Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi seeing Bihaan coming in her room. He tries to molest her. Aditi falls down and faints. It is shown that Shraddha came wearing Bihaan’s clothes and scared Aditi while the latter is given drug. She says now real mahabharat will start. Bihaan comes there and sees her unconscious. He wakes her up and asks what happened. Aditi shouts seeing him and calls Dhruv. Dhruv and others come there. Aditi slaps Bihaan and accuses him for misbehaving with her. Shraddha asks Bihaan, if he tried to molest Aditi. Everyone is shocked. Bihaan says I just came to talk to her, and says he didn’t do anything. Dhruv asks why did you come in my room and that too alone. Bihaan says you mean that I can’t come here. He asks are you doubting on me and says I am your brother. Dhruv says you are my brother and she is my wife. Bihaan says I am innocent. Dhruv asks him to say why did he come here. Kosi asks him to say and clear the misunderstanding. Bihaan says I won’t tell anything, and says I will not clarify. He says think whatever you wants to think. Shraddha says it is ghor kalyug and goes.

Sankara comes to room and asks Bihaan, if she died that he came to Aditi. She says you would have celebrated suhaag raat with me. Bihaan asks her not to say anything. Sankara asks him to slap her and says I have changed so much and became like thapki, but you….

Aditi is scared and asks Dhruv, why did Bihaan do this with me. I respect him so much and he….Dhruv says I can’t believe that Bihaan could do such a thing. He asks her to think again. Aditi says I saw him coming to my room with my eyes, and you are saying misunderstanding. Dhruv says but….Aditi says why didn’t he tell you the reason for coming here. She asks Vani, why did Bihaan do this with her. She says I am saying truly and looks scared. She asks Dhruv and Thapki to go.

Shraddha comes to Aditi and says I hope you are feeling better now. She brings long saree for her and says it is needed for you. Don’t know who will come next for your cheerharan. She says your respect will be saved by this saree and is about to go. Aditi gets up and says you didn’t know about the greatness of Draupadi and asks her to keep that saree with herself. Shraddha takes saree and goes. She thinks to burn Bihaan’s clothes before anyone sees her with them. Sankara hears her and thinks this is done by Shraddha. She thinks to inform Bihaan.

Thapki is in shock. Bihaan comes to her and says I don’t care what all world think about me, I only care about your thought. He asks do you think that I can do this cheap thing. Thapki is silent and teary eyes. Bihaan says you also think that I have done this cheap thing, and is shattered. He goes to his room. Kabir comes and asks Thapki, what is her problem? He says Bihaan did wrong with that girl. Thapki says Bihaan didn’t do anything, and says he can’t do.

Bihaan is in his room and recalls Aditi slapping him, and Thapki staying silent. Sankara comes to Bihaan and says I want to tell you something. She says everyone is wrong. Bihaan holds her hand and says everyone is not trusting him and not even Thapki. He cries hugging her. Sankara says I believe you fully. Kabir says you trusts him so much. Thapki says I know him more than he knows about him. She says I will not punish him as he is innocent in this case. She says I need your help to save him. Kabir apologizes and says I can’t help you. Thapki says Please Kabir ji…Kabir says ofcourse I will help you. Sankara thinks to hide this truth from Bihaan, so as to make him get closer to her.

Shraddha wakes up and thinks she had a wonderful sleep after the yesterday’s happening. She drinks water and feels drowsy. She sees a man coming to her room and sees her face. She says Dhruv…and hugs him. She says now you know that your Shraddha loves you so much. She says Aditi was flying high so I have cut her wings, and tells that she has done wrong with Aditi. She says infact I have tear her clothes, and worn Bihaan’s clothes. She says Bihaan was trapped because of me. She says Dhruv…and is under the medicine effect. She washes her face with water…and looks at the man. He turns out to be Kabir. Kabir smiles. Shraddha is shocked.

Thapki, Bihaan and others come to room. Kabir says Bihaan is innocent and whatever had happened with Aditi is done by Shraddha. Vasu slaps her hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vinolin.d

    I love that precap.please unite thahaan

  2. Its time for Bihaan to know the truth about shankar and kosi’s evil deeds..its time for Tapki to realise Bihaan’s innocense …its time for Bihaan and Tapki to be together…its time for the script writers to bring back the joy of watching this drama for its fans…its time ..

  3. Finally the truth is come ? bihaan you can’t do something wrong because you have pure heart ❤️ I wish thapki can see that ? I am really mad ? to see bihaan huge sanker ☹️But thapki deserves this I really wish now that sanker and bihaan get married ?Neverrr bihaan only love thapki ?, Guys I have an imagination for kabir ends he will fall in love with sanker or sharada I guess ?

  4. Thank goodness they’re not dragging this storyline

  5. Hahahah nice guess sandy!
    Well guys don’t panic thahaan will be together in later episodes as every drama has a happy ending.. Don’t you guys remember kahani ghar ghar ki?
    It always takes time to unite the hero and heroine…

  6. I think most of you are , stunned and speechless as I am, as I never see,heard or read such a BIZARRE , RIDICULOUS ,nonsense, meaningless and garbage story line in my whole life. What is it?pandy house or Guantanamo Bay? everyone using drags as easy as eating chocolate, where these drags come from? WHO DRAGGED THE WATER , IN WHICH THAT ODD SHADDAH DRANK AND IT IS REALLY LOUGHABLE , SHE EMBRACED KABIR AS HE WAS DS WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND HAND OF A WOMAN; SHADDAH TOUCHED ADITI , AND SHE WAS SURE WAS A MAN AND BIHAAN,
    Where are the fourth son of family and fat grandma , who has been punished and kept away , because if, she was present ,then those three ignorant , writer, producer and director did not have any more excuses to stop her telling the truth about kosi and chacha, nothing is normal,and acceptable.
    Now those three mad , recklesely insulting the viewers directly, by treating us as fools.

  7. Whether bihan knows truth or not don’t change the fact he booted his wife out due to mother that he only met for five minutes. Tapki is right and bihan sorry they shouldn’t get back together. I want to see thapki move on. Come on writers don’t make this typical that they get back together again.

  8. I missing scenes old tpk.I think for me bihan and thapki track was the best track of TPK…we got so many awesome and different ThaHaan scenes in that track like Street Light scene, Cartwheel scene, Bihaan feeding food to Thapki, Thapki sleeping beside Bihaan, ThaHaan sewing clothes together, Ring fight scene, Bihaan comparing Thapki with Gulaabo, sheena make thapki jeulous and many more

  9. First tharuv,second thahaan, third tharilla (thapki and gorilla), now thabir
    I kinda like thapki and kabir together (no offence though, just an opinion)

  10. precap is super,really my blood is boiling when i see the idiotic sankar with BIHAAN.I HOPE THAHAANS MISUNDERSTANDING WILLBE RESOLVE SOON.

  11. super kabir ji you did a great job to save bihaan
    i think vasu ji will throw shraddha out from their house

  12. its very to sad to say that tpk team celebratd its 400 epi wd thahaan dhruv love triangle than afte 100 epi they are celebrating their 500 epi wd thahaan sankare kabir love angles….shme on this cvs …inspite of making and showing good relatnsph of a wife nd hubby…they are jxt ruining a man nd womn chrctr…acordng to me if thpki should move on wd kabir thn aftr kabir bad deeds wd her she should again leave him and thn wht will nxt..i tnk thpki should take a ride and always move on….but aftr tht where is a women’s respct and dignity…..

  13. Mamish ki deewami

    Hi pooja I’m also happy after seeing the precap shradha deserve this slap churail kahi khi I hate her and i don’t like when bihaan hug that sankara its really irritating .and bihaan his heart broke when thapki did’t answer him .pooja we just hope 4 best but its upto on writers. Writers plz stop torturing the audience

  14. Manish ki deewani

    Hi pooja I’m also happy after seeing the precap shradha deserve this slap churail kahi khi I hate her and i don’t like when bihaan hug that sankara its really irritating .and bihaan his heart broke when thapki did’t answer him .pooja we just hope 4 best but its upto on writers. Writers plz stop torturing the audience

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