Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan aiming gun at Thapki. He asks her not to cry as he hates tears, and it makes him angry. He scares her and smiles. Dhruv comes running and asks what is he doing. Thapki says this thief has come here for stealing, when I stopped him, he has put gun on my head. Dhruv asks her to relax, he is here. He asks Bihaan not to joke this, and asks him to see her state. He tells her that Bihaan is his brother. Thapki says but he said he is thief. Bihaan says I was joking. Dhruv says she is Thapki, she works in my office, I m going to marry her. Bihaan is shocked and asks what did he say.

Dhruv says she will become my wife, and this house’s to be bahu, Thapki. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Her phone rings. Dhruv asks her to take call. Thapki talks to her mum and says yes, I m coming. She tells Dhruv that she has to go. Dhruv asks Bihaan not to do this joke with anyone, and takes Thapki, saying he will talk later. Bihaan says I have to tell mum. He goes to Vasundara and sees her sleeping.

Suman and Preeti are also there. They say she is unwell. Bihaan asks what happened to her. They tell him about the insect biting her ear. Bihaan talks to Vasundara, and Vasundara is unable to hear anyone. She scolds them, and says if Bihaan is worried, how much will Dhruv worry. She asks why did he come. Suman and Preeti message her asking why did she like Thapki knowing her weakness. Vasundara gets the message.

She says Thapki is very nice, I don’t see her any weakness. He says fine, if you decided, it will be by some reason, take rest and leaves. Dhruv drops Thapki home, and she asks him to meet her parents. He says I will come later, this is also my home, so I will keep coming, take care. Suman and Preeti laugh that the insect has just bitten Vasundara.

Poonam waits for Thapki, and she comes. Thapki says Vasundara accepted her. Balwinder/Dhruv’s Bau ji calls Krishnakant and says they will come for Roka tomorrow. Krishnakant welcomes him and they get glad. Bau ji tells Vasundara that he has done her work and asks her to go tomorrow. She says come with me, we have just one son. He says my son is Bihaan, I can’t come with Dhruv. He leaves.

Suman and Preeti have a talk and think not to make Vasundara know about Thapki. They give water as the medicine to Vasundara, and thinks to get Thapki as her bahu to teach her a lesson. Vasundara comes and asks what happening. They get tensed seeing her. Vasundara takes medicines and asks them to prepare for Roka, nothing wrong should happen. They get ready to make a long list and laugh.

Krishnakant tells Poonamt hat he will get shagun by asking his boss for advance. He says he will give it by happiness. Thapki worries. He says he will get advance, my boss is good man. She stops him and says he can get in loans again like last time. Krishnakant says he can pay any loan, but how to get her happiness. He says what if they don’t have money, they have family to share pain, they will eat less and not get anyone lower her self respect, and asks her to stay happy, so that he can get happy seeing her. He hugs her. They see Dhruv hearing them. Poonam says Dhruv….. Dhruv looks on and asks is there any problem. Poonam says nothing. Dhruv says I came to give Thapki’s bag, it was in the car. Thapki thanks him. He says he will meet her in office and goes. Dhruv smiles.

Poonam and Krishnakant worry as there is no money to give shagun. Aditi tells Thapki that Poonam has gone to sell her jewelry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. omg wats going on here hope vasu gets to know all this and help them….

  2. ..i m jst fingercrossed
    …nd only waiting what will happen with ours feelings which r very closed to dhruvki…

  3. i think vasundara ll hates thapki aftr knwng the truth………..

  4. Wt hpn nxt i m so exciited …..

  5. Hey friends there is a recent promo in that all the truth gonna reveal in every serial in colors tv which is going to be very interesting on 24 that is friday. Hope that all the serials has serious turns.

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  7. Hai friends will dhruv marry ,our thapki. Please any body say the truth .
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