looking? C2 replies he looks ek dum mast! Omi then shows him his side profile and asks how bout from here? C2 replies he looks like a Dulha (groom). Omi blushes (yes, he blushed! ) and sends him away to call for a taxi wo bhi AC wali! But his smile vanishes when Avi comes there with his Ds. A little taunting session happens where Avi taunts Omi for looking like a Chimpanzee and going on a date with one of the D's maid. Omi retorts saying at least he got a date, but what of Avi who always struts around all dressed up, how come all the girls stay away from him? (Or something like yahan thodi si cut thi ) Avi gets offended and steps to beat him but his friend stops him. Omi tells Avi to obey what his friend said. Besides, he's taking someone out today so he's not in the mood to fight. Avi replies that someone has a very important day today and he doesn't want to spoil it cuz of Omi (why can't I stop laughing at this? oooh! Btw! It's an outdoor scene and it's so cloudy! Whereas where I live, it's so hot! Clouds aaye but when will it rain?!) Omi tells him to leave if that's the case and Avi retorts what if he doesn't? Takda music plays (Hot men! ) but Kush takes Avi away.KiyAn in washroom. Kiya is helping Panchi taking out all those sparkly celebration thingies from her hair and jokingly says that she should let some remain in her hair so that the world would know how confident they are; they've celebrated victory before the competition even started! She hugs Panchi and wishes her luck. Panchi thanks her and says today is the most important day of her life. Kiya assures her that she knows Panchi will rock it out there! Kiya tells her that she's gonna be late if they waste more time. Panchi asks aren't they coming with her? Kiya nervously replies that she has to work on MV with Piddi today and give all the finishing touches so it'd be impossible for them to be with her. Panchi says it's okay, all she needs is their best wishes. Kiya beams and replies that are always with her and they leave from there. Outside, Panchi starts getting nervous again and Kiya keeps on saying encouraging words to her which are more like a jumbled mess because even Kiya is nervous. They turn around the corner and see RV, leaning against the pillar waiting for them. A little awkwardness ensues when RV smiles at them but Panchi doesn't. Kiya notices it and to erase it all, wishes her luck again and tells her ke "Stage phaad dalna!" (break the stage!) Panchi is surprised and asks where did she learn such backbencher language? Kiya smiles sheepishly and says Piddi is her partner so that's why...Kiya hugs her one last time and leaves.RV calls her Miss Vista jokingly and wishes her luck by hugging her a little. Panchi says she came to his house yesterday but RV cuts across her and says he was going to call her but thinking that she'd be busy, he didn't. Panchi seems to be a little hurt but she wipes it all away and asks he is coming to the event with her, right? Before RV can reply, Mini comes from behind calling for RV. She wishes Panchi all the best and informs RV that the RS is going to start soon so he better hurry up. She leaves from there. RV apologetically says he can't cancel the show so he won't be there for her. Panchi smiles and says it's okay. If he had been there, she would've gotten more nervous only because if she ends up making any mistake, he would only tease her for that. RV is hurt by what she says and Panchi leaves saying she's getting late. She passes by him and ends up bumping him a little as she goes. RV just stands there and mumbles, "All the best, Panchi." and turns to leave (Shit! )Piddi is in a classroom, cramming something in a total phata hua dhol style. Kiya comes there and greets him. She says it's a huge day for Panchi and Piddi agrees saying it feels like some festive day today. Kiya hopes that Panchi wins and Piddi does the same. He says he heard somewhere every dog has its day and wonders when he'll get his day. Kiya gets excited and says soon, very soon! Piddi sarcastically laughs and says Kiya is so bad at comedy she doesn't even realize it! Kiya stops him from going and tells him that she has thought something. Piddi tells her to stop thinking as her thoughts are always dreadful like her blind date idea with Tika. She knows what happened there, right? So why is she still thinking? Kiya says she knows she used to be irritated by him but not anymore because she has realized Piddi's talent! Piddi is shocked to hear this and she informs him saying Piddi can RAP! She repeats his rap about herself which he made in school and praises his innovative skills at rapping. Piddi makes up an excuse saying that was because they were in school, they were kids so it was all fine. But they've grown up in college so they can't do the same things again, it was a mistake. Kiya says the mistake is him not realizing his talent and accepting his gift! He was Yo Yo Piddi Singh, right? Piddi says no and gets up calling for his Bhai. He starts fluttering here and there with Kiya following him and trying to make him understand.They are in the corridor and KD grabs hold of Piddi. Piddi tells KD that Kiya has totally lost it and raps again. KiSha manage to grab hold of Piddi as he struggles to leave. KD puts his hand on Piddi's mouth to stop him from saying anything while Kiya tells KD about Piddi's raping skills and her idea to add his raps in MV. KD happily agrees and Piddi manages to take away KD's hand from his mouth by biting it. He gets up saying they've gone mad, he can't just rap like that. KD tackles Piddi and they fall on the ground with KD on top of Piddi. Kiya also crouches next to them. KD says it's a brilliant idea, why isn't he agreeing? Then he starts giving Kiya all these honey sweet looks (thank God, no LLHH) and shakes her hand praising her ideas and they are lost in each other (yes, NO LLHH!! ) Piddi, still being held by KD, taps KD's shoulder to get his attention and requests him for a secret conference behind the bushes (no, nothing naughty ) Piddi drags KD there and says he's got a book, 1001 Ways To Woo A Girl. He'd gift KD that book and KD can get ideas from there to woo Kiya, why is he sacrificing Piddi for his intentions?! () KD says that Kiya is saying right, he does have the talent so why isn't he accepting it?! Piddi STTC they've gone mad with this rapping business, why aren't they letting him walk away?! Piddi tries to escape from there but KD holds him and drags him to Kiya announcing that Piddi will rap! Kiya gets excited and in his own excitement, KD blurts out that now their name will be under the "New Artiste" section in the website! Kiya asks which website and KD realizes his mistake. Taking chance, Piddi walks away from there. KD covers his mistake by saying they'd have to promote their MV somewhere right? Like on websites, radio, music channels. Kiya is impressed by this and KD says then, everywhere there'd be only Kiya and they have a cutesy staring session.Piddi is hanging by the stairs and KD pulls him down. KiSha hold him and force him to say yes, KD even blackmails that he'd put his "Chaddi Pehen Ke Phool Khila Hai" video online! (WHAT?! Piddi pe tou book likhi jaa sakti hai ) And that KD would tell everyone why Piddi deletes his history in computer. At this, Kiya hits Piddi but still tells him to say yes. KiSha keep pressurizing him to say yes and he gets out of control and screams at them to shut up! He moves away from them, all huffing and puffing and keeps telling them to shut when they as much as say "Pi-" and says now only he'd speak. After some dramatic pauses, Piddi agrees to rap for MV and excited KiSha engulf him in a hug and keep saying encouraging words to him. The way it's shot, we can only see Piddi's back and KiSha's excited faces. But then they turn him around and we see Piddi's face and KiSha's back. Piddi is all limp like someone sucked the soul outta him! (Oh it's hilarious! )RS. RV is thinking about his latest encounter with Panchi, about how she said he'd only tease her and how she left in a less than friendly way. Mini asks him if he finished the task she gave him but RV is too lost to listen. She calls out to him and he snaps out of his thoughts and stares at her blankly while she tells him not to make any excuse this time. RV can't comprehend when she says from where shall they begin. RV asks what and says his Hindi lessons. RV says he couldn't study last night and asks can they start it from tomorrow and discuss radio today? Mini tells him everything about the RS has been sorted and he should only concentrate on his Hindi. She gives him some papers and tells him to read but RV is not in the mood to so. RV gets up to leave but Mini holds his hand asking where is he off to now? RV excuses that he has to visit the washroom and Mini lets him go.Outside, Panchi is standing nervously. She STTC that before leaving, she HAS to talk to Avi and tell him everything and wonders where Avi is. Just then, Avi comes from behind calling for her saying he was looking for her everywhere. Before Panchi can say anything, he starts talking about how he was looking for the keys all over the house which were in his hands. Panchi says she wants to talk to him. RV, who was crossing the opposite corridor, sees ViChi together and he angrily leaves from there. Avi says to Panchi they can talk on the way, he'll bring the car for her in a moment! Panchi says it's something very important and it can't wait. Avi cuts across her saying he knows she's nervous but they can calmly talk in the car. Without hearing what she has to say, he tells her to wait as he'll come back in a second with the car and Panchi is only left calling out his name. When he leaves, Omi comes in the taxi. Seeing her he gets out and says MVC is about to begin and she's standing here! He tells her to hurry. Panchi says she needs to talk to him. Omi replies they can talk later but Panchi says it's urgent. Omi agrees reluctantly but the taxi driver is getting impatient. Panchi STTC that it's good, Avi will come here as well and she'll confess to both of them together. Just then, a car comes and Panchi freezes seeing it. Omi tells her to hurry up but Panchi is only looking at the car. The door opens and camera freezes on MiChi's shocked faces (I can bet that's not Avi Either JJ or her parents! )Precap – Wohi VeeNi ka jhagra..

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