Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki seeing the Taj mahal gifted by Dhruv. He says he confessed love infront of Tajmahal and they are starting new life today, so he wants to thank this. Diwakar looks on. He asys he knows he can’t make Tajmahal for her, but he will have a wish to make it. She says she has got her tajmahal today. He asks her to say her feelings. She gets shy. He says its okay, I can see it in your eyes, maybe it will take time to speak up, I will wait for it, come. She smiles and leaves. Diwakar calls his mum and says Thapki’s proposal is fixed with her boss Dhruv, I thought she will cry all her life, but now Dhruv will cry by her stammering, I think Dhruv will leave her after marriage, then see how I will break Dhruv’s mouth.

Bihaan comes there and hears the last sentence. He lifts Diwakar in the air hearing against Dhruv. Diwakar says leave me, who are you. Bihaan drops him on the floor, and says if you talk about Dhruv and Thapki, I will throw you from third floor, losing life. He slaps Diwakar. Diwakar says I m not afraid of you, are you mad, who are you, shall I call police. Bihaan breaks his phone and returns him. Bihaan punishes him and asks him to stay like that. Nimmi’s daughter come and Diwakar says he is doing yoga. He sends her.

Vasundara says they will do roka ritual now. She starts the roka rasam. Everyone smile. Dadi refuses to do the rasam and scolds them. Thapki stops her and says how will roka happen without you. Dadi gets angry and asks why should I stay here. Thapki says for your grandson, whom you love the most, you have to stay. Dadi says I m not needed here. Thapki folds hands and says you are elder, who can decide between two families, you can choose right life partner for Dhruv.

She cries and says you can decide am I deserving to become your family’s bahu, if you still think I m not suitable, then I promise this marriage won’t happen. Everyone is shocked. Dhruv asks Dadi to understand Thapki, she is a nice girl, and mum chose her. Dadi says she decided and will not stay. Thapki folds hands and cries, asking her not to go, as she is like her Dadi, and want her love.

She asks her to have something and go. She asks Aditi and gets sweets. Dadi says she wants to kill me by making me have sweets, I m diabetes. She asks Vasundara what bahu did she choose. Aditi and Poonam say its sugarfree and Thapki made it. Thapki says Dhruv did not tell me, I came home to give file to Dhruv, and heard you ordering your diabetes medicines. She asks her to understand her. She asks her to have water and something, roka will not happen without her wish. Dadi says she won’t eat sweets and sit here. Thapki cries and turns. Dadi stops her and asks where is she going.

Thapki’s family cries. Dadi says she will eat sweets after doing roka shagun, and smiles. They all get surprised and smile. Suman messages Vasundara and they all smile. Kiran says see Thapki made Dadi stop. Dadi says Vasundara was right. Thapki is right for our family, she is beautiful, mature and has good values. She says she was checking Vasundara’s choice, and now I understood why Vasundara chose you with stammering habit. Suman thinks she can’t message about stammering. Dadi does the roka rasam. She asks Thapki to come her home as her bahu, and blesses Thapki and Dhruv. Vasundara kisses on Thapki’s forehead and smiles.

Everyone get shocked to know Vasundara has hearing problem. Thapki makes her wear hearing aid and talks to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Druvki scenes were superb…..n bihaan was really amazing..nice funny punishment for divakar…he deserves it…curious abt next epi…

  2. Excited for 2mrws epi… Hope vasundara accepts thapki along wid hr stammering habit… Bt i knw tat there wl b sum kind of twists, turns, knots nd dn finally dis is gonna happen…

  3. Vasundara ji, dheko !! Thapki is very good and most suited for your Dhruv !!
    In the beginning of the show , director showed thapki undergoing speech therapy to get cure but when ? Make her loved by vasundara ji as all in Dhruv ‘s family like her even including dad I!!!
    Dadi rocked today !!

  4. Wow.. I think this is the only show going great in colors. Very nice episode. Even dadi likes thapki. I wish vasundara should accept Thapki after knowing about her stammering. Bhiaan is amazing. If Adithi pair up with Bhiaan it will be wonderful. 🙂

  5. Kukdukuuuuuuu so funny .in worrid expresstion dhruv looking good bt thpki handel all situation ….dadi to man gyi pr ab mataji kya hoga.
    Let’s see…i read that bihan love thpki nd he jailous with dhruv..nd bihan married her….

  6. Bihaan !! Arae you are fit to deserve the slap from both the brothers!!

  7. Bihaan really superb !! Arae Diwakar , you are fit to deserve the slap from both the brothers!!

    Sorry ya !I I missed the name !!

  8. Nce episode….druvki jodi superb……n bihaan u too amazng….

  9. The writer has to show people in a better light. Most of the characters are very disrespectful to their hosts. Dadi being the oldest in the family do not have to be so rude to Thapki’s parents.

  10. Pl let this serial be light and nice. dont spoil it like other serials where they show that does not free us from tension but gives us more. thapki is the serial where we feel light pl keep it up. dhruv and thapki are awsum. Pl do not get thapki married to Bihaan. Keep Bihaan for Adititi thapki’s sister

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