Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sakshi and Vivek troubling Thapki. The groundnut peels fly by the fan and Dhruv gets angry seeing the mess. Thapki starts sweeping. He asks what is she doing. She says its fine I sweep at home also, and this office is also like my home. Thapki………plays………… Dhruv leaves and Sakshi taunts her that she is made for this work. Thapki is on the way and gets Poonam’s call. Poonam asks her to go temple and pray. Thapki says fine and goes to the big temple, where rich people also come by devotion. The ladies Badki and Chutki gets down the car and start arguing to hold the aarti plate. Another lady gets down the car and comes to them. She looks on angrily and they get quiet.

Chutki apologizes to her mum in law, and Badki also says she was helping her. The lady acts strict and says we will go for darshan now. The pandit greets her as Vasundara and asks shall we start the aarti. Vasundara punishes her bahus and makes them start on one feet. They chant mantras and makes rounds in the temple. A lady greets her and asks why is she making her bahus do this. Vasundara acts good and says she did not make them do this Parikrama, they are doing it willingly saying she will keep the Parikrama. Vasundara scolds them and says they will stand on one feet till 12 o clock. She says she would have punished her own bahu more, and they should be thankful that they are not her bahus, but her Devrani’s bahus. Thapki reaches there.

The bahus do not get money and Vasundara gives her gold ring as Dakshina. She gets angry on them and asks whose mistake in this. Suman stammers and Vasundara punishes her, saying the one who stammers has thief in heart. Thapki comes and stammers, she prays to Lord. Vasundara taunts them and Thapki is shown. Dhruv comes there and smiles seeing his mum Vasundara. He asks did I come late. She says no and gives him Prasad. She asks why does he come always to pick her, the driver is there. He says he loves his work, but not more than her. They start leaving. Dhruv does not see Thapki there.

Thapki talks to Aditi and says tell dad that my first day at office went well. Aditi asks about Dhruv, is he handsome. Thapki says he is very handsome, the office is big. She sits on bed and Poonam says she has made chips and kept on it. Aditi says she misses her and mum. Thapki says once I manage job here, you can all come here. Aditi gets glad and ends the call.

Its morning, Thapki comes to office and the lady says its Priya Chadda’s interview today, she is Miss India. Thapki says then Dhruv will be taking the interview. She asks shall I come along, I will get many things to learn. Sakshi asks Vivek to check everything. Vivek gives the file and it has all questions of the interview. Sakshi says if we make any mistake, our channel reputation will get bad. She stops Thapki and asks her not to come.

Dhruv gets angry on Sakshi as she forgot the file. Thapki brings the file and helps them.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. thapki nice episode i like it very much as it concept is very good people must learn not to tease any one as god give look diffrerent but judge people their knowlege and nature goodness not external beauty.

    1. Yeh u are righ

  2. Interesting…..they must b druv’s fmlyy….and thapki will b bahu of that strikt lady

  3. people plz learn something because if they see sawali girl make taunts her complexion, if they see physically challeged person than again. girl to this for boys of such dark complxion. this practices must be stoped plz do not bias against them. God made everyone equal if they tease just as they are teasing god. respect everyone.

  4. I think Thapki and dhruv are gonna fall in love with each other they will have to face many challenges in their love story

  5. Wow really good start of Thapki!!! Hope atleast this serial should go without boring.. Pls dont drag too much 🙂

  6. I love it thapki

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