Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki thinking Bihaan asking her to tell her heart talk through her eyes and he will understand. She through her eyes signs him that right side apple is coming first and center apple then and left apple lastly. Bihaan understands her eye signs. He is holding the knife and throws on the right side apple. Everyone smiles seeing Bihaan hitting on the right side apple. Next Bihaan hits on the center apple. Everyone claps for him. Kabir is surprised. Bihaan hits left side apple then. Everyone claps seeing Bihaan victory, and claps. Bihaan smiles. Thapki claps for him.

For next round, Bihaan is sitting for polygraph test/lie detector test. Kabir says I will ask you three questions and this machine will test your answer. If your answers are true, then green light will beep else red. He says if you answer all questions right then you will get 5 crores Rs. prize money, and asks if he is ready to bring his life deeds out infront of everyone. He asks can we start? Bihaan says yes. Kabir thinks now see how you lose your house, game and everything. He says your first question….and asks did you fail thrice in 8th standard. Everyone claps….A viewer taunts Bihaan and calls him illiterate. Shraddha asks that woman to mind her own business. Kabir asks Bihaan to answer rightly else he will lose.

Bihaan accepts that he has failed in 8th standard thrice and then left his education. Kabir asks really. Geen lights blinks…Everyone claps. Kabir says next question and asks if you have ruined someone’s life and burnt their happy family alive and their house during your gunda giri. Bihaan says never….He says I can’t do this work in my life…ever. Green lights blinks. Everyone claps for him. Kabir is about to tell about Bihaan burning Neha’s house. He asks Bihaan to answer again..if he burnt someone’s house or not. Bihaan says no, I have never done such things. Kabir says this machine is wrong. He asks him to accept. Bihaan says I have never burnt someone’s house or family. Kabir says I don’t believe this, this machine is not working.

Host asks audience to take a break, till then they will get the machine repaired. Kabir is shocked and thinks Bihaan is lying…He says I will take revenge for my sister’s tears…you will not get 5 crores Rs. Kabir comes back to his seat and tells Bihaan that his luck is good or machine is not working properly and green light blinked. He asks him to wise while answering third question. He says this question can make you win 5 crores Rs and you can fulfill your motive. He says if you answer wrong then you will lose all prize money. Bihaan nods. Kabir asks do you love your ex wife Thapki even now….Thapki and everyone looks on. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Kabir asks him to answer, yes or no…Bihaan turns to Vasu. Vasu asks him to give right answer only and not to give wrong answer due to anger. He recalls Thapki and Kabir’s marriage, and then Thapki insulting him and challenging him to earn 5 crores Rs, Thapki slapping him on his face etc….Kabir asks him to answer. Bihaan answers that he loves Thapki. Thapki is happy and emotional, tears flow down from her eyes. Sankara is angry and stares Bihaan. Viewers gossip that machine will blink red light now. Machine blinks green light. Thapki cries happily. Bihaan wins 5 crores Rs. Kabir is angry and upset as Bihaan won even though he tried all means to make him lose. Bihaan goes to Thapki. Oh Ranjhana plays……

Kabir gets upset and goes away. Bihaan looks at Thapki smilingly. They have an eye lock. Everyone claps for them. Host comes back and says Bihaan Pandey gets 5 crores Rs. He has won the prize money. He wishes Pandey family and Thapki, all the best who have supported Bihaan always. Vasu appreciates Thapki. Thapki says I have just supported him and he is the one who helped himself. Host announces that he will give prize money cheque to Bihaan. Bihaan takes the cheque. Everyone is happy and celebrate his victory. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Vasu congratulates him and says you have made us proud. Balwinder says now we will be known by your name, and hugs him. Thapki is taken away by someone. Dhruv and others hug him. The goons lock Thapki in the room. Thapki thinks who are they to kidnapped me. She asks someone please save me. Neha and Sankara comes there. They smile. Thapki is shocked.

Neha and Sankara are taking Thapki out from there, wearing burqas. Thapki’s hand touches with that of Bihaan’s hand. He senses her presence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Manish ki deewani

    omg happy wala episode loved it….B for Bihaan PANDEY ur B FOR Badi wali smile dimple wali .u won today yipeeeeee …….B phor BIHAAN u r B phor BEST..shradha u spoke 4 Bihaan shut the mouth of these ladies liked it …today i am soooooooo happy ….bihaan u didn’t burn the house of neha we all bihanians know this that our bihaan never stoop so low to kill someone only 4 money .Bihaan ur love 4 thapki is really a true love ..THAHAAN forever …this is teamwork of both of u ….thahaan u complete eachother.hope bihaan tommorow u save ur thapki.
    kabir i think u never ever accept this truth …this is the karma of ur sis …..u r also blind in ur sis…what whould u do when u know the truth…
    sankra and neha u r the higher level evils
    hello pooja garima vino shruti ritz di santhosh bhai anu.

    1. Manish you are brilliant actor awessome bloosm and superb today i am so happy you win only good have right to win.

  2. Yes reshal you are right…its a s for super s for stunning episode.
    Thahaans background music is really nice…but precap???let’s see.
    Hi…reshal,garima,anu,vino,sruti,navami,rinka,santhosh Bhai and all thahaanians…have a cool weekend.take positive:)

  3. Hy santosh how are you.

    My dear friend pooja hy happy na our hero bihaan win i feel so happy and you?
    Hy anu reshal vino sri lee na lucky vino d die for manishaya rink kudrat navami how are you all feel happy today na.

    1. Hi Garima….
      I’m very happy 🙂 🙂
      All the best for thahaan

  4. Ok so 1st he admits he did burn the house and he was angry and he can do anything if Thapki isn’t there with him and now he saying he can never ever do anything like that.

    Way to contradictyourself.

    Maybe next time you shouldn’t lose your temper andf spew rubbish, if you didn’t do it say so in the 1st place, don’t be a kid be a grown man and talk like someone with sense.

  5. Bihaan is so genuine .bihaan is a man of gold no can take his place .some of thinking bihaan is not gud I swear to God bihaan is so gud guy don’t ever tell rubbish about bihaan

  6. thahaAn forever guys love u thahaAn hope biHu save thapki from nekar kauwa lose finally we love u biHu manish thahaAn manyasa keep otherS saying whatever they like we know you we love u haterS have eyes sight problem what can we do??? Love u manN zee

  7. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear pooja, garima,reshal,anu,shruthi,leena and all my tpk friends…
    I am happy about today episode.manish you are very very handsome today.I am so exciting about tomorrow episode.I hope CVS will give happyness for thahaan hereafter.I think someone burnt kabir house.but he was taking revenge on bihaan.

    1. Hi Vino….all the best for thahaan…

  8. Expecting anything sense and maturity word from bihaan is like talking about responsibility to a 5 year old kid.
    Bihaan himself do not know whether he is a man or kid.His mind and words are unstable or suffering from partial amnesia.

    Kabir looks like a true gentleman in formal suit…

    If at the end of the day,if thahaan would end up together then its just because of kabir not because of bihaan or thapki’s love.Because thahaan do not share any true bond and pure love.

    Hello Shahid,shehla,avanti…

    1. Hey Divya havent seen you here in time i skipped a weeks worth of episodes sems like i didnt miss much and the story is going downhill. Yeah I agree Kabir has helped them get together I mean everytime he wins he then gives Bihaan another lifeline its like the writers don’t even know what to do because they went too far past a point and now the characters keep undermining what they set out to do.

      Havent seen avanti or shehla either, glad to see some friends on here

    2. hahhahahhaaa…. amneisa… phele neha r kabir ka amnesia theek kr lo pir ksi r ko kahna… bhai ko pta we nahi Behan kia karname kr are ha… black magician…. ????

  9. uff some one had tell I m threatening them gajab so u guys already knows that I m threatening u so why r u here??? And yeah biHu mani is our role model and real hero we want to be like him who can risk his life for his family who thinks first for his family then about himself. We will admire him and be like our bihaan u be na like u kauwa kabir katyal who always back stab others cheat other and be a gentleman who afraid of his lose and use cheap tricks . . . U r so lucky to have kauwa kaBir fans and i will say my thahaan who u are to tell me what I should say what I not??? For ur kind information we thahaanians will never say anything to u guys if u say something bad to us but saying anything against our thahaan biHaAn is unbearable . Its all ur eye siGht problem that u can’t see pPl from indoNesia India pak and many more from other countries were not blind like u who can’t see bihaan u guys had learnt some words and keep saying it again and again but sorry this will not work so bye bye u HATERS

    1. @anu I request you dear stop replying these people… I have stopped defending my favourite character long ago and arguing with the silly people who are head on heels to dictate whom we should like or not… I don’t understand what is the problem with these people? They are deliberate attention seekers…may be frustrated with their life and are trying to shed upon us.. didn’t you see before when we used to talk about Thahaan and bihaan how they used to jump on us….haha we have been with the show since the first day and new comers are trying to speak ill about the lead and the show.. if you don’t like, don’t watch the show where bihaan is the lead, and if you watch for kabir do watch but don’t dictate upon us.. let them have their gentleman with them…their gentleman’s machine was in order when bihaan said he failed thrice but it became worse when bihaan said he didn’t do any crime…bihaan took insult upon him by saying the truth that he failed only for his family, he has never spoken lies throughout his life though he is illiterate…but literate persons are lying… bihaan was a goon and he threatened people but he never killed anyone or lied… now the saint Kabir has also turned a goon, in front of so many people, he tried to put bihaan and Thapki in danger and they can’t digest it that at last bihaan won… what they know about Thahaan love?? the two days old viewers! people voted for Thahaan Jodi and bihaan as debutant and they won…huh! it is their love and bonding only which made them win…so many obstacles in life also couldn’t separate speak about your own favourite but don’t speak ill about our favourites thapki and bihaan thahaan or bihaan, we will then have to remind you.. I only comment here when I see some wrong sayings…otherwise I don’t even feel like…sorry for that.. yes you may reply to my post because you all can’t keep your frustration to yourself….I won’t mind that….

    2. When people comment and prefer Kabir and dont like Bihaan then you see Thaahans threatening at least I havent even seen one Kabir fan threaten a fan of Bihaan to this day.

      You don’t know how long people have been watching Thapki for so don’t assume, maybe they been reading the written updates for a long time and now they decided to start commenting. If it makes you feel better and justified act like Kabir fans just start watching the show recently for “two days” as you refereed to.

      I seen the episodes where Bihaan got arrested for stabbing his father and how Thapki stood by him, I also saw when they lived in the cow shed and he worked as a waiter where Shraddha embarassed him and then he did underground fighting.

      Just because we dont like Thahaan or Bihaan doesn’t mean we just started watching the show recently, we voicing our opinions and haven’t threatened no one so don’t blame us.

      BTW at the start Dhruv was the lead but then Bihaan came I guess people preferred a neanderthal for the main lead hence why he became so popular.

    3. perfect reply to all bihan’s haters..thahan forever???

    4. calm down my sweeties… these are barkers… will bark and vanish again as kabir track will go on end…. bcz at ultimate end bihaan is the hero and thahaan are going to be one… let them bark, ??

    5. Thahaan forever

      Thahaan forever

      Thahaan forever

  10. kishor Lembhe

    nice episode
    thahaan forever

  11. Navami

    Good signs are there on now a days…strongly belive everything will be ok..and thahan will reunite more passonately…always waiting for good signs…happy afer todays epi..aftr a long time of dissapoinments…hai pooja,garima,kudrat,ritz,vino,leena,maneesh ki divani,anu….have a nice weekend…?

    1. Hi Navami…all the best for thahaan….
      Have a nice weekend too…
      Btw, could you update your ff soon please…miss it so much…. Thank you 🙂

  12. Lovely episode..☺☺

    Finally only Thahaan and no one can separate’s episode is superb and nice..

  13. Vinolin.d

    hai dear navami how are you??? I miss your ff. and also I am missing garima ff.please update yaar…

    in this episode I was realized surely bihaan didn’t burnt kabir pls kabir leave thapki and pandey will find that true enemy who burnt your house and take revenge to them.

  14. Hi guys
    How are you all? I’m feeling so happy after reading today’s epi and I’m so so happy that finally everything is going smoothly between thaahan. And that kabir doesn’t want to accept that it wasnt bihan who burnt neha’s house instead his blaming the machine.

  15. Nice episode, Gajjaabbb… Bihaan admitted that he is still love with thapki, Thahaan forever.. How they both connected to each other, their love is stronger. They have rebuilt thahaan relationship again, hope there will no bad thing happen with thapki & she will be save..

  16. Finally bihaan won the game welldone bihu
    I think that kabir has completely lost it
    What is a need to be so hyper man if bihaan said the truth then also kabir has problem
    Kabir a little advice first pay attention to your sister
    And what kabir says always ex wife i think he has forgetton that he is the one who gave money to the priest to lie and made fake marrisge ce4tificate and took thahaan s signature on divorce papers by cheat
    What a man is kabir taking revenge using a woman as a shield
    Dont get it why kabir fans are prasing him so much i think they cant differentiate people
    Now his plan failed so now he will challenge bihaan for russian roulette
    Sick man kabir
    Thahaan forever

  17. awesome episode today behan rocks

  18. I love it.. thahaan is back

  19. @THAHAAN FOR [email protected] None can take their place. Sheban azim is good but kabir is worst.

  20. Bihaan please save thapki.

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