The Buddy Project 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 11th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 11th December 2013 Written Update

Panchi suggests that they better remain friends for now. RV replies that he loves and he can’t see her as a friend anymore. Panchi reasons that she loves him too but the timing doesn’t seem right to her. They should think about it and wait for a better time. RV isn’t convinced but gives in saying if she thought about it, she’d be right. A relieved and happy Panchi hugs RV but he is clearly saddened at her decision.

KD sees a happily chatting Kiya and becomes sad. Joining him is RV and joining them is Piddi. They all bump into each other. KD asks them if they did the job. Piddi and RV aren’t too excited about it but they assure him that his work will be done while KD seems too enthusiastic. Professor comes in and they all take their seats.

The boys sit together. Kiya comes it and after giving KD one look, sits at another desk. Panchi does the same to RV and sits behind Kiya.

Professor starts the lecture on the movies of the 70s and 80s era (at least their classes fit their college environment, the lecture seemed fun ) and RV goes in this elaborate “Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar” dream sequence where he is looking at Panchi all lovingly and what not (kasmey, sirf song ki kami thi and how come no one told me itna cute scene happened today?! I put off watching the episode cuz I thought it was boring! Curse you people! ) The dream ends when Professor scolds him out of it and Panchi just shakes her head at his laziness.

The lecture continues and Amitabh Bachchan’s “Angry Young Man” avatar in movie comes in discussion which prompts Piddi to dream a sequence of Deewar where he’s Amitabh Bachchan and those goons are the goons. In his dream, he is beating the hell outta the goons and the Professor shakes him up as well. And tells him to leave the class And the other two? Well, KD was so busy in mailing Kiya and RV was so busy in staring at Panchi that it’s no surprise that they faced the same fate as Piddi xD

Outside, RV calms KD down. KD says he has to go to comp lab. RV tells him to relax and let Kiya’s reaction about the mails be evident before mailing her again. He’s sure she’ll understand with the first batch of mails. KD isn’t convinced but RV drags him to canteen to eat some samosas.

In canteen, RV is being all happy and excited and becomes more so when Panchi comes there. He calls her over and KD can’t help noticing the way RV brightens up. He comments to Panchi that doesn’t she feel RV is being way too excited today? Panchi brushes it off saying he’s been dumb ever since he was a kid. RV asks Panchi what will she have to eat and she says she’ll get it on her own. He insists on buying it for her while she adamantly refuses it and KD is just seeing them. He jokingly teases RV that had RV ever asked him so lovingly before, he would’ve gladly eaten poison. At this point, Panchi escapes from them saying she has to go to library. RV follows her suit, making up an excuse to KD that he has some work as well.

RV teasingly follows Panchi while she tells him to buzz off as she wants to take things slow. RV jokes about it that if he goes any slower, he’d have to stop. Some student bumps into Panchi and she loses her ground but RV catches her. He looks at her oh-so-lovingly while Panchi starts to get annoyed at his obvious actions. Just then, Rukmini comes there, wanting to talk to RV. Panchi wants to excuse herself but Rukmini stops her. She informs them that she got transferred to another college. RV is shocked and asks her to stay, she said she was alright and she said they were going to be friends. Rukmini explains that she wants a break for herself and maybe she’ll be back soon. RV is literally too stunned at this news but seeing Rukmini’s resolve, he understands. He says the library won’t be the same without her and Rukmini jokes at least he’ll be going to the library regularly. RV hugs her and Rukmini goes away.

As she’s going, she has all these VeeNi flashbacks with the song “Tune Jo Na Kaha” playing in BG and she goes away with a bittersweet expression (Okay, gotta admit. It gave me all these strange bhi they became, I can’t deny that once upon a time, they gave me feels )

KD is worried about Kiya’s reaction at the mails.

In the comp lab, Kiya sees the mail and gets concerned about all these negative reviews and she starts having doubts. Just then, Piddi comes in and the lab in charge starts chatting cum scolding him. Basically, he spills out enough for Kiya to figure out that the threesome were cooking some plans which involved many fake ids. Kiya rechecks her mails and becomes all detective about it and wonders how come all these mails have the same DOB. Then she realizes that all of the mails have RV’s DOB and she realizes that it’s all the boys’ plan to make her stop.
(too many questions! Ek tou TBP ka time sara kharab hai! Like they say stuff as if days have gone by but there’s no evidence of it. How did Kiya get the DOBs so quickly about the mail? RV ka dimag kharab hogaya hai? Can’t he decently make fake IDs? Oh well, he’s newly in love so he’s excused 😛
too. many. bloopers )

Precap – RV informs the Buddies about RaHi being in love and that they are waiting for the right time to get in a relationship. While KiSha are shocked at this revelation, Panchi gets annoyed and gets mad at RV. She tells him point blank that he can’t make decisions for both of them and she does NOT want to commit to anything anytime soon!

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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