Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan to stop and asks what you are going to do now. This is the first time that you didn’t say anything. She asks if this silence is before storm strikes. Bihaan turns to her and says this silence is of my love….Thapki. He says just as you have made me silent. Thapki says again Thapki, it means you have not accepted me as Vani. Bihaan says you have to accept that you are Thapki and this will make you realize my love. He gives her a gift. Thapki says I hope you don’t do any mistake again. Bihaan tells her that she will realize his love seeing this thing. Thapki goes to room. Kabir comes to Sankara and asks if he is seeing how her husband talked to his to be wife. He asks won’t you do anything? Kabir asks do I look like a kid, and asks why she is provoking him. He says I want to listen to music and asks her to get better.

Aditi is getting ready. Thapki comes there. Aditi asks her to come inside. Thapki says if Maa would have been here then she would have applied black teeka on your face. She says I mean your mum. Aditi asks her to apply black teeka. Thapki agrees and applied teeka. She says she brought gift for her, and says this will match with your jewellery. Aditi thanks her and says it is very special for me. She keeps the gift and tells that she will clean her saree pallu. Meanwhile Shraddha comes to room, and changes Thapki’s gift with lookalike gift box. She says when you will open this box, then you can’t think even in dream what will happen. She says you will know soon. She says real muh dikhayi rasam begins now. Mrs. Aditi Dhruv Pandey.

Everyone gather for the muh dikhayi rasam. Kosi asks Vasu to call her bahu. Shraddha says let her come, and says you will give her nek once she comes here. Aditi comes in veil. Shraddha thinks she came to show her black face to everyone. Kosi asks Vasu to start the rasam. Vasu thanks her and lifts ghunghat. Shraddha laughs. Kosi asks why you are laughing? Vasu sees Aditi’s clean face. Shraddha is shocked. Vasu gives her nek. She says lets go and have food. Thapki says rasam is incomplete and says one more bahu’s muh dikhayi is remaining. She says I will be back. She brings her. She says two marriages had happened in this house and says even Sankara’s muh dikhayi should happen, and asks Bihaan to do her muh dikhayi.

Sankara is waiting happily. Bihaan lifts her ghunghat and welcomes her. He gives her nek. Sankara gets happy. Thapki gives her nek. Sankara says did you hear what he told me and thanks her. Aditi thanks Thapki for giving her beautiful earrings. Kabir gives gifts to both the brides. He asks Thapki, if same rasams will happen in their marriage too. Thapki is quite surprised. Bihaan gets jealous.

Later Thapki lights the diya to pray infront of God. Kabir comes and puts his hand on the diya and says ouch. Thapki asks if his hand is burnt. Kabir says you are burning too, and gives example of diya and baati. Thapki asks what do you want to say. Kabir says you are trying to make Bihaan jealous and is burnt too, and asks what is the reason behind her move. He asks her to accept Bihaan and says he is a nice guy and even his family is good. Thapki says enough Kabir and asks him not to tell this again. She says I will have no relation with him. Kabir asks why Bihaan comes closer to you, and think you as Thapki. Thapki says I am not Vani Oberoi, but Thapki, and cries. Kabir is shocked too. Thapki says she is Bihaan’s wife…Thapki Bihaan Pandey. Kabir looks on shocked and says this means Bihaan is right, you are his wife. Then why you are taking revenge on him. Thapki says just because of his crime. She tells him everything. A fb is shown, Bihaan slapping her and breaking his relation with her, and asking her to get out, writing letter to him, and then her accident. Fb ends. Thapki says I have promised my baby that I will take revenge for his/her death.

Thapki asks Kabir if he will help her in taking revenge from Bihaan. Kabir shakes hand with her and says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. is kabir actually going to fall in love with Vani/Thapki


    ek aur inzaam BIHAAN ke ooper…
    hare? ????yaarrrrrrrrrrrr……kohi jaake Bihaan ko maar dho. tabi toh iss serial se sab ko mukthi milega…?????????????


    25 Nov…
    Shraddha disguises herself as Bihaan and tries to molest Aditi. Later, Aditi informs everybody about Bihaan. Meanwhile, Bihaan tries to defend himself, but fails to do so.

    Episode – 506
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 26 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki and Kabir plan to prove Bihaan’s innocence and the entire family is shocked to hear the truth about Shraddha.

    Episode – 507
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 27 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan discovers that Kabir has a sister who has lost her sanity after losing her husband and son. He then realises that he was the cause of it and that Kabir has returned to seek revenge….
    hiii POOJA & RESHAL tum dono ki P for Positive character sabi Thahaan fans ka P for P(F)use hudadiya…???……
    K for Kabir kathiyala K for Khatharnaak khiladi nikla…?????????….
    abi bhi KOSI ki, SANKAR ki, BIHAAN ka aur buck teeth VAANI ki sach sab ke saamne aana baaki hai. iske beech mein ek aur twist laane ki kya zarurath thi CVS ko ???…❗❓
    sabi forum par aane wale members ko ek request kartha hoo….request yeh hai ki….sabi TPK fans apni chappal?? nikalo seeda Mumbai jawo CVS ki sar pe maaro…???????????..extra chappal chahiye toh yeh lelo…????????????? ?????????…
    frustrating…. frustrating… frustrating…

    1. Dear Santhosh, please come to this page often, as you and pooja are the remainder of the origin members after Roshni left. You two are investment of this page and I never got, why Roshni left when she was most active member.
      I am creature of habit , so any time I face with those who were here or kasam page for long time , it feels I kept intouch with my family

    2. comment

    3. replay

    4. I agree wit u m friend katerine

  3. I thought the starting was really good the way Bihaan walked straight pass Thapki and she couldn’t help herself to speak to him and also during the rasam when she bought Shankar down and told Bihaan to start the rasam and she thought he would not do it and cause a scene and when he did the look on her face. I don’t mind Kabir as long as they don’t show him falling in love with Thapki esp now that he knows the truth (well the truth from Thapkis perspective). Also if that spoiler above is true it’s a bit like MATSH when Ranveer was targeted because Nirbhay blamed him for his wife and unborn child’s death.

  4. u are right santhosh bhai ….it is too much frutrating….oh God….a lot of problems are there ….and a new one is ready now…how can cvs solve a lot of problems without thahaan unity….i think this show must b closed now…

  5. Why all fan to e quiet?? Because of the scenes are you dragging. The scenes make all fan tensed, headeache, and boring.

  6. Kabir and thapki rocks bihan should stick with his new wife.

  7. Cant help but to like kabir ? its getting more exciting with him around.
    But i do agree, to much “blame bihan” scene, what about kosi and shankar the real culprit for thapki’s baby drama?
    Poor bihan ?

  8. so kabir is the negative character against bihaan and thapki.he will try his best to separate thapki and bihaan on one hand and on the other hand he pretends to be helping thapki in separating bihaan and thapki.actually,he will not pretend to help thapki.he is only seeking his revenge from bihaan.but the truth about kosi and kabir will soon come out to the entire family including thapki and bihaan and thapki and bihaan will reunite with a happy ending.that’s all about the series.

  9. could anyone tells me ,what is job of shaddah in pandy house? after DS left , kosi was at the power and chose her as assistant,and loyal maid, BUT now kosi’s place is in danger, she has no money no power herself, SO , on which base the divorced shaddah staying in that scary house?, specially everyone is aware of her devil nature and corruption against aditi.
    Apart of attempt of desperate writer for dragging and being out of an acceptable story line nothing else can be seen what a pity,

    How come shaddah could make exactly the same box size and wrapping gift as thapki for aditi , that makes her enable to swap them? she was not present when thapki bought her gift, then, boxed and covered it with wrapping gift.
    Then ,even; the most stupid person will not swap something in secret, then leave both boxes there and go, something the writer wrote and shaddah put in action, as after changing thapki’s gift with the one she made, she dropped thapki’s gift in the same room and left
    writer and director don’t treat your viewers as fools.

  10. 24/11/16

  11. What a disappointing episode,Spoilers make me somuch of tension…shraddha bhabhiji turned to be so cheap..
    Hello,santhosh bhai…how are you?hi,garima,vino,reshal,where are you friends…

  12. Is that true labor is a bad character ,sweety

  13. Sry yar for writing kabirr I just wrote labor

  14. Manish ki deewani

    Ya santhosh Bhai writers of tpk always complicate the story here everybody want to harm bihaan or wnnted to take revenge from him poor bihaan.tpk only show negativity they always turn the positive character into negative one the writers always give headache to the audience. idiot writers
    Hello pooja santhosh Bhai garima vino

  15. Maybe in the next episode,bihan will die so thapki n kabir could live happly everafter…very nice ending ???

  16. Bihan….quiet tpk shows????really..????

  17. Congratulations cvs ji…. tpk rangking decrease (-2) clappp your hand every body..

  18. Day by day the show tells us that the bad character is smarter than the good ones.shrada does a lot of fictim and still enjoy herlife there,kosi and sankara always win.thapki and bihaan fight each other…the others(vasu,balvinder,dadi,suman,pretty)are useless,life in one house but don’t know everything….nonsense…2 days I didn’t watch it but it is still in the same no improvement in the story.they create another problem to make the series life longer….

  19. Anyone can explain me what is “rasams’ in english?how many rasam the couple must do during and after marriage??????

    1. fira, it means CUSTOM and to some extend,even culture, rassam is not English word , BUT sadly I am unable to answer to your last question of: how many rasaam the couple must do during and after marriage , as I am not from those origins .hope you are satisfied friend

  20. Hi can i join tpk family

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