Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir feeling bad for Thapki knowing her bad past with Bihaan. Thapki asks will you help me in taking revenge from Bihaan. Kabir says I will help you surely and says I have grown respect for you in my heart hearing your sufferings. Shraddha comes to Aditi’s room and takes the box, thinks if this box haven’t opened by her, and opens the box hesitantly. The black paint falls on Shraddha’s face. Aditi comes and claps saying she is not vulnerable now. She says Vani’s box was having Tilak on it, and says she gets suspicious seeing her box. She says she kept the box at the same place, as she knows she will check it. She asks her not to forget that she is Aditi Dhruv Pandey.

Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and takes her to hall. She asks what is this misbehavior. Why did you bring me here. Bihaan says you made me do Sankara’s muh dikhayi, now you do muh dikhayi of this painting/pic. Thapki asks what is this? Bihaan says this will make you realize your love and asks her to go and see. She removes the cloth and sees her reflection on it. She tells Bihaan that there is nothing on the canvas. Bihaan says it is my life and asks her look from his eyes. He says my life was colorless before you entered my life, and then it became colorful. He throws color on the canvas and Thapki’s painting is made. He says you made me smile, and made me live my life. He says did you remember, one day you confess your love to me. Thapki cries.

Bihaan says I will make you realize my love as I know you are my Thapki. Mera Ranjha plays……………….Just then electricity goes off, Kabir comes and says I have switched off the lights. He brings the candle and lights the lamps. Kosi wonders what is happening here. Kabir lights many lamps making a house, while all the family members looks on.

Thapki asks what is this Kabir. Kabir says it is a surprise….He holds her hands and takes her near the house made of lamps. H says I have done this to make you feel about your importance in my life. He says my life has changed, I may be sounding filmy, but I have started dreaming to build my house with you, to stay with you in my dream house. He asks will you complete my dream? Thapki gives her hand in Kabir’s hands and says yes….Bihaan is shocked. Thapki sees everyone standing and asks why they are looking surprised, and asks If they are happy for her. Aditi says she is very happy for her. She says congratulation to Kabir. Kabir asks Bihaan, won’t he congratulate him. Bihaan congratulates him. He goes near the painting and set it on fire. Everyone is shocked.

Bihaan tells Thapki that he couldn’t see her wearing someone else ring and will die. Thapki says even she can’t live without him, and hugs him while crying. She holds her ears and feels apologetic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alia919

    Manish Goplani u r the best … Keep rocking… Plz cv stop this dragging drama… Plz unite thahaan…

  2. Vinolin.d

    please writers change this track.bihaan is very innocent
    please understand about him thapki.

  3. I think this is a dream as it can’t be real bcoz tapki wanted to take revenge from bihaan and bcoz she did everything for Shankar so how could she have change of heart.

  4. Really a heartbreaking episode….THAPKI,you have to remember one thing its not revenge its completely a cruelty.each and every minute you should tried to prove that you are absolutely a sadist….WE ARE REALLY DISTRACTED.BUT PRECAP I CONSIDER ITS A RAY OF HOPE.WRITERS DONT MAKE IT AS A DREAM.PLSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  5. Deep from my heart…. Ilove disappointed about tpk shows……frustating, dragging and boring… long to solve the misunderstanding….more and more problem

  6. I knew the precap is dream for sure or anything else.. but still am happy .. atleast they are showing some signs for Thahaan’s reunion

  7. Kya hum log.. cvs ko pagal dikhte ha??????????saaf saaf pata chal rha ha ki yeh dream ha. . ………. bhai …..tpk ne toh mazak banake rakh diya ha????????? har 4-5 mahino ke baad inki shaadiyan hoti rehti ha?????

  8. i’m soo sure, the precap is a dream.. the writers of tpk is good in making heartbroken to us (a fans),…

  9. I am very surprised that dhruv did not tell his brother Bihaan about baby. ? I noticed Bihaan and kosi never together well what a odd ! Kosi don’t support Sanker ?. I hope stop worst hurt Bihaan more. He don’t know about baby. As well as thakpi don’t know Bihaan don’t read letter. How could kosi and Sanker hid letter more after 2 years. Bihaan is mistaken said thakpi out of this house as well as he hurt her. I think Bihaan and thakpi are over for good or not. They both still suffered.???


    last week TRP…

    TPK trp 1.6
    Thapki Pyaar Ki 1.6
    Devanshi 1.8
    Sasural Simar Ka 2.3
    Shakti 3.9
    Udaan 3.1
    Shani 2.6
    Swaragini 1.8
    Kasam 2.2
    Bigg Boss10 (Weekend) 1.9
    Bigg Boss10 (Weekday) 1.6
    Kavach 1.7
    Naagin2 4.5
    Jhalak Dekhla Ja 1.4
    Comedy Night Bacho 1.5…

    TPK trp increase because last week BINKAR marriage track showing…
    i think next week TRP definitely falling…..
    hey KATERINE…..
    i couldn’t comment properly… ???
    my mood totally spoiled becoz this stupid track ???
    jab achcha track ayega na tab zarur daily commet karonga….
    bye & TC…

  11. If this in not dream I will continue watching the show ? But if it’s a dream I will never warch this show again ?

  12. I miss the original Pandey family..their interaction with each other was fun to watch…some scenes were funny and inresting…looked forward to see each episode…Bihaan’s happy go lucky character…Tapku’s loyalty..they had self respect…the family’s love..everything is missing…i dont like Tapki’s character change…mafe her look cheap by hugging someone who is not her husband…original Tapki will never do that..she is not smart anymore..she should investigate…as a lawyer..and Druv had a tv investigating come he cant be smart and investigate..for Tapki to take revenge against Bihaan..doesnt make sence anymore..i dont sympathise with her lost its credibilaty..i hope Bihaan and Tapki can be together again..because that was the destiny that was propagated in the earlier episodes..if not..then it was all a lie..i hope to see more of original Pandey family..i hope the show will not lose its moral values…bring back the fun of watching Tapki Pyaar Ki..i miss Bihaan and Tapki’s love..respect and understanding with each other..the happiness of Pandey family

  13. The precap could be Bihan’s dream ?

  14. @ santhosh, I made a comment on your yesterday’s comment, but there is a strong possibility , you did not see it, as my comment was done long after yours and top of that, the modernization took lots of time ,so my comment was there almost at very the end .
    if you and pooja did not read that , then have a look.

  15. How sweet was Bihaan today with the picture then Kabir interrupted, at first I wanted Bihaan to go and punch Kabir in the face but I was so proud when he went up to him said congrats and then burnt the picture that scene and the emotions really hit the mark and I think the way it was done it hurt Thapki pretty badly as well which she deserves. I want Bihaan to keep his distance agree to marry sankar and then maybe she might start thinking again and find out the truth

  16. I also hated the fact the writers used candles for kabirs proposal as when Bihaan finished the taj mahal with candles was one of my all time favourite scenes

  17. Heart touching Episode…Bihaan superb acting..I hope Precap is a dream..?Bcz , Kabir’s track now only started and for sure they drag for Thapki realizing the truth…I think once Bihaan starts ignores her, Thapki will cm back for sure by realizing love

  18. dear Indian friends, please I beg of all you ,that don’t take my question as sign of insult or pregudice, as we all have been created by one god , beside I am down to earth and slave of honesty and love,BUT,

    curiosity is really killing me that;

    how come A MARRIAGE ,uniting a man and woman before mighty god , according to any belief or religion’s rules and law ,can be ignored so easily , as we are witnessing in every single Indian soaps? most of time , just one of them say: I am not your partner anymore , and, seems it is good enough for having another wife , husband or lover.

    I am sure in reality that is not the case , but why you as Indian nation let those writers,producers and directors , play such a cheap game with your morality and decency, just for sake of their greed? what would be the judgement of other nations and religions on your moral value , when these products are exported to the most of Europe and watched by them, the people have not the first idea of your life and believe in what they see. hope I come a cross as innocent and positive as really meant

  19. A drama! They call it…

    1. every drama got source of reality with some exaggeration for sake of being drama. our brain creating and imagining , pictures and stories,that we have seen,or heard, without those advanced experiences there would be no possible our brain or imaginations being able to work and act, and every one of our experience , means challenging and facing the facts.

  20. This drama is increasingly unreasonable … no wonder the ratings continue to fall

  21. I agree with u katerine…the drama may be it represent what happend in that country in real life….we learn about your country by watch your movie and drama…I am very dissaponted of tpk story..

  22. uff….totally disappointing… cheap thapki is…..cvs turned a cute.naughty.caring.angry goon like boy into a sad and crying man…..what rubbish….there is no moral values no respect of relationshpis….

  23. writer, please precap be come true.

  24. Manish ki deewani

    That precap is dream as we know the behaviour of thapki.writers of tpk always disappointe their audience

  25. Wow i love to see thapki with kabir.. Hez such a cute… I wish they got married… & enjoying adiruv’s chemistry so much….

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