Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 24 last

The episode start with bihaan winning the race and thapki hug him, koyal sees them she get shocked and tears, raj come to her and says: koyal I was going to tell you, koyal tears drop she immediately know that thapki Bihaan wife she run far from the race, raj follow her ..

Koyal keep recalling all the days that she and Bihaan share and when she imagine him saying I love u koyal she keep crying and running suddenly a car come in the rode about to hit koyal raj hold koyal hand and pull her far from the car..,
Koyal crying: why you save me let me die I don’t want to live anymore…
Raj: look koyal..,koyal hug him and she cry more..,raj : please koyal stop crying I can’t see you like this …

In the race place , Bihaan celebrated his winning and they call his name to take the prize, Bihaan go and take the prize and says:
I want to thanks my family and my beautiful wife thapki all of them support me to do this race ..yes my wife was worried about me but I tell her if she is with me in this race I will win ..and a big thanks to koyal because she is the one who told me about the race…
Thapki look around she doesn’t find koyal,
Bihaan: finally I want my beautiful wife to come to stage and take the prize with me .,
The family: thapki go ..
Thapki go to Bihaan and Bihaan give her the prize to see what inside she read the millions dollars she smile and says: look Bihaan you win a lot of money…
Bihaan: in this money I will make my own business this was your dream thapki to get a job from my hard work and I make it truth ..
Thapki tears: do you know Bihaan that am more than happy to see this prize…
Bihaan wipes thapki tears and look at her eyes ..
The announcer: big clipping for bihaan pandy and his wife , the audiences and the family clip for them .

In koyal house, raj drop koyal to her house ,
Koyal go to her room and close the door and start crying…she says,
Koyal: how I fall in love with thapki is husband am really a bad friend she take Bihaan picture that she draws and she cut her half and says :
I can’t do this to thapki also Bihaan will not know about my feelings to him I can’t hurt thapki ..
Raj knock the door, koyal wipes her tears and go to open the door ,
Raj : sorry koyal please forgive me ..
Koyal hold raj hand : don’t be sorry I forgive you raj..
Raj: koyal you need to tell your feelings to Bihaan maybe he will not share the same feeling but tell him..

Koyal : no raj thapki my best friend and I don’t want her to think wrong about me when I fall in love with bihaan I didn’t know that he is married..
Raj: but koyal you love Bihaan a lot ..
Koyal: I loved him a lot but thapki is his truth love I see Bihaan love with thapki ..and I can’t hurt her feelings by telling her that am in love with fact I forget Bihaan from now ..and she make a fake smile ..
Raj tears : wow ..koyal you really a truth friend to thapki will forget your truth love for her …you really special girl koyal ..
Koyal wipes raj tears: look raj the man should not cry and why you are tearing don’t you see me smiling..raj hug her and says: you stopped do you think I don’t know that you making a fake smile ..koyal tears drop …
Koyal mother enter koyal room and sees them she smile : finally it mean koyal will marry raj .

Koyal sees her mother she cut the hug and tell her mother that she is ready to marry raj..
Raj looks on ..raj: koyal what ..but ..
Koyal: no ..but ..what is a yes from me and then you are my best friend raj and I know you will be a good husband, raj feel happy ..
Raj : I love u koyal a lot ..
Koyal tears and says in her mind: thanks god for making raj come to my life he is a real friend,
Koyal: I can’t say I love u too but I love my friend raj… ,
Koyal mother : the engagement and the wedding will be tomorrow is the best day so now raj you go tell your family and koyal you go to buy clothes for tomorrow,
Raj : okay bye koyal and promise me that no more crying from today ..
Koyal: I promise you bye raj , raj left ,koyal smile at him .

Thapki and bihaan return home and the family bring a cake to celebrate Bihaan winning the race , They celebrated and when they finish ,
Bihaan go to his room and was looking at the prize thapki come and says ,
Thapki: you don’t believe that you win ..
Bihaan: this prize will fix everything thapki and from tomorrow me and you and our little baby will start new life .. wait I found for him a name..
Thapki: really ..what ..
Bihaan: rohan ..
Thapki: Rohan..if you loved the name so we call him Rohan ..suddenly thapki feel daze Bihaan hold her ..
Bihaan: ..your eyes
Thapki: fine but I didn’t eat the medicine..
Bihaan: you thapki care about my health and you ..he put her in bed and go to bring the medicine..
Thapki: thanks Bihaan..
Bihaan let her eat the medicine..
Bihaan speak to Rohan ..
Bihaan: see your mother keep falling down and I need to hold her tell her to care about her health …

Thapki smile : no Rohan tell your father that I will be fine if he with me ..
Bihaan: but if I go aw..thapki shut him by her hand ..
Thapki: why Bihaan you said this you make me feel sad no you will not go to anyplace and if you go I will follow you ..
Bihaan hold thapki hands: don’t worry I will never leave you, they share a eye look .

In raj house, raj tell his family and his family feel happy that he will marry the next day the engagement happens and is time for the
the wedding koyal invited thapki is family, they comes and she sees Bihaan and thapki she go to them and says,
Koyal: so this is your husband..

Thapki: yes I forgot to introduce to each other ..
Bihaan: we already know each other thapki ..Bihaan recall the interview day with koyal..
Koyal smile: yes thapki this is an..she recalled that she tell thapki that the one that she love is look like angry birds…
Thapki: look like what !!
Koyal: I mean he break my bike ones ..
Thapki : what Bihaan did do this to koyal bike?!
Bihaan : no thapki ..

Koyal: thapki that was in the past and now I forgive him..
Thapki: am happy to see get marry to the person that you loved..
Koyal look at Bihaan..
Bihaan: really koyal you will see that all your happiness will come when you marry the person that you loved..
Koyal tears: yes you all right ..
Raj and koyal get married and raj take koyal to his house, koyal mother feel happy that her wish come truth.

Thapki and bihaan return to the house,
Bihaan take thapki to Rohan room,Thapki sees the room she ask,
Thapki: Bihaan when you did this it is beautiful look to all this game am sure Rohan will love it..
Bihaan: when Rohan come I will play with him all the day..
Thapki: what about me?
Bihaan smile : you my life thapki so all the moments that I will play with Rohan you will be with me..
Thapki: Bihaan the biggest happiness I had in my whole life is marry you ..
Bihaan hug thapki: and I find my biggest happiness when I fall in love with you.

After 5 years, Bihaan open a company and starts business like druve, Aditia and druve brought a beautiful girl named khushi and Bihaan and thapki brought a boy named Rohan..,
Thapki was following Rohan to wear his clothes,
Bihaan take Rohan and hide him ,
Thapki: Bihaan did you see Rohan I want him to wear his clothes..
Bihaan:thapki I didn’t see him I think he go to maa go and see, thapki left,
Bihaan take Rohan and tell him our plan has been ..thapki hold Bihaan ear ..
Bihaan: ooouch ..let my ear thapki..
Thapki: oh my dear husband you hiding Rohan so he don’t go to school…
Rohan about to run away thapki catch him ..

Rohan: mom why you are like this I love my dad more than you ..
Thapki pull his cheek : Rohan I love you my son but you need to go to school..
Bihaan: Rohan listen to your mother and I promise after school I will buy to you ice cream,
Aditia dress up khushi to go to school with Rohan, the family get together and sees Rohan and khushi , preeti husband bring camera and say this the first day that Rohan and khushi will go to school, druve come and says : yes and we need to take pictures,
All the family sit together even thapki and bihaan and take pictures, than Bihaan take his phone out and tell thapki to come closer to take a picture,
Thapki: for who this picture,
Bihaan:to our thahaan fans ..
Thapki: thahaan..what is meaning of this name.
Bihaan: tha..thapki ..haan..Bihaan
Thapki smile : okay let take pictures..
Rohan come to them and says : also I want a picture with you ..
Bihaan hold Rohan in his arm and come closer to thapki and take a picture..,Rohan go to school, thapki and bihaan go to their room and thapki find the light is off when Bihaan open the light there was a sign write in it “happy Anniversary “
Thapki hold Bihaan hand : thank you Bihaan for give me all this happiness,
Bihaan: you thank me ..I want to thank you thapki ..I never thought I will change but you changed me ….
Bihaan kiss thapki in cheek : I will never stop loving you thapki …
Thapki tears: Bihaan you the person who always saved my life many times and trust me without you am nothing….Bihaan and thapki cut the cake and feed each other, Bihaan go and bring a gift for thapki ,
Thapki: Bihaan what inside her ..

Bihaan: you open it to know ..
Thapki open it was a beautiful earring and hand Bracelets ..
Bihaan take the earring and wear it to thapki ..and take the bracelet and wear it to her one by one and looking to her eyes..
Thapki: Bihaan..I didn’t bring to you a gift..
Bihaan smile : so you know the other gift that you can give to me he points to his cheek ..
Thapki smile and kiss him in cheek …
A song play ..
Bihaan get in his knees and ask thapki to dance with him.., Bihaan and thapki dance and recalling all the romantic memories that they shared in the end They hold each other hand and shared a eye look …

Sooo sorry guys to end this fun fiction but it is time for it to end ..
First, I really love u guys my wish is to meet every single one of you and thanks her for her sweet comments and the time that she take to read this fun fiction thank you is not enough to describe how much am glad that you read my story…
Hope to be back with new amazing story for u guys..
But for now bye love u all, and I hope all of you to have the biggest happiness in her or his life and to be smiling all the upcoming days ..



  1. lovely epi thahan forever love u please come back with a new ff

    1. Thanks anu sooooooooooooooooooooo much ❤❤❤
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  2. Oh…sandy it was an unexpecting Yarr.but I am sure you will come back with an another wonderful ff soon.I really enjoyed this ff.from the beginning to end its has a very beautiful have a immense imagination power it will helps you achieve all dreams in your life.
    Anyway I wish best of luck,god will fulfill your all wishes.take care…

    1. Thank you pooja I want to thank you thousands time for this lovable comment ❤❤❤❤❤
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  3. Suddenly you ended it why? I understand. the track, you chose not to make koyal an obsessive lover of bihaan but a loyal best friend which touched my heart… I really liked the sacrifice.. sacrifice is when you are truely in love.. overall your ff was pretty awesome, we all loved it…I hope you come back soon with a new one.. love you dear

    1. Thanks rinka_ritz sooooooo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤
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    Di I am really sorry for not commenting … ?
    Di if to describe this episode …. The way u portrayed Koyal’s character as a true best friend … Was ❤ … And Thahaan ? ….

    And di if to describe ur ff …. Then it was magical , stupendous , splendid , tremendous ………. And I am sorry because now if I start describing I won’t stop .

    Di I will really miss u so much …???
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    1. First , hello my lovely naitan I miss u a lot ? how are you and how was your exams? ?
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    3. Hello my love yes I created one to be in touch with you my name is smilysandy123??

  5. Sulbi

    Sandy… u ended it?? But y?? Cant believe… but that was awsme… loved it… come back with another ff dear… will miss ur ff.. waiting for ur another ff… tc and stay happy dear 🙂

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  7. Awsum episode …i m really goibg to miss your ff..u r really awsum writer no doubts…god bless u …n eagarly waiting for ur next ff

    1. Thanks ❤bihaan love❤ sooooooo much ?❤
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  10. Oh Sandy… don’t know what to say say this time…. you make me smile by the story, but you also make me cry by the end…
    Your ff is sooooo speciallllll, your fantasy is fabulous…you wrote it with your lovely, sweety heart, a heart which full of love and you want to share it with the whole world… that makes you sooooo special ♡♡♡ lovely ♡♡♡ sweetheart ♡♡♡
    Please comeback with another story…I’m gonna miss you soooo mmmmmuch
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    1. I don’t know what to say?…your comment make me smile and tears thank you so so much lee_na I can’t describe how much I love your comment it just amazing you make me feel special?? …love u sooooooo much and I will try to come back❤? ….keep smiling take care ..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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