Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu asking Thapki why did she slap Bihaan, he tried to help her and she slapped him. Thapki is in trance. Vasu makes her come back to her senses and asks if you are fine. Thapki asks Bihaan if she has done anything wrong. She hugs Bihaan and cries. Bihaan says if anything would have happened to you…and gets concerned for her. Thapki cries. Sankara gets angry at her. Shraddha asks Thapki why she came with snake around her neck and asks if she will bring lion next time and will send them to crematorium ground. She says I am telling you people to send her to mental asylum. Vasu asks Shraddha to keep quiet and tells that Thapki is unwell and needs rest. She asks her to stop badmouthing about Thapki. She says we shall watch the announcement as Bihaan’s name may be announced next. Aditi says she will bring Thapki’s medicine. Bihaan and Thapki sits down to watch the last participant name of game show on TV. Host announces Ms. Rajeshwari as the last participant. Everyone is shocked and shattered.

Bihaan stands up and says my destiny is bad. Host says someone’s luck is good, and there is a wild card entry of a lucky person and that super duper name is Mr. Bihaan Pandey. Everyone is happy and jumps in joy. Bihaan is surprised and happy too. He looks at Thapki. Thapki also looks at him. Neha and Sankara are shocked. Sankara tells Bihaan that Thapki couldn’t see his happiness and that’s why she went from here. Bihaan thinks her tears is of happiness and not of sadness. Thapki comes to Kabir and asks if he is searching for house brokers’ name and says I told you that my Bihaan will get selected and will win also. Kabir stops her and says this call is for you also. He asks the person on call if the work is done. The person says yes, we made Bihaan enter the game as wild card entry, and thanks him for donation. Kabir ends the call and says he knows well that he can’t win being illiterate. Thapki says Bihaan will win the competition and will give a good reply to him.

Aditi tells Dhruv that she is worried about Thapki. Dhruv says she will be fine and asks her to share her worries with him. Aditi says you have shared yourself with Shraddha. Dhruv says I was under the drug effect and doesn’t know anything. He says she will not come inbetween us. Just then Shraddha comes and sits between them and asks Dhruv to check her BP, says it is increased because of Thapki’s madness. Dhruv checks her BP and says it is normal. Shraddha says I will bring water for Aditi. Dhruv says you don’t need to do anything. Shraddha says okay. Dhruv makes Aditi drink water. Shraddha recalls mixing Thapki’s water in Aditi’s jug, and thinks now Shraddha’s daughter will also be mad like Thapki and smirks.

Doctor comes and asks Bihaan if he brought medicine for Thapki. Bihaan says I will bring now and goes. Sankara says you should have told directly that she is mad and sent her to mental hospital. A woman comes and says Sankara…Everyone is shocked to see her attire. Her face is revealed. She is Thapki…in Kosi’s attire. She spits pan on their family photo. Everyone is shocked. Sankara gets shocked and asks Neha why did you make her Kosi. Neha says I kept Kosi’s ring in water. Thapki tells Sankara that she will make her remember her, and puts her fingers in hot tea. Thapki scolds Sankara for making bad tea and beats her. Sankara cries. Neha smirks. Thapki asks Sankara to make another tea for her. Sankara goes to make tea. Kabir, Aditi, Dhruv, Vasu are shocked.

Vasu tries to make Thapki come back to her senses and slaps her. Thapki asks how dare you to slap me and twists her hand. Doctor says we have to give her electric shocks. Bihaan closes his eyes in pain as Thapki is given electric shocks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Unlimited nonsense…sad wala precap.
    CVS hats off you for inventing such a illogical stupidity in TPK.really miss all the colorful days of Thahaan…day to day TPK losing its charm.
    Hi…reshal,garima,vino,sruti,anu,rinka,santhosh Bhai…wish you a joyful weekend to you dear buddies.

  2. utter nonsenseeee!!!!!! -_-

  3. cvs always torturing the ml and fl…mainly Thahaan fans

  4. Terrible…how could Evil devil always win… there is no God at all.. what kind this stories..

  5. SW should be given electric shock too so come to their senses.. ???
    Poor Thapki.. ?
    What’s SW gona do with the storyline …?? ???

  6. Manish ki deewani

    what is is just showing evilness wins ……hw neha knows about kosi ? oh my god precap they give thapki a electric shock ..

  7. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    Bored to watching now days episode… I read also skip skip read..

  8. well done job by thapki mar us gd ko superb acting by jigs as kosi she reminds me of smita mam her looks her attire her attitude totally changed its a nice epi

  9. This is the show where ya can treat your partner like utter crap and even after all the problems you have you still a match made in heaven in certain viewers eyes LOL

    No wonder the writers have gone down this route LOL the Thahaan fans believe anything so this isn’t too much of a stretch 😀

    Anyways this show is getting too dumb so im giving up with it, there’s better things to watch and spend 30 mins on.

    See ya everyone hope it gets better for you guys!!! Doubt I be missing much LOL

    1. I can’t believe theirs wasting Kabir’s character like this. He knows Thapki won’t ever get over her ‘Mera Bihan… tum dekhna Kabir Katyal’ jaap so why bother? May as well complete his revenge and as far as away from Pandey nivaas and it’s crazy inhabitants.

      I was so looking forward to this track being played out and Kabir being utilised properly but I’m saddened to see how they’re butchering the show.

      I’m done as well. I’m better off watching Chandra Nandini, Beyadh and PMHMD

      See you around Thabir fans, Im not gonna watch the episodes but I will read the written updates and I’ll comment occasionally till Kabir is a part of the show.

  10. Oh what is this happing i hope that bihaan you win hello pooja anum anish ki divani vino sri lee na how are you

    1. Hi Garima…I’m fine thank you.
      I don’t know but somehow i feel like thapki and neha is joining hands to fool shankar about this supernatural issue.
      Hope bihaan will win too

    2. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      garima….fine…I just wanted to see, with a storyline like this, whether there are still fans who watch …

  11. OMG kabir was behind bihaan’ selection? .So bihaan got selected in game because of kabir ‘s recommendation not because of his luck or thapki’s prayer or anyone’s blessings.
    Thabir’s nok jhok was fine but irritating part was her non stop”mera bihaan” chant.

    1. Bihan isn’t capable of anything himself, he’s useless. If he didn’t have Thapki keeping him in check he’d have turned to hardcore criminal by now. His merits would’ve been kidnapping, murdering people, running a drugs racket, burglary and being a pimp. After all that is the next step up in his ‘profession’.

  12. Navami

    Super natural trak irritating….liked the story coz it was close to real life on the begning…thapki was a girl defeated all the hurdles in her life…admired on those days…but cvs ruined the good story….ruined the characters…pls i have a request that dont make this serial just like sasural simer ka…pls….my frndz what do u all think??

    1. Agree with you

  13. Today anybody noticed the trouser of dhruv??I think He wore the same trouser as kabir worn in montage????.

  14. Yeah how come no one gives blo*dy electric shock to those 3 witches. shraadha,sankar and that mad cow neha. They need it more then thaapki does. And that prat kabir is so annoying, why the hell is he putting too much attention towards bihaan? He should be focusing on his sister more. I swear I feel like wacking kabir’s, neha’s and see hat fat bam Shankar’s head.????????????

    1. I mean that

  15. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja…my dear friend…how are you?
    I am feeling very disappointed.
    that’s all.always negative characters only won in this show .whatever it is..I want bihaan and thapki becoming closes together.if thapki will die make bihaan will die.its my opinion.

  16. Thapki’s acting is good and I loved the passionate hug of Thahaan..Also Thapki as Kosi tortures Sankar is the right way to punish idiot will be positive and also good if Neha and Thapki together make Sankar kick out of the house instead of Neha and Sankar’s plan..Make good things wins instead of evil..

    But the logic of the story totally vanished….

    The only reason I watch Tpk is only Thahaan…Thapki as an intelligent girl can find the truth and kick out that idiotic Shankar..

  17. Frnds my simple suggestion b relax …n font make upset to ur self …har show negative log jitne hai…in kasam also sari misunderstanding clr hote hi naye aa gayi n evil win same in kkb i dont the k tpk ne kuch naya kia hai…n best part is knw tht bihaan ko realise karne laga hai…he strting thinking towards thapki innocence…so i m positive …or jo ho leap n all ka dont belive much becz writers still thinking…so i m relax on it …n as every one knw even new add i. Grp tha..bir fans k end me humare thahaan hi honge ek…to fir tension hai itna grp…better jo ho we should support thm as our fav actors were shooting day night …so better nt to spread negativity among us only…serials me to negative positive common hai….n i love epi anjan me hi sahi thapki ne shankar ko dho dia…i wish k thapki apne hosh me aisa kare or thahaan ki life se uske mar mar k bahar kare..?

  18. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    dont want to watch again….

  19. thapki lost viewers , shakti and chakor are on top chart, what the writer doin with TPK ?

  20. Dear writer you are really mad..I worry for you….please go to mental hospital …and do not write any thing…….

  21. I’m being watching Thapki but I find total boring programme complete nonsense the drama keeps going on their no end to this new subjects keep going on All Indian series are so boring .. The clothes they were never crease they go to toilet they sleep with clothes brand new saris make up never gets removed so funny it’s like watching cartoons very funny …?????????????????????

  22. Now the story does not make sense. Why not look for a better writer. Very disappointing but lucky I no longer watch it, just a glimpse as to be insane if I watch continues

  23. Stupid show..

  24. Alister La Frenais

    Another episode not fit for purpose. However, I did like the comic segment when Thapki turn up as Kosi, I split my sides with laughter when she spat of the photograph and also how she installed fear into Shankar. Apart from this the whole show was boring and lacked imagination.

  25. Cucum sumarni

    Please sub.indonesia

  26. I can not watch this any more, what a to of rubbish. Producers please make the story line a bit more relistic.

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