Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Kabir that she will proof to Bihaan that she is not his Thapki. Kabir says Bihaan said right that you loves him very much, and this revenge thing doesn’t suit you. He asks her to talk to him once. Thapki says no, and says I can’t forgive him. She hugs him and cries. Kabir comforts her. Bihaan sees Thapki crying hugging Kabir and gets angry. He throws wine bottle angrily.

Dhruv tells Aditi that he didn’t think even in his dreams that they will unite one day. He kisses on her hand and is about to get closer, just then he hears the door noise and goes to close it. He tells its lock is broken and asks her to rest. Shraddha hears them and thinks if you want to romance with open door, then you can. Dhruv says our love will increase day by day. Aditi thinks if this is just a coincidence or someone conspiracy.

Aditi thinks she shall talk to Shraddha and sort out the problem. She thinks about Dhruv telling that they couldn’t spend wedding night even today. Thapki comes there, Aditi is tensed. Thapki says I know my sister, there is something wrong for sure. Aditi looks on. Thapki asks her not to do wrong else there will be no difference between her and others. Aditi promises her that she will not do anything wrong, and says you talk like my sister. Once she goes, Thapki thinks she is helpless to do wrong with Bihaan, and determines never to let anything bad happen to Aditi in the house, like she suffered in the house.

Kabir is exercising listening to music. Bihaan comes there and stops it. He threatens to kick him out of house if he tries to get closer to Thapki. He says Thapki is mine. Kabir says you have said the dialogue like an angry man, and says those who have the collar don’t grabs others’ collar. He says Vani is not Thapki, and she is going to be my wife. I have to get close to her, and not you. I have to be with her…He irritates him and goes. Bihaan keeps sword on his neck to threaten him.

Bihaan says there is still time to understand, else this sword will make you understand. Kabir looks at his sword and says love or revenge, I will make you understand. They start fighting. Thapki and others come there and ask them to stop fighting. Kabir says we were just practicing. Balwinder says these swords are not toys, but our ancestral memories. He asks Bihaan, how can he play with it knowing about its importance. Kabir gives his sword and apologizes.

Vasu gives aarti to all her bahus. Aditi takes aarti. Shraddha comes there and asks Aditi if she is going to her house for pagphera rasam. Aditi looks on. Shraddha says I forgot that you have no mayka, then how this rasam will be done. Dhruv comes and angrily says Aditi have her mayka, and her pagphera will also be done. He says your parents are not there, but your house is still at same place where you have all the memories. She says you will do pagphera rasam there. Vasu agrees with Dhruv and says you shall complete this rasam. Dhruv will take you there. Shraddha says husband goes later naa, and suggest that Aditi shall go first followed by Dhruv. She says my work will be done too. Aditi is surprised and doubtful. Vasu agrees and asks Suman to make arrangements for Aditi’s pagphera rasam. Shraddha says I have done this conspiracy so that you go alone and never return. Thapki hears them and misses her parents. She thinks she wanted to eat aam papad and thinks from where to get it. Bihaan and Kabir argue over getting the aam papad. They challenge and says lets see who wins.

Thapki is eating aam papad. Kabir says you are loving your hatred. Thapki says she hates Bihaan from bottom of her heart and there is nothing else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

    What a boring episode there is no life,no happiness only darkness.its too much.Bihaan…really really very sadful to see you.she is so adament.I HATE YOU THAPKI.

  2. Which date this stopped serial will go please if the last episode come send me a email I can’t keep seeing stopped story line the channel should stop this dame show like for real who watch this ????

  3. thapki like a ‘cheap women’. how can she hug a stranger person when sad.. so dis****
    serious, if i’m became bihaan, I will just kill myself.. then we see, what thapki feel …

  4. day by day, it look like adiruv plot is more that a lead plot.. actually, it much better…, kabir and vani scene just make me fed up

  5. Don’t drag this track. Please end it soon. Thapki doesn’t know that bihaan didn’t know about baby. Why writers always show evil winning?

  6. How a poor u bihan ???
    and why always u??

  7. I agree with you pooja. I hate thapki so much. Too much draging in TPK. Lost contents.

  8. Yes,if she hate him so much then she can kill him…they both do the same,bihaan make thapki jelouse with sankara,then bihaan jelouse with kabir.they make life so complicated…bored.story is so bad,full of anger,hatred,sad….
    It’s better to watch tom and jerry than this tpk…

    1. agree.. tom and jerry make us laugh. but, I prefer another cartoon, bcoz tom and jerry can make me bored fast, always jerry win… hehe

  9. Hope.. Writer make a happy story about bihaan and thapki. Story about love thapki and bihaan, stop revange.

  10. It is painful to see Bihaan’s long face nowadays ..what type of revenge Thapki is taking ??..disgusting

  11. I dont know what to say anymore..someone suggested to change the name of this show..i agree..Tapki Pyaar Ki doesnt suit sad..

  12. Why this drama sooooo boriiinggg day by day.. thapki is stupidddd!!

  13. Madness… Total madness.
    Thapki go to hell and marry kabir.
    Bihaan dear please marry sankar.
    Sharada please kill both aditi and druv or else I will kill you.

  14. Lol! You guys are pathetic though, so now the script isn’t favouring your lofty bihaan and thapki is now the evil one just like druv used to be the victim of all your venom! You guys all need to go to rehab and learn to chill nd watch ur isn’t reality and no need to be so venomous is ur reactions!!!!!!

    1. I agree wit u.. It just an entertainment… Y guys u r all putting so much stress on urself… Just chill and watch….

    2. always there is a nasty /emotionless/ person like u lyenene/ who is coming against all other loyal &honest members /wit a pathetic/ heartless\&nonsense comment/ in any show’s update page/ yes this is not a reality/ but people spending the most preciouse &irreplacable part of their life/which is time to watch/&not everyone is heartless like you lyenene/ so they become /emotionally attached to the characters of soaps / making fun of these real people /not only wouldn’t make you positively a big /but showing how you are away from human feeling/
      you can say what you want/ I introduced your fact &that is the end of it.

  15. It’s about time Bhiaan feels bad
    .since he went against thapki and got married to killer witch shankar..

    Finally thapki can make him jealous of and show him that she doesn’t always have to succumb to him.

  16. @Iyenene…you are too funny! I’ve said that so many times! I agree with you…people do get a bit too serious but I do think the show is getting pretty boring! I cant even watch it and I don’t!

  17. while back I read that Bihann finds out about the baby…haven’t seen that..could someone confirm?

  18. Bakwas, boring very disappointed drama!! Sharadah ka koi kam hi nai ke us gher me rahe! Aditti ke sath same thapki wala drama! This drama shows , evil always successful! Vani is totally faild!!

  19. This drama is not entertainment at all !! It’s just giving stress!! After 8th month I started to watch it but its position is same as previous ?

  20. wit those bitter experience that I have /due to watching Indian soaps /I promise you/ we all wasting our precious time on these stupid , ignorant writer &director/ they never listen to us / becoz if they did/ then the story will hit the bottom &they are so tick&fool/ that/ unable to create a new acceptable story line/ I promise/ you all/ they are going to dra….g this nonsens story by /litle by litle Kabit fall in love with that thick & average thapki/ & all those boring and disgusting conspricy /fight & nonsense among these three/thapki/Kabir & bihaan/ where is d fat grandma/ their madness &ignorant, allowed them to disapear any character or bring /with no reason.

    I am sure aditi & DS will not get properly together as man &wife , according to the Indian soaps’s way/WHAT A PITTY & bad example of Indian life to the others.

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