The Buddy Project 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 10th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 10th April 2013 Written Update

Kiya dreams about the FTS fiasco and RanSh fight. She gets restless and wakes up crying

JJ is taking a stroll at the beach. He lets the waves wash his feet and go away. He wonders to the camera how can he fix all the mess? How can he help the ones who don’t want to help themselves? He then notices a little girl playing in the water. Her father takes her with him and makes her sit while he prepares to make a sand castle but the girl gets up and rushes to the water again. The man gets up as well and chuckles that whatever he may say, she ends up doing what she wishes. The girl is playing in water but the force of a strong wave makes her trip and she starts crying. Her father consoles her that it happened cuz she didn’t heed his words and he takes her away saying it’s alright. JJ gets an epiphany moment seeing this and he STTC that Jokers want to do what they please? If they really want to learn after tripping, why is he stopping them from falling? It’s time to do things their own way.

Kiya arrives at ICC. A girl stops her in the corridor. She wants her to tag along with her to the class (I guess that’s what happened, my video is missing a few seconds) but Kiya is still disturbed by the fight and she excuses herself.

Piddi comes to meet KD in the room. He just sits with KD on the bed but doesn’t say anything. KD jokes that his face looks like an out of circulation 5 rupee note but Piddi doesn’t reply. He just says that it all happened cuz of him. If he had left the EB in the first place, he wouldn’t have to see KD in this state. KD lightly asks Piddi why is he acting like the president of the melodrama club? The fight between him and RV was old, and this had to happen one day. Piddi asks what went wrong with them in just 3 months that from Buddies they became this? KD almost cries hearing this and Piddi wonders what JJ must be thinking. KD tells him that JJ had visited last night. Piddi asks if he was angry and KD says no, he was just sad. Then hesitantly, KD asks Piddi about RV’s state and Piddi just looks on at him while he avoids his glance.

RV gets a call from Kiya. She asks him if he’s hurt a lot and he just avoids the topic saying he’s alright but Kiya catches on to his lie saying that it hurts a lot. RV asks her how’s college and more importantly, how’s she? She replies that college is fine and RV retorts that means she isn’t fine. Kiya asks him how can anyone be ok at this point? She continues that she never said it but he means a lot to her. Till today, no one supported her, no one helped her, no one protected her the way he did (Dayum. Now I have all these YaRa feels I dedicate this moment to Shazzy and Rupz! ) and because of her, he’s in this state. RV lightens the mood by telling her to relax (calls her a Rockstar) and that it’s not her fault so there’s no need to go on a guilt trip like that. Kiya says she doesn’t know if it’s her fault or not, but whatever happened wasn’t right. And if the fight had been cuz of her, would he have held back? RV can’t reply to that so she tells him to get well soon as she misses him. Before he can tell her to take care, she disconnects. RV gets a flash of FTS fiasco and he wipes his wet eye. He gets up, wincing in pain and settles more comfortably on the bed and writes a text to Panchi, “Any idea how KD is?” But doesn’t send it.

Panchi is in the canteen checking her phone. Behind her, Avi is looking at her from the canteen. He wants to take a chocolate out of the container but Chintu stops him and hands him one himself. Avi has a fb of Panchi’s performance and how it was sabotaged by that muddy water. He has a thoughtful expression of his face. Before he can do anything, someone offers Panchi a plate of samosas. She looks up and sees Omi with the plate. He tells her they are special samosas with cashews. Whatever happened at the FTS…and just then, Avi comes and offers her the chocolate, continuing Omi’s sentence that whatever happened was Cs fault. They were targeting the Ds but she accidentally came in between. Omi tells him to get in line as he came first and calls him a Tindu. Avi ridicules his insult and comments that’s what Omi must be doing all day, thinking of a way to insult Avi. He wonders what Omi must be doing before he met Avi? Omi sarcastically replies that they have many buffaloes and cows from where he comes. Only an Ox was missing and Avi completed that. Panchi just looks at the fight helplessly. Avi calls Omi shameless that first he sabotaged her performance and now he is here to apologize. Avi says to Panchi that they had no issues with her, it’s the Cs who ruined her performance. Omi cuts across him that it wasn’t the Cs! Avi continues that he didn’t even know she was going to perform and trust me, they didn’t attack. Omi reminds him that the attack did happen! Was there a foreign hand in all that? Panchi looks at him with disbelief! Avi taunts that foreign hand was the one, which was landed on him on the first day of college and Omi is reminded of a slap (just the voice, not image ) Omi clarfies that he didn’t know the Foreign Exchange student was a girl. It had such small hair and they all look the same. Avi taunts that it was his fault he couldn’t differentiate between a girl and a boy! Omi retorts but he does know how clever Avi is! That’s why he attacked this “Nonu”. Panchi looks at him at this and he rectifies his slip and properly calls him Panchi. Omi and Avi start the blame game about who attacked and Panchi is getting a headache. She asks them to stop all of this as she is really not interested in seeing their fight. And are they here to apologize to her or fight among themselves? Avi says she’s right and apologizes. Omi also says sorry and adds another big word to it! Jee..jeeni…and Panchi solves his problem, “Genuine.” And he affirms it! Avi presents her the chocolate again and Omi does the same with samosas but she says she doesn’t need them any so they increase their offer! Omi offers some Batore and Avi classily offers tea which Omi catches and they both order Chintu tea, fighting over whose account will pay for it! They are shouting at each other and before Panchi can call it off, Chintu comes there and shuts them up! He gives tea to Panchi and says it’s from his side and she thanks him while JeeMi look at each other in SHOCK! Chintu pulls his sleeves in style and tells them if they want to fight, he can ask JJ to arrange boxing gloves for them. But not here, outside! So, they should take their goggles and get out of his canteen. Then he turns around and puts his pair of glasses behind his shirt in Dabanng style. When he’s gone, JeeMi continues the whole, “Your fault!” fight and look at the chair which is now empty. Omi starts searching for his Nonu under the table and Avi tells him that she’s gone. They give each other one last look, exchange their items and walk away after mocking each other’s sorry (AND I DEDICATE THIS SCENE TO MYSELF!!!!! *dead*)

Dean is sleeping and Sophia calls his name. He wakes up with a start and starts apologizing that in his presence, two students were fighting and he let it happen. Sophia looks at him questioningly and he explains that he was having a nightmare that the Trustees were pouncing on him cuz of the fight . He asks Sophia where her Superman is and what he’s planning? She tells him she is here cuz of that. Dean asks about JJ and she says she doesn’t know, in fact no one knows and she suggests Dean to let JJ do what he pleases. They have other issues to handle like figuring out who remains in EB? Dean gets worried that they couldn’t even handle that and curses JJ that he had said he had plans but where is he gone to?!

Piddi is restlessly pacing back and forth and bumps into Kiya. Without knowing, he mutters an apology but shuts up seeing her. She tells him to watch where he’s going and he taunts that if he won’t, will she beat him like RV beat KD? Kiya retorts it’s not like KD beat RV any less! Piddi asks RV must be hurting a lot. Kiya looks at him and he changes tone saying after all KD is steel body and he didn’t spare RV. Kiya says both of them must be feeling bad and asks Piddi how KD is? Piddi lies that KD is doing fine, after all he’s steel body. Kiya also lies that RV is also doing fine! Kiya again asks if KD really feels alright? And Piddi is all lying that KD is the perfect man, he doesn’t hurt one bit. He jokes that RV must be crying out in pain and then asks genuinely if RV is hurt a lot? Kiya looks at him and asks in a hurt manner, “Why do you care?” and walks away. Screen splits to KD-RV-Kiya-Piddi, all hurt.

Precap – JJ addressing JeeMi in front of a crowd that they love fighting, so he’d give them a platform to fight. He puts a score board in front of them and says the real war begins now. Panchi says to JJ that he is giving them 100 more reasons to fight and he excitedly replies that’s what she thinks? Panchi nods and he says they must be thinking the same. Panchi is confused.

Update Credit to: Mais

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