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At maheswari mansion,

Ragsan and Laksh enters into the house, suddenly laksh phone rings, laksh look at his phone(its Swara).

He says,u carry on guys and goes.

Ap comes and welcomes ragsan..

Ragsan takes blessing from ap..

Ap:where is Laksh???

Ragini: he goes to upstairs just now..

Ap: come on beta..have ur dinner..

Ragini: maa we had panipuri on the way.. sry maa we don’t feel hungry…

Ap: it’s ok beta..there is no need to say sry..(and looks at sanskar) sanskar did u had ur dinner???

Sanskar is about to say no..but ragini interrupt..

Ragini: he too had panipuri maa.(and looks at him)

Sanskar looks at ragini shockingly..

Ap: sanskar u ate panipuri?? Is it??( surprisingly)

Sanskar: yeah mom.. i too ate with them.(hesitately)..

Ap: Oh! Ok beta, then go and take some rest..( goes)..

Sanskar looks at ragini angrily.. ragini smiles at him teasingly..

At laksh room,

( Laksh and Swara phone conversation)

Laksh told Swara about what happened in all way to home..

Swara: is it?? Why don’t ragini understand sanskar???

Laksh: haan swara.. I feel pity on brother.. why these girls are like this??

Swara: What ?? What did u say??

Laksh: Nothing..

Swara: tell me na.. u say all girls.. so u blame me also..

Laksh: baby, am just kidding

Swara silently smiles..

Laksh: Swara, r u there??

Swara : yeah, I’m not angry laksh.. Just teasing u..

Laksh: you…

Swara: k. Leave it baby, come to ragsan. We have to do anything for sanskar..

Laksh: I thought of it, but bhai told as not to do anything..

Swara and Laksh thinks for sometimes..

Swara: sanskar only told us not to tell anything to ragini, but Let ragini know about all this. We didn’t tell her,but we can show her how deep sanskar love is and the truth behind all this…

Laksh: Nice idea swara.. but how???

Swara: Did u forgot?? After a week we only look after our business..

Laksh: haan, I remember.. what is this connection  between this and that??

Swara: we will bring ragini to office, if we do that ragsan has more time to understand eachother..

Laksh: Super Swara, brilliant idea, you call ragini tomorrow, it is your job to make her agree to work with us. And I’ll get permission from everyone in the home.. Definitely no one will oppose this expect ragini..

Swara: I’ll convince her. You don’t worry. Ok now I will got to sleep..

Laksh: Mmm.. It’s all our fate. I think they will convince us whenever me had a mess, but now everything is totally reverse. We only try to patch up them..

Swara: (smiles ) good night you..

Laksh: Love you too..Good night baby.

At sanskar room,

Sanskar lies in his bed while ragini lies on the floor..

Sanskar think himself,” I’m so hungry.. I already skipped my lunch. Not even at single panipuri, But she said, i ate panipuri. Is she that angry on me?? Making me hunger makes her happy??

Thinking this sanskar turns left ans right on his bed..

Ragini lying on floor notices sanskar, ragini think for a second. She gets up and look at sanskar and goes out..

Sanskar speaks to himself,

Sanskar: where did she go in this midnight?? She definitely scold me if i ask her this..

At kitchen,

Ragini took a plate and fill with food and goes to room..

At sanskar room,

Ragini comes in with a plate full of food and a glass of water..

Looking ragini, sanskar get up and smiles..

Ragini places a plate and glass infront of sanskar and stand..

Sanskar look at plate and Ragini and about to say,

Ragini: Please don’t think I’m doing all this in love with u. Its a sign of my humanity. I’m not a stone hearted like u. Eat and sleep.

Saying this ragini goes and lies on floor. Sanskar looks at ragini and shooked his head. Sanskar left the room. Ragini turns and look at sanskar leaving the room.

Ragini think ( Why I can’t bear his pain?? What if he is hungry or not?? Am i care for him??)

At study room,

Sanskar enters the room and sat on a chair, suddenly he notices the invitation of ragsan marriage. He touches ragini’s name on the invitation . And thinks of what happened before 1 month after ragini left Mumbai…

Before1 month( Flashback begins)

At railway station,

After sanskar explained what happened between ragsan.( note: we didn’t reveal the incident in sanskar point of view. We will explains this in upcoming episodes)

Swara: you don’t worry sanskar, i’ll explain her everything. We will sort out everything soon..

Laksh:yeah bro.. Don’t worry, we will go to Kolkata immediately.

Sanskar: No laksh, you guys don’t tell her anything, love will not come with explanation. She will understand me and my love. I knows she loves me..

Swalak stand sadly…….. After that,

Sanskar always thinks of ragini, he didn’t eat properly, he didn’t spend time for his family and friends.. he try to divert his mind from ragini..

Instead of thinking of her,he concentrate on his business.. he always makes him busy. So that he never think about ragini..

Everyone in the house worries about him without knowing the reason. He told it is all work pressure, everytime anyone ask..

Swalak too worries for him bit they didn’t know what to do…

After 10 days,

One morning ap come to sanskar room.

Sanskar working with his laptop, he didn’t realise ap’s presence.

Ap touches his shoulder. Sanskar came to his sense and sees ..

Sanskar: mom..

Ap sits beside him..

Ap: beta, why are u sad these days??

Sanskar: Nothing mom, just work tension..

Ap: sanskar, u can lie to anyone but not with me, i’m ur mom.

Sanskar: nothing mom and look at his laptop..

Ap silent for a second..

Ap: bets, we decide to arrange ur marriage soon.

Hearing this sanskar suddenly thinks of ragini and close his eyes and open.

Sanskar: mom, what is the rush for my marriage?? No mom I dont want marriage now..

Ap:not now?? Or never want??

Sanskar look at her..

Ap: your younger brother got engaged but you’re saying you don’t want marriage. It is not fair sanskar..

Sanskar(angrily shouts): I don’t want marriage and I don’t want anything in my life. Please don’t talk to me if u r going to talk about my marriage..

Sanskar left and ap stunned with tears..

Sanskar later felt so sad for his rude behavior towards his mom.

The next day san look at his mom while she serving his breakfast..

But she didn’t see his face. Sanskar felt so bad . He try to talk to her. But she didn’t respond..

After 3 days,

Everyone in the home were sat on living room and causal talk..sanskar enter tge house..

Suddenly ap faints and fell down..Everyone rushes to her and call doctor..

Sanskar feels guilty for his act…

Episode ends….

Precap: flashback continues…

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