Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir coming as a new host of the game show. He says now there will be real fun of the game. Thapki is driving the car, while Neha and Sankara follows her in other car. Neha says now see Thapki, what happens with you and your car. She moves the fish pot to left and right. Thapki’s car turns to left and right, she wonders why her car is moving in different directions. Kabir says I have a key to Rs. 5 crores Rs. He says if you answer first question then you will be directed to upper level, with a twist which will be informed later on. Sankara says now Thapki will lose her life, she will die. Kabir asks Bihaan to give his introduction to the guests and viewers. He says you might be ashamed to tell about yourself and tells that he is a goon and money collector through force and fight. He says lets start the game, we will see what you will get it. He tells first questions….how many president India have till date since independence. He gives options…..12, 10, 15, and 9. Preeti asks Suman if she knows the answer.

Suman says she knows about 3 Prime Minister only. Dhruv says I know, but can’t help Bihaan. Kabir asks Bihaan if he wants to take help of lifelines. Bihaan says he will use phone a friend lifeline. Kabir says there is a condition, you can call only your friend whose number you remember. Bihaan says he will call Thapki. Kabir says you mean your wife, if she will help you. Bihaan says yes, she will help me if she knows answer. He asks about her number. Bihaan tells number. Kabir calls Thapki. Thapki is driving the car and says Bihaan….Kabir says you have identified him correct and tells that Bihaan is stuck with the first question and asks if she will help him. Thapki says yes and shouts. Bihaan asks if she is fine. Thapki says she is fine and asks him to tell question fast.

Bihaan tells the question. Thapki while driving the car thinks of an answer. Bihaan asks her to hurry up. Shraddha says why he chosen Thapki, she will not answer him. Vasu says she is not selfish like you. Bihaan asks her to tell fast. Thapki says 15. Kabir says time is up, and asks Bihaan if he wants to go with his ex wife’s answer. Bihaan says he will go with her answer. Kabir checks and says this answer is right. Bihaan is happy and smiles. Everyone claps for him.

Thapki wonders if Bihaan heard her answer or not. Bihaan thinks if she is in danger. Sankara asks Neha to stop playing and make Thapki’s car die hitting on the big tree. Thapki crashes her car against the bags. Sankara and Neha are shocked. Sankara says Thapki’s destiny is good. Thapki comes out of car and goes. Kabir says we will take a break. He goes inside and tells the host that he wants to change the game rules. Host says we can’t change the rules. Kabir says I will take back sponsorship. Host agrees. Thapki comes there and asks guard to let her go inside, says she is Bihaan’s wife. He lets her in. Bihaan worries for Thapki. Vasu says she will call her. Bihaan feels her presence as she runs inside and says Thapki……Bihaan comes out and looks for her. They see each other. Ranjhana song plays………They look at each other.

Thapki is sitting on the hot seat. Kabir asks Thapki the question and rescue Bihaan’s life. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Superb episode…I enjoyed a lot.especially the last part was really nice.somewhere I read that kabir tried to insult Bihaan badly but Mr.kabir katyal already we realized your cheap character…so you should go any extreme to hurt Bihaan.but now its Bihaans turn.go to hell kabir.the match willbe ended on Friday.I think the leap episodes willbe air on Monday onwards…I am really scared after reading toi…Thahaan forever…

    1. Pooja TOI says about leap….let’s see what happens…difficult to predict now….but someone from the creatives posted for us two days back that lot of pleasant surprises are awaiting thahaanians…let’s see

      1. I’m so happy read your info..
        I hope that is true.. ?

  2. End the evil sankar and neha track .

  3. Kabir is playing dirty game ..

    I am confused how mentally ill Neha became suddenly a witch and what happened to her family .Is there any third person behind all except Bihan ..??
    Old Neha with her family is helpless girl when Bihaans threatened them.

  4. So now Thapki and Bihaan have a psychic connection seriously no wonder half the viewers are so gullible and believe these idiotic stories.

    Now Kabir can kill someone in front of other people just for a competition FFS this show has lost it.

    All you need to do to make this show fully retarded is make Thapjki and Bihaan end up together.

    1. I dont even get how this show has viewers left. Everyoen is stupid, the story line is rubbish. Their male lead is a despicable criminal. Their villain is crazy. The only guys who’s character made sense has been butchered. Their female lead is the epitome of a doormat and mhanta. The mother in law is only good for bhashans and abusing her daughter in laws. This is show is pure rubbish how is it even on tv??????

  5. ? Bihan ? Thapki ?♡♡♡♡♡ ?

  6. Vinolin.d

    I really loved it.its amazing episode.I hope bihaan and thapki will unite again.Mr. kabir go to hell.thapki is not your married bihaan’s wife leave her and leave out of pandey nivas.samething I am saying to Sankara.when these 2 evils will gone from home then only thahaan will be happy.

    1. Bihaan married Thapki when she wanted to marry Dhruv so whats your point?

    2. I guess only Bihaan can marry someone who doesnt love him when anyone else does it then its wrong

      1. firstly bihaan married thapki when she wasn’t anybody’s wife, he was forced by his mother,she said Thapki is a bad girl for dhruv.. secondly when thapki moved ahead with bihaan and she accepted him as husband, why should people have problem? and we witnessed ups and downs of Thahaan life…. here Kabir allegedly married someone else’s wife forcefully and is hurting her but she hates him to the core….

      2. SO what if she wasnt married to anyone that is the lamest excuse ever. Its like you loving someone and wanting to marry them and then the brother marries you without your knowledge Its deceitful and pathectic, her being married before isnt a good enough excuse I know you guys love Bihaan and he cant do no wrong.

        Actually what am I talking about if someone did that to you guys you probably love it and enjoy it 😀

        If Thapki can move on from Dhruv and fall in love with Bihaan then she can do it again at least we know she has done it before. SO maybe they should do the exact same storyline and make her fall in love with Kabir or would that make half the members on here cry LOL

      3. Forced by his mum??? OMG nowadays when Vasu tells him not to say or do anything to Thapki guess what??? He doesnt even listen to Vasu so even that is a pathetic excuse.

        Maybe he should listen to Vasu now and she should force him to listen to Thapki like you guys says he is forced by his mum he will do it right?

      4. Thapki never loved dhruv and she had already told it during dhruv negative track, she had a respect for him…and under what conditions bihaan married thapki we all know that, we have initially bashed bihaan’s character.. dhruv moved on with shraddha as he showed, then only thapki also moved on..later vasu truth came out and he became evil… old things..but obviously a majority of people liked bihaan character with whatever he did in the show so he has a lot of fans, the show is still on air for thahaan.. I don’t want to elaborate old things again..sorry..if you have own opinions,do say it but not reply on every Thahaan fan’s comments. it may hurt them….

  7. Manish ki deewani

    kabir go to hell with ur sis neha and this sankri .u insult .my bihaan in public place really hate u so much .i like last part of thahaan very much .thahaan forever.precap kabir u done this my bihaan suffer becoz u .only becoz of u bihaan life is in danger
    sandy hello thank u 4 spoiler bihaan won yaoooo this idiots kidnap thapki uff
    don’t know hw much they had to suffer becoz of these three pysco

    1. Am happy Bihaan will win finally the good people win in the show ??

      1. @sandy this person can’t even read english properly…it is reshal who said my bihaan and this person is telling you that you wrote it.LOL…. Mr /miss please read properly whose comment was it..and you don’t like a show or character its your thinking,don’t call other people crazy.. they might be liking the show..

      2. Thanks ritz I know she act like someone take her Barbie doll from her ???? I don’t know why she keep give negative comments about the show ?

    2. He isnt your Bihaan calm down have you lost the plot??

      Seriously the people on here are crazy

      1. Well exusm first I didn’t say bihaan is my bihaan ??
        Second I didn’t tell you that so you came down ????
        And sorry to say that you cannot and I mean it you CANNOT call anyone crazy without knowing him/her ??

      2. Well you did say “u insult my bihaan” so fact is you did say it sorry.

        When someone says the character is theirs i can make my opinions it may not be right but everyone is entitled to an opinion

      3. These Bihan fans are shameless, they’ll support Bihan even if he murders or rapes someone. They are just like their favourite, ghatiya and gavar. Its to much to expect sense from the. Issue ghatiye or give hua fans nahi dekhe jo ek gunde ko support karte hain and then defend karate hain

      4. True Bihaan and Thapki are not a good couple they spend most of of the drama fighting and not trusting eachother.

        They only together for like 10 percent of the show the other 90 percent they argue like cats and dogs 😀

        Its pathetic but thee people think they the best couple ever LOL

        Even Romeo and Juliet were a better couple and they were teenagers hahahahaha and they sacrficed their lives for one another none of this I dont believer her/him rubbish.

      5. Wo..wo..slow down what in to you people’s and hansa are you the one who keep writing thapki updates seriously ? you says that we are shameless well to be honest the only shameless person her is the one that says to people this word yeah I mean you, we will support Bihaan till the end of the show what will u do ?

  8. Boring episode
    Hate watching this serial

  9. Today episode was AMAZING ? love the way Bihaan feel that thapki come it remind me of isspkd show ? hope all the episode be like this ? But am scared from the leap I don’t know what the cvs will make us watch hope in the leap we see❤️ thahaan reunion ❤️
    Hi to all thahaan fans ? what do you think will happen in the leap ?? ?

  10. Loved the last part..Thahaan always ☺

  11. its amazing episode yar when thapki and bihaan reunited

  12. So how did Thapki and Sankra can now drive cars, and mad Neha has super powers, one other thing the fish is getting bigger. Whatever next. Boring,boring,boring.

  13. That clueless kabir is insulting bihan front of everyone, he should think about him self before throwing insults. At the end of the day bihan ain’t using a woman to do his his dirty shits such as fulfilling his revenge on bihan that I’m sure he didn’t even do. That kabir is a wimp, fraud and a cheat. And those 2 psyco sankar and that mad cow wanna be neha little that they know that what ever they are doing is getting thaahan more closer.

  14. thahaan forever guys and who can’t digest bihaan as hero use hajmola or some thing else bihaan is hero and that’s reality and manyasa are lead couple so its totally waste of time to talk with others same attention seekers like Chipku Manishians rocks B 4 bum B 4 phor and u guys who think biHaan does wrong etc. Etc. Then open ur eyes and see clearly how many ppl love bihaan manish who won everyone hearts just in one year and in one show others r in here in industry since a long time what they r doing?? Nthng na ufF calm down anu beware of dogs.

    1. Anu Darling kya tamacha mara…. good good…they are definitely attention seekers…they can’t bash somebody else’s favourites by replying to the particular fan whose favourite it is…. yes Manish has a huge fan following. ..the cute champ ??

      1. marna pdta ritz when such ppl coMe and bash my HERO YEAH MY HERO AND I WILL SAY MY HERO and every manishIan will say THEIR HERO COZ HE IS we don’t need any one to come and tell us whom we said ours and whoM not don’t knw what biHu i mean mani had done wroNg to chIpku and his so call rent fans now I m used to them and their rubBish talk about biHu and mani I will give them answer PATA NI KYA CHURAYA BiHu ne inka jo ye BAR Bar hmare hero ko bash krte ni pasand mat dhko bt don’t say anything biHu in front of us

  15. Hello to all thahaan fans
    thax anu di meja aa gya..
    Y kya gevaar h ..
    bare aae humare mani k bare m kuch kehne wale..
    thapki pyaar ki all about THAHAAN
    sply BIHAAN
    TPK puri cast or kud thapki n keha h recnt THAHAAN FAN SEGMENT m ki puri TPK m sab s acha character bihaan ka h..
    so plz bihaan haters 1st wach that segment…

    1. Manish is a pathetic actor with limited expression set. And gavar tumhara favourite character B for Bin B for Badtameez and B for Bihan hai. Aur lag toh tum bhi rahe ho, gave without manners hai nahi and unprovoked personal attacks jar rahe at anyone who doesnt agree with you.

      Thapki PYar ki, dimaag ka istemaal karna seekho, wahaan Bihan ka naam nahi hai. Bihan pyar ka naam nahi hai serial ka. Its Thapki pyar ki. THE SHOW IS NOT ABOUT THAHAAN OR BIHAN. Its about THAPKI.

      Aur kya bolenge? Humara lead character ghatiya aur bakwaas hai? LOL

      1. hahhahahaaaa what a joke u crack………..He is king of expressions… handsome…. he nailed every scene by his rocking style…. and he is the main lead not the side character ……what i say to u………. lol ………… i cant stop my laughing on u…….

      2. pathetic is ur thought lol what are u sying ithink u dont know by ur self what u are saying lol

        B for Bihaan pandey B for Bindass
        M for Manish Goplani M for Mast, Mind blowing. Marvellous,

      3. This show is due to Manish and almost 99% fans are watching this cramp show bcz of him other wise ye shiw kab ka offair ho chuka hota jis trah 6 months dragging hwe ha is show k, sab thahaan fans is ko tolerate kr re ha r na chaht hwe b dekh re ha

      4. Get a reality check, its not because of Bihan, its because of Thapki played by Jigyasa. People will watch this show if they replace Maniash tomorrow, no one will watch this show if they replace Jigyasa.

  16. Democracy h..
    sab ka apna opni..
    hota h
    wese thax 2 all mani haters who give neg.. Cmt about MANI character
    kyoki aap log use apne neg.. Cmt s special bna rehe h
    muje legta h ki aap thahaan fans s jayeda mani or uske chara..
    ko pesand kerte ho tabhi to neg..tve hi sehi apna kimti time nikal kar yeha mani k bare m kuch na kuch lik reho
    kyoki hum m se kae thahaan fans k paas mani ke taarif kerne tak ka time nahi h
    thatS why
    to all mani neg fans
    love u so much…
    humare MANI ko itna special benane k lea

  17. Special request 2 all thahaan fans
    en negative cmtors ko kuch mat kehna..
    enke dil p gehra aaghet hua h..
    kyoki y humre talented mani s mil nahi sakte..
    aslit m y inka pyaar h..
    dil p lagi chot ka aser side dimag m hone k karen hi y log esa behave kar r he h..
    actually they r real or true fans of manish goplani
    tabi to roj kuch bhi kar k cmt jerur kerte h..
    or hum thahaan fans m s behoto k pass mani ko love u kehne ka time bhi nahi h..

    1. kudrat hi darling…tum kaha thi? I miss your comments on my ff….waise you are right… precious time waste kar k negative toh bol hi rahe hai.. itna din se humne bahut inn sab Ki jhel li….now our bihaan will win 5 crores and also pass lie detector test that he didn’t burn anybody’s house…..Thahaan is going to unite but then Thapki kidnapped by neha sankar….so all the best for thahaanians….

  18. gajab kudrat in LOGO NE TIME KHOTI KRKE KUCH TO KAHA YEAH BIhu had win 5 crore i m happy and one more thng in last ques he said yes I love my ex wife thapki gajaB happy mOMENT THAHAN WILL TAKE THE CERTIFICate together new writer giving us thahan scenes hope trP increase

  19. Veenu thahaan

    Iam a big thahaan fan from kerala-alappuzha.iam a silent reader of telly updates.but after seeing todays episode my mind is forced to leave a comment.pls accept me as a member. Hai all thahaan fans ,bihaan fans,bihaan haters,andthahaan haters.especially iam a b for bihaan fan .awesom actor. love you manish.

  20. Manish is super star
    Expression king
    Thahaan forever

  21. Thahaan forever

  22. Manish Goplani is the Best


  23. To all bihaan haters ,this show is still running because of manish only otherwise neither me nor you would have commented here….hahaahh?????????????

    1. Get a reality check, its not because of Bihan, its because of Thapki played by Jigyasa. People will watch this show if they replace Manish tomorrow, no one will watch this show if they replace Jigyasa.

  24. durga-diljeet123

    Thahaan for ever

  25. Manish is the one who keeps the show alive. Needless to say, Manish is a brilliant actor and expression king. His talent speaks. We needn’t prove a point to anybody who looks down upon him. Haters can keep hating him. Ain’t nobody can change your mindset and neither are we keen to do so. So go on haters.

  26. Blind people gonna be blind in their love for their favourites. Some people just need a reality check. The person they call ‘expression king’ cannot emote to save his life. He doesnt even measure up to the real people who can actually act on camera like Arjun Bijlani, Iqbal Khan, Ram Kapoor, Ronit Roy or Hiten Tejwani. Its funny how some people have such low standards that they praise an amateur to the skies

    1. Everybody has their own standards, and when we’re talking about love…it’s come from heart, unexplainable, sometimes illogical, just respect and don’t insult our love. We’re not insulting any other actors, why should you insult ours. Respect please…

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