Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neha and Sankara coming to room where their goons have kept Thapki captive. Neha smirks seeing Thapki. Thapki asks you both are here. Sankara says yes, we are together and asks if she understood all story, or shall she make her know. Thapki asks her to stop her nonsense and says I will go to my Bihaan. Sankara stops her and says you will not go to Bihaan. What he said that he loves you even now infront of everyone. She says if you are alive then only he will love you, else if he will love your ghost. Thapki asks what do you mean? What you have done with me. Sankara says you haven’t understand till now, and says now we will tell you. She says we won’t let you live now. Whatever we have done with you, it was all secretly. Thapki asks what? Sankara tells her about using fish and magical pond water to trouble and hurt her.

Thapki says I can’t think that you can do such a thing from me. I have helped you so much. She asks Neha how can she do this with her, and says you used to refer me as your elder sister. Neha says yes, and I want to kill that Bihaan by killing you. Thapki says forget it. Bihaan will find me anyhow. Sankara asks her to shut up and says she will take her out infront of Bihaan and he can’t do anything. She acts as Bihaan came there. Thapki looks there.

Sankara hits Thapki on her neck and make her unconscious. She tells Neha that she don’t need her fish help now and asks her to hold her. She takes out Burqa from there. Bihaan thinks why did Thapki leave? He thinks if she is upset with my love confession and thinks I love you Thapki, don’t come infront of me once. Sankara and Neha make Thapki wear burqa and cover themselves in Burqa and take her outside of the competition place. Bihaan is standing there. Thapki’s hand touches Bihaan and she falls on him. He holds her and asks what happened to her. Sankara says she is unwell and that’s why we are taking her to hospital. Bihaan says I will take her. Sankara says no and thanks him. Bihaan thinks why is he feeling Thapki near to him, but he couldn’t see her face. Vasu comes and asks him to come to their house Pandey Nivas.

Bihaan walks inside the house on Kabir’s house name board and asks Kabir…how he is feeling now after his illegitimate tricks failed. He gives options and asks if he is feeling bad about his doings, want to run away from this house or want to die in a shallow water, or if you are feeling everything at once. He says your time starts now and walks around him. Kabir looks on. Bihaan says time is up…for your evil ego, arrogance, your conspiracy, and your stay in this house. He says you called me wasooli agent and tells that I did wasooli from the people who snatches other’s rights or if they are not honest, like you. He asks him to leave. Kabir is about to leave. Bihaan asks him to answer for his last question and asks where is Thapki? Kabir says you shall know, when you got everything, you will not leave Thapki.

Bihaan asks him to stop nonsense and tell where is she? Kabir says may be she felt bad about your love confession and left somewhere. He instigates Bihaan and taunts his blood. Bihaan gets angry. Balwinder stops him. Vasu asks him to look at his own upbringing and tells that we gave you place in this house and heart and you have betrayed us. She turns to Bihaan and says Thapki is a nice and understanding girl, she will come back to the person who is clean hearted. Bihaan asks Kabir to take his stuff and leave. Kabir leaves. Sankara and Neha bring Thapki to some place and says now you are finished. Neha brings fish pot and says she will die with fish today. Sankara says Thapki’s life is in our hands, she troubled us a lot…let her stay here. We will kill her later. We will go home now, says Bihaan must have done something after winning 5 crores. Neha and Sankara comes back home. Neha calls Kabir and asks Bihaan if he burnt her brother like he burnt her house. She holds Bihaan’s collar. Neha cries and blames him.

Bihaan recalls what Kabir said to him. Shraddha tells your brother is mad, and not Bihaan who have troubled us a lot. Kabir comes back with goons and asks them to leave his sister. Neha runs to him and hugs him. Bihaan says you have proved that your blood is dirty. He says if any of my family members get even a scratch then I will make you take bath in blood. Kabir points gun at his forehead and says today I will complete my revenge by killing you. Everyone is shocked. Bihaan says I told you before and even now…I haven’t burnt your sister’s house, you are having a misunderstanding. Kabir says I am not a machine to give wrong judgement and says I will do judgement here. He says you are so proud of your destiny and gives him gun. He challenges him to play Russian roulette game. He says there is a bullet in your gun and my gun too. Either of us will survive. He asks do you agree? Dhruv and Thapki ask Bihaan not to agree. Bihaan accepts the challenge.

Kabir tells Bihaan that nagada/drum will be played, and once it stops they have to turn and shoot at the other. He says whoever shoots first will kill other. Drum is played and stops. Kabir turns first and shoots at Bihaan. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. B for Bihaan,you just nailed today.You gave the perfect answers which was really deserve the idiotic labor.Mr kabir,if you have any self respect pls move out,what a cynic full character you have?
    I really like An kit and Monica’s pair more than Sheena,Monica is a brilliant actress yaar,she done a great job in TPK…precap is desperating one,I believe Bihaan will be safe,Thapki must be save him…
    Hi,garima,reshal,vino,anu,navami,sruti,sandy,santhosh Bhai,rinka and thahaanians….

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello pooja yr Monica is also one of my favorite actress from tpk ….she done her negative very well

    2. Vajra-SG29

      Lekin, Mujhe toh Negative se jyaada uski comedy scene se hasi aatha hai…????

  2. Good news and congratulation to all kabir and thabir fans ,the trp of last week i.e. 3 is 1.1(14 to 20 jan)it was from neha turning black magician,hinting toward thahaan togetherNess,no thabir scenes.

    As i told earlier,people were really liking Thabir & Binkar as couple and adorable bonding of neha and kabir,nonstop chant of thank”’mera bihaan jeetega bhi and bla bla”.so trp decreased very badly
    But cvs didn’t listen our look at them where there trp is?they destroyed our wishes and dreams.they played with the emotions of kabir fans.let them face the wrath of kabir fans .The best punishment they got is low trp.till thabir back,watch the show online/leave the show.

    1. lol woooo hooo its dropped i hope it drops even lower 😀

    2. Hey shahid may your hopes comes true by god’s grace.Actually i said the bitter truth,so haters couldn’t take it easily….but yeah positive point is there is 0.3 drop in trp which is danger bell for tpk.
      In one point they were saying let the dog bark which indicated by thahaan lovers to kabir fans now look at below my comment,who was gonna bark under comment??now you got the point who is roaming like a stray dogs??? The haters couldn’t abstain themself from replying under kabir fan comment.

    3. @shahid,Hey shahid may your hopes comes true by god’s grace.Actually i said the bitter truth,so haters couldn’t take it easily….but yeah positive point is there is 0.3 drop in trp which is danger bell for tpk.
      In one point they were saying let the dog bark which indicated by thahaan lovers to kabir fans now look at below my comment,who was gonna bark under comment??now you got the point who is roaming like a stray dogs??? The haters couldn’t abstain themself from replying under kabir fan comment.

    4. Good! The writers realise that they cant serve just any crap and expect audience to watch it. I hope it falls even lower so that they get the point.

    5. No surprises, which such a stupid story line who would want to watch this show? They’ve butchered their characters and showed the most nonsensical stuff I have seen in a while, they deserve every bit of it.

    6. LOL nice to hear from you guys havent heard from you lot in ages 😀

      Good to see you guys are still here

      My 3 besties and like minded people 😀

    7. The trp drop is not indicative of thabir fans, the week leading to the current trp release was the crappy black magic storyline that people didn’t want to watch. So let’s wait and see the next trp figures before you get excited

    8. it was dropped due to kabir, shankar and neha.. when there is to much negitivity then definately there comes a drop……….lol…………. thabir what a joke……..

    9. The black magic storyline and the whole Vani storyline was crappy.

      The shows been negative for months sorry to break it to you saba-sam.

  3. Oh again.
    Bihaan life is in danger.
    ? but i know that nothing happen to bihaan ?he is so strong i know ??.

  4. Hy my dear friend pooja anu manish ki divani vino sri lee na navami kudrat how are you all.

  5. My dear friend pooja manish ki divani anu all manish fan dont take tension nothing happen to our hero bihaan and thapki thaahan foreever. I hope thapki save nothing happen to her.
    Nothing happen to thaahan.
    Thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan thaahan foreever.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hi garima this is the 3rd time someone shoot him ….but hope 4 best …thahaan forever and ever

    2. Vajra-SG29

      Kuch nahi hoga reshal bihaan ko woh man of steel hai..????….

      Mujhe 1hi iccja hai woh bullet seeda sar par lage aur unka memory loss hojaye aur phir phele jaisa thahaan tashan dekhne ko mile…..
      (Sapna dekh raha hooooooo…?????)

  6. nonstop
    chant of thapki”’mera bihaan jeetega bhi
    and bla bla”,people donot want to listen these type of line. so trp decreased very badly.continue of first paragraph but wrongly included in second paragraph

    sorry for the unordered lines but samajhne ki kosis karoge to theek se samajh jaoge kabirians.

    1. lol waht a joke … this serial is due to thahan… people are not interated in Neha fish and kabir stupid revenge… Trp was stable for 3 weeks and then when thahan fans stopeed watchng at some extend it dropped….. i am still laughing u people r cracking jokes here… good carry on

    2. Exactly, mera bihan jaap just grates on my nerves. Have some self respect and dignity. If he’s good enough he’ll win anyway Mera Bihan Mera Bihan gaane se much nahi hoga. Let TRP’s fall more, they’ll realise it was Kabir-Thapki jodi bringing in the viewers and not that unpadh gavar jaahil gunda

  7. Vinolin.d

    I loved today episode.anyway surely thapki and bihaan will unite soon.
    Mr.kabir I want to say something to you.leave thapki and pandey nivas.Sankara is perfect pair for you.
    she is evil and you are also its perfect match.surely one day you will realize that bihaan doesnt burnt your family.when you come to know that truth you will unite bihaan and thapki surely.
    hai my dear pooja,garima, anu,jo,naitan,sruthi,Leena,navami,reshal,Ritz and all my tpk friends….how are you all?

    1. If Kabir is evil then so is Bihan and so is Thapki. She took revenge for her child, he stood up for his family just like Kabir stood up for his. There is no difference between Kabir and Bihan, neitehr have the moral high ground

  8. Manish ki deewani

    Bihaan today u rock.kabir go from there . today u proove what r u .omg this precap .hope bihaan nothing happen to u .hope for best .

  9. Kabir has gone mad.. ?
    if he considered himself intelligent than he should think & act properly.. really bad.. ?

    Get rid of Neha & Sankara ..! ?

    1. Vajra-SG29

      Woh shuru se hi mad tha.. ???
      Aap ko yesterday confirm hua kya…!!!???☺

  10. Precap..Why I felt that something happened to Bihan… if something happens to Bihan then who can help Thapki… I hope thahan immediately united.

  11. Hope thapki will save bihaan.

  12. kishor Lembhe

    So finally what bihaan fans wanted to do for so many days, at least bihaan did it for us today… he cared for his fans… He was called vasooli bhai,
    illiterate, gunda, mawaali all over by few people and today bihaan cleared the fact…He said today to Kabir he did vasooli for them who are not innocent, who snatch other people’s right and claims as it is theirs…Loved bihaan for this… So the truth is finally out…so our favourite spoke in our favour and supported us…now Kabir becamea goon himself by bringing goons and abducting bihaan and his family even though the truth is known that bihaan didn’t burn…but kabir don’t believe his own machine…lol…his machine was in order when bihaan said he failed thrice…how cheap…so what name could be given to an educated goon?? mawali gunda or something else!…#Love Bihaan…Thahaan_forever…

  13. oh bihan well done? that you throw out kabir but kabir? I wish that kabir will get to know truth very soon tomorrow epi little worried about my b for bihan panday?

  14. ((Please any1 tell me about the leap.(Please) hope it won’t happen.)) I think it is time for thahaan unite. Thahaan

    1. Vajra-SG29

      Sssss… leap confirm news…
      But, when…?? This is the big question..?

  15. I am hoping that Kabir shot Sankar instead of Bihaan, I mean let’s be honest, she’s a pest and nothing more!! Then Kabir and Neha reveal the truth that they came to seek revenge and admit to Bihaan Kabir’s plan, release Thapki and hopefully the track can go back to being happy~! I mean let’s be honest, I think that since I got into the show in end 2015, this show has never really had any moments of fluff and romance, the little bit they had was underlooked because of the drama from the hate and everything… I mean, is it that hard for creators to write episodes where the family is happy without any trouble looming over their heads… I mean the two months where you could see Bihaan being happy and together was thrown away to bring forth the Kosi devi drama… Why don’t writers understand, the essence of the story isn’t about how much drama there is, it’s also about seeing the happy moments one has…

  16. Friend SJ,according to spoilers LEAP is conformed,but it willbe air on one month after…iam not sure about the fact,because cvs way of thinking is unpredictable…
    I just hope its the time for thahaans unification,tomorrow??? its a wide guess…I feel Thapki saves him on that way she will get shot…

    1. Vajra-SG29

      Ssss… abi bhi bahuth saare facts bahaar aana hai na 1 month toh zarur lagega…

  17. hi guys I had saw IG PIC OF SHEENA WITH A BABY AND ANKIT IG POST WITH A CAPTION NEW START NEW LIFE TPK I THINK LEAP HAD COME NOT SO MUCH BUT FOR FEW MONTHS I hadn’t saw gd when kaBir shoots biHan may she come in front of bullet?? Thahaan forever guys I knw TRP HAD DECREASED MAY BE Coz of cricket matches as all shows had drop this week

    1. Vajra-SG29

      But, woh baby kiska hain ….!!???
      sharaddha ya aditi…!!!??

      Baby bhi kiska bhi ho bahuth cute hai…???credit goes to Cvs (i mean asli maa baap…??)

  18. Thahaan forever

  19. Navami

    Hoping for the best always…loved todays epi…manish you nailed it…grt actor…looks nice…today…
    Hai,pooja,garima,leena,maneeshki dewani,vino,kudrat,and all thahanians

  20. Manish u did brilliant job today nd thahaan forevr nd nthnv will happen to our b for bihaan nd trp dropped bcoz of supernatural track n all but now it will increase coz dis is time for unification of thahaan

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