That One Night -Kriyyam FF OS



Looking at her teared up face only heightened my guilt ten folds. Remencing what I did to her made my stomach churn and I lowered my gaze as she stared at me with so much of hatred.

“How dare you ask me for a second chance!?” She shouted and I had nothing to say. “Don’t you remember the way you treated me? Our first night I didn’t expect you to go all lovey-dovey with me, I didn’t want this marriage either the least you could have done was to act decently but you didn’t, you continued to treat me poorly and yet you are here asking for a second chance. How dare you, idiot?” She kept on ranting and my eyes didn’t leave the floor. I know one more time I’ll look at her face and I will cry. I will seriously cry but who knows maybe she will feel bad for me? Forgive me maybe? But that would be out of pity.

I don’t want her to pity me. I want her to love me back just the way I love her.

“I don’t deserve you but I am sorry I am selfish. I love you way too much and I can’t even think about leaving you.” I pleaded and she sniffled.

“You don’t understand…” She trailed out and I took steps close to her. Enveloping her in my arms I caressed her back slowly as she cried on my chest. “You are so bad… so so so bad…” I heard her mumble and I smiled memorizing this feeling of her being in my arms.

“Let me make it up to you… One chance Krishna and I swear I’ll leave forever if you don’t want me anymore. One chance is all I ask.”

Surprisingly I found her nodding into my chest.


“What if she thought it looks bad?” I asked Yuvaan and he rolled his eyes.

“Come on man just wear anything.” He said and I sighed. Over time we bonded pretty well. It mostly was because he wanted to help me get Krishna back as he said he wanted her happy. Even he himself had started seeing some girl Radhika he met through a mutual friend.

“It’s important. I want to impress her. What if she thinks I look like a pig or something?” She chuckled and fell on the bed clutching his stomach.

“Just shut up and go with something casual, pig.” He teased and I glared.


My heart thudded inside my chest as I drove towards her home. She had started living in her mom’s house as she said she was fed up of me. Although it hurt I respected her decision, that was the least I could do, I’ll admit it hurt majorly to be away from her. Talking to her just occasionally over texts that too which she ends quickly making up some excuses.

I wish I could tie this girl to myself and just keep her to me forever. Too bad it wasn’t possible.

“Hello, Saiyam.” Soumya aunty opened the door and I smiled at her. She opened the door even wider letting me come inside, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to take Krishna out today, can I?” I asked just remembering I never asked her.

“I don’t think that’s possible Saiyam. She is running down high fever since morning. I gave her-” She stopped mid-sentence as her phone started ringing. She picked up but frowned over the caller id, “What happened… oh my god… yes yes… no I can’t… I’ll do it tomorrow… I’ll call you back in a minute.”

She hung up then looked at me, “Saiyam beta, I need a favor from you. Can you look after Krish for an hour? I have really urgent work. I promise I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Don’t worry at all. I’ll take care of her.”

“It won’t be long, I’ll be back.” Saying this she left hurriedly and I wondered what her work was but shrugging the thought off I made my way upstairs towards the love of my life.


“Hey, you are awake,” I said to her and she rubbed her eyes vigorously.

“What are you doing here?” She asked and I smiled.

“I was here to take you out on dinner but Mumma had some work so she told me to take care of you.” I smiled and she nodded in understanding.

I moved towards her and placed the back of my hands at her forehead. She was still burning.

“What did you even do to have so much fever?” I frowned and she shrugged in response. I ran down to the kitchen and immediately heated the soup I made for her while she slept.

I took the soup to her and sat on her bed. She scooted away to make the place for me and helped me so I don’t spill the soup.

“Thank you.” She smiled and I made her drink spoon by spoon. “I am sorry I couldn’t go with you today.”

“It’s okay,” I replied as I stared at her.

Looking at her was my favorite work to do. The way her eyes twinkled when she was happy was something I’d remember forever. The raven locks that reached her waist perfectly suited that angelic face.

“I love you,” I said and she blushed. I waited thinking maybe she’ll reply back but the moment never came. It hurt but I understand though.

Keeping the bowls and everything away I made her lay back on the bed and was ready to place myself on the couch until Soumya aunty comes back but she tugged at the sleeves of my shirt.

“Lay with me?” She asked nervously biting her lower lip and there was no way I could say no. To my utter surprise, she laid her head on my chest and wounded her arms around my torso. “Thank you.” She mumbled and I looked at her.

“For what?”

“For all the things you did for me in the past few days. You did everything possible to win my heart back and I am kinda sorry too for being so strong-headed.”

“It’s not your fault. I would be mad if you did that to me too.” I replied looking in her eyes and she smiled burying her face in my neck.

“I love you, Krishna. I’ll do anything for you.” I kissed the top of her head and she giggled.

“I love you too Saiyyam.” She surprised me by saying. This night couldn’t have been better.




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