The Boss is always Right! – “ MayRa FF” ( Episode 3)

Hey guys, here comes the 3rd episode. I will try to update it on time from now. Hope enjoy this episode. Do give your opinions in the comment section.

Episode 3:-

What is in store for Rudra?

Rudra get back to do his work. Ananya comes to him. Ananya starts to cry. Rudra gets shocked. Rudra – “ What happened?Why are you crying?” Ananya with a sad face. Ananya – “ Iam Sorry, Rudra. You got scolding because me! “. Rudra – “ Its Okay. Maya Ma’am scolded me because I couldn’t complete the work on time it’s not your fault Ananya”. Ananya – “ So Aren’t you upset with me because of that?Afterall, that Mocabo Lady is jealous of me”. She hold his hand and looks him passionately. Rudra feels weird. He takes off his hand from her hold.


Rudra – “ If she see this now , she will surely scold me again “. Ananya ( happily) – “ She has already left “. Rudra – “ But still I have to complete my work “. Ananya start to cry again and say – “ I know that you are still upset with me”. Rajeev comes there. Rajeev see Ananya crying . Rajeev hug her to console her. Rajeev- “ Oho , Anu ! Why are you crying when Iam here”. Ananya gets surprised and she back off . Ananya turns angry and say – “ Why did you hug me?“. Rajeev- “ I just wanted to console you”. Ananya – “ Really! Don’t try to be smart , Haa.. I know what you want . Don’t you dare ! “. She leaves angrily. Rudra is sitting confused seeing this.


Rudra – “ Rajeev, do you like her?” Rajeev nods. Rudra smiles. Rajeev looks at Ananya. Rudra – “ Have you confessed it?” Rajeev- “ Mmm”. Rajeev stands sadly. Rudra – “ She rejected you?” Rajeev – “ Yes”.     Rudra – “ Oho! How was it love at first sight types?” Rajeev – “ Not exactly. I completed 2 year in office, that’s when she joined here. She use to speak to me well. We became friends. We use to hang out. I use to take her out to show Mumbai. Everything was fine. I use to get everything she need. Finally after 1 year, I confessed my feelings to her . But she rejected my feelings saying that she never considered me like that . She told me that she isn’t interested in any type of romantic relationship”. Rudra – “ Oho! That’s the case”. Rajeev- “ No, she agreed to remain as my friend, but my feelings for her never reduced. I use to confess my feelings to her there after.. She got irritated and blocked my number”. Rudra – “ Oho! But why she was behaving like this to me”. Rajeev- “ Its simple, she is doing another job as a LIC agent. So she approach everyone here nicely and get them to start insurance. It is all for that”. Rudra – “ Oho! But isn’t any problem here , like doing double jobs?” Rajeev- “ No one report it. Afterall she has a family of 5 to look after. An elder sister of marriage age & a younger brother who is studying for Engineering. Her parents. She looks after them”. Rudra – “ You knew this before? “. Rajeev- “ No, she never told me. I got to know about it after our fight. I must say I respect her after knowing this. She is really strong. Everyone smiling has pain behind it”. Rudra looks at Rajeev. Rudra – “ Do you still think she will understand your love for her?” Rajeev- “ I want to believe that”. Rudra smiles. He gets back to his work. Rajeev – “ Are you still working ? Let’s go out today , we will celebrate “. Rudra – “ Maya Ma’am has asked me to complete it quickly “. Rajeev pats on his shoulders and say – “ Chill ,Man!  It’s weekend and you got your first salary. If you complete this or not you will get your quota of scolding next day. Tomorrow is Sunday. Since you don’t have any family responsibilities , you can complete this tomorrow. That’s enough. It’s time for treat”. Rudra – “ Okay fine, let’s have something small . I don’t have much money”. Rajeev- “ Don’t worry, Iam going to give you treat. You just come with me . Okay”.  Rudra – “ Are you sure?” Rajeev smiles and says -“ Yes “. Rudra nods.

Rajeev and Rudra is inside BEST bus. They start to talk. Rajeev- “ So , you actually from?” Rudra – “Punjab”. Rajeev- “ Wrestlers place ,ha! What brought you here?” Rudra – “ It’s after a long struggle I could come here. My village is really rural type. Iam so grateful that I got out of that place. I always loved western culture.. their lifestyle, dressing, principles, food … like Pizza, Pasta, Cakes, Donuts, Cappuccino…. In our country everything has masala and ghee into its extreme… isn’t it a health? I wish to get settled in western country and marry some girl from that place“. Rajeev looks at him and say – “ Oho, So you want to be a foreigner in total ! Nice! “.

Westbound Club, Mumbai

Rudra and Rajeev reach the club. Rudra looks on . Rudra – “ This seems to be porch! It would be expensive, right?” Rajeev – “ Our company has a tie up with this club , thus we get everything in special discount price”. Rudra – “Oho, that’s it”. Rajeev- “ What else, Do you think Iam mad to get here? That’s the thing”.

They settle down.

Rudra – “ So, do everyone in our office come here?” Rajeev- “ That Devil Maya Ma’am , Vikram Sir comes here every Saturday. But people like us, comes here at month end”. Rudra is astonished and say – “ I have only seen such places in movies before.. Iam seeing it real for first time”. Rajeev – “ After those busy and boring days of work , these things are good for releasing stress and tension “.

Both of them order for a drink. They have it. They talk while having it. Just then Maya and another lady comes in. Rudra see her and gets up to greet her. But she doesn’t mind him. Rudra gets embarrassed. Rajeev smiles. Rajeev- “ Sit down , take a sip to cover up your embarrassment. We need not mind them outside the office especially here”. Rudra takes a sip. Rudra – “ Who is the lady with her? “. Rajeev- “ Nisha, it’s her name. She is a fashion designer.. They live together in a flat.. They are not decent! “. Rudra – “ Don’t say like that .. Afterall she is our boss.. She is a woman . We should never such things about them it’s not a think a real man does”. Rajeev – “ Okay fine . She irritates me so much that’s the reason why I takes out my frustration like this. I must say you are really innocent.. you must be crooked to live in this world of crooked people”.

Then Vikram comes in. He comes to them.


Vikram smiles and say – “ Weekend celebrations, Haa?”. Rajeev and Rudra gets up. Vikram- “ Sit, Sit. I just came here when I saw you both”. Rajeev- “ Rudra has completed 1 month, so we came here to celebrate “. Vikram gives shake hand to Rudra  and say – “ Iam really impressed! Afterall you did the impossible! How is she ?”. Rudra smiles and say – “ She is Okay! “ Vikram is surprised. Vikram- “ What? This is first time someone is saying that she is okay. Iam sure that you have great tolerance. Did she came ?” Rajeev – “ Yes Ofcourse “. Vikram – “ As expected, afterall she would be upset after losing that Portugal contract “. Rudra gets shocked and say – “ It was almost okay, then how did we lose it? Oho!”. Vikram- “ It was all her thoughts and words. Someone else got it. Anyway both of you enjoy!”. Vikram leaves and gets settled at another side.

Rajeev- “ That is Vikram Sir. He is really nice to employees , didn’t you see how he came to us and talked . Where our boss doesn’t mind us. That’s difference”.   Rudra – “ Yes , he is really sweet. But how did we lost that contract?”. Rajeev whispers to him – “This will be a trump card for Vikram Sir in next board meeting.  Afterall he will gain from her lose”. Rudra gets confused. Rudra – “ How is company’s lose is Vikram Sir’s gain?” Rajeev- “ See, Maya Ma’am is head sales wing and Vikram Sir is the head operations wing. Now there is a CEO post above both of them. There is a tug of war between these to for the promotion. So Vikram Sir will use this opportunity for that. Most of our staff wishes that he gets the post but that Devil has more chance”. Rudra – “ How is that possible? By Seniority, Vikram Sir  is eligible “. Rajeev- “ In our company, there is no importance for seniority. This Maya Ma’am is actually an Australian citizen and came here on working visa. Company became more profitable after her joining . She gets more sales to the company, so who will be more important to the company? “. Rudra – “ Obviously, Maya Ma’am! Poor Vikram Sir”. Rajeev- “ He isn’t that innocent, he will play hard to get the post. He is also into some foul games. Anyway leave it. Let’s enjoy, comes let’s go to dance floor”. Rudra – “ Will Maya Ma’am?” Rajeev- “ No worries , come on”.

Both of them goes to dance floor . They dance to song and enjoy.

Next day , Evening.

Maya is swimming inside the pool.


Nisha comes up with phone.  Nisha -“Okay , wait a second”. Nisha see Maya and tells her – “ There is a call for you, Maya “. Maya comes up and wear after bathrobe over her swim dress. She takes the call. Maya ( over the phone )- “Hello, .. Amar .. Iam busy right now . Give me a call during office time tomorrow morning “. She hangs it up. Maya turns upset. Maya – “ Why did you picked his call? “. Nisha – “ I didn’t knew it was Amar”. Maya – “ Could’nt you figure it out when it shown as international call?” Nisha – “ I thought , it’s your Dad. He use to call from such international numbers… Why don’t you agree to it if that Amar is irritating you? Finish it for once and all”.  Maya – “Did I asked them to do that .. I begged them not to do so.. ”.  Nisha – “ Not every relationship remains the same , sometimes it breaks away.. ”.  Maya turns upset and say – “ Let’s not talk about it”.

Same Evening . Maya’s flat.

After a while,

Nisha keeps food on the table. Mayra sits near the dining table. Maya is working on her laptop. Maya’s mood has changed now. Nisha – “ Flatmates should share household work too”. Maya (with smile)- “ Iam Sorry, dear. Since I lost that contract, I have to deal some consequences. That Vikram Mathur will definitely going to use this against me in the next board meeting “. Maya comes to the dining table . They start to have food along with talking. Nisha – “ So what will you do now?” Maya – “ Actually I had backup plan.   I was talking parallel to another company along with this. So , If anything goes wrong with this contract ,I can compensate it . Don’t you ask me always , why I sit forever near my laptop? It’s called networking. I keep my relations always alive . Otherwise one cannot survive in this corporate competition “. Nisha – “ That’s great . I always wonder , how can someone work like this with such dedication and hardwork that to so lively. I can’t do work like you “. Maya – “ Its not a life which I desired for. You know my problems , right! But for now I don’t want to focus on such issues”. Maya gets a call and she picks it up.

Maya – “ Where are you? In office ? Okay fine , send a copy to my personal email Id . Okay , yeah thanks, bye.”. She hangs up.

Nisha – “ Who is that?” Maya resumes back to eating and say –  “ My new Assistant “. Nisha – “ Maya , that’s cruel ,Yaar! It’s Sunday, why are you doing this?”. Maya – “ I haven’t asked him to do that. He is doing it on his own as he couldn’t do it on time”. Nisha  – “ If he has completed 1 month under you that means he is really special ”. Maya – “ He is typical rural man. But he is very sincere . Very hardworking”. Nisha – “ So he is really good, otherwise you won’t praise him”. Maya – “You know he is a software engineer. Even though he passed out years ago, he is working for the first time”. Nisha – “ Then Why is working as an assistant?” Maya – “ May be some family problems. Seems like he isn’t from a financially sound family “.  Nisha – “ Oho! Poor Guy. Please do be little soft him, na”. Maya – “ Never, whenever I became soft everyone took advantage of it. So … I won’t “.

Next Day , Morning.

Rudra is working . Rudra is called into Maya’s cabin. Rudra greets her. Maya ( in a serious tone) – “ We have a bad news and a good news”. Rudra (innocently) – “ Okay, What is the good news? “. Maya – “ Our company got that American order”. Rudra becomes happy and says – “ Nice. Congrats Ma’am. Now the bad news?” Maya – “ You are fired”. Rudra – “ What? But why?” Maya – “ You think that you are smart , but your smartness won’t work infront of me”. Maya gets up and stand near Rudra. Rudra is shocked. Maya and Rudra look each other.

Maya and Rudra

That’s all for today!

  1. Jasminerahul

    ananya was too cheesy with I thought that she loves him.but surprising that she was trying to befriend him for her LIC agency.surprising that Rajeev loves ananya.sad that she rejected him.hope she falls for him.Rajeev hugging her to comfort her n her anger was funny.shocking that Maya lost the contract n it favours vikram.rudra is right.Rajeev shouldn’t talk like that about women.surprised to see Diana as nisha. who is amar?shocking that Maya fired rudra.but why?

    1. Adhu

      Amar’s character isn’t much important one.

  2. Jasminerahul

    perfect pics

  3. Adhu

    Thank you dear.

  4. Shesha485

    I feel this episiode is great. Rudra-Rajeev’s conversation is good and business minded. Vikram’s silent wickedness is usual for all businessman. You elaborated the corporate world matters well along with the story. Nisha and Maya are flatmates. Oh, cool. Their conversation is also nice. The ending is quite intriguing. Excited for the next episode

    1. Adhu

      Thank you dear.

  5. Oh. I loved the episode. So excited for the next one. So Maya is an Australian citizen and Rajeev lives Ananya ?❤️
    That’s so interesting. Waiting for the next episode

    1. Adhu

      Thank you for the comment

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