Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwinder asking Aditi not to feel bad and asks Vasu to give nek. He gives her nek. Aditi touches his feet and gets emotional. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Aditi cries standing at the corner. Dhruv comes there. Aditi says I didn’t do anything. Dhruv says I know you and Shraddha, both. Everyone know. Aditi says if Thapki would have been here, then she would never let this happen. Dhruv says Thapki is here only and asks her to feel her presence. He asks her to smile.

Kabir gets a call and says he needs property papers. He asks who have bought this property. Thapki comes there and says she has bought the property now. She says she runs a big business, and asks him to support her if he wants this property. Kabir asks you are blackmailing me to marry you. He asks how can you do this? Thapki recalls Bihaan slapping her and asking her to go. She tells him that destiny made fun of her, and tells Bihaan and she was in love, but something happened. She asks him to go and says she will fight all alone. She asks him to take his bag and leave. Kabir takes his bag and is leaving.

Bihaan says this have to happen, and says until when you could act. He says I know Kabir was lying and even you, but I have never lied till now and will not lie in future too. I know you are my Thapki. He shows their photo collage, and says this is my Thapki and our relation made by God. He asks her to see love in both of their eyes, and says even though you have hidden love in your eyes, but then also I can see and feel. He asks why you are doing this? He asks her to tell that his feeling and love is true, and asks her to agree that she is his Thapki. Thapki recalls their romantic moments seeing the pics. She gets teary eyes.

Kabir comes back with band baja arrangements. He tells Kabir and Vani are going to married, and it should be grand then only people will believe that we are getting married. He asks Bihaan to stop troubling his to be wife. He bends down on his knees and kisses on her hand. Everyone is surprised. Bihaan looks devastated. Everyone go to their respective rooms. Thapki is stunned.

Kabir says you might be thinking why did I come back. He says I saw your hatred for Bihaan and that’s why came. He says I think revenge is intense and I have to return seeing your emotions. Thapki thanks him, and says if you wouldn’t have come then my hardwork would have been ruined. Kabir asks her not to worry and says he is with her. He says I have two conditions, I will stay here and help you, that’s it. Don’t involve me in your family matters. We shouldn’t indulge in knowing about our past, present and future. He says my second condition is that girls call me charming, and asks her to stay far from him as he don’t want any commitment. He asks did you agree with my conditions. Thapki agrees. She gets emotional seeing the pic. Suman talks to Aditi and tries to cheer her up. Shraddha thinks you can dress well, but you will not have wedding night even today, just see what I can do.

Thapki is about to fall, Bihaan saves her and says today I have saved you, but who will save you. He asks her to accept that she is his Thapki. Thapki tries to fall, Bihaan holds her and asks if she is mad. Thapki says she is getting mad to hear Thapki again and again, and asks him to accept that she is not his Thapki. Bihaan is upset and goes. Thapki thinks to make him agree somehow.

Kabir asks Thapki if she loves her hatredness. Thapki tells him that she hates Bihaan and burns album in fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thoroughly a desperating episode…Thapki,what is your real problem?everyday TPK shows only the painful face of Bihaan…there is nothing interesting.
    Garima Manish birthday on Nov19…how are you dear?hi,reshal,vino,any,santhosh Bhai,sruti and all.

  2. Thanks stupido ki sardar. And i think bihaan pyar ka 😉 show become good after same time.

  3. Lelah nonton thapki….

  4. Garima upload ur ff yaar

  5. i hate serial thapki now…..all drama is make us dissapointed,,we usualy watch thapki pyar serial everyday but now everything is changed,,,everything is bad,,,we only want that thapki with bihan….please change the story,,we is kabir should come between them,,i am fans from indonesia and so many many fans here get upset and disapointed with new story in thapki pyar ki,,,we only want bihan and thapki,,,

  6. Manish ki deewani

    Ya garima bihaan pyaar ka is nice title and i watch this serial just Bcoz of manish
    Nowdays my mom also fed up from the behavior of thapki don’t know what actually she want? What type of revenge ?

  7. The evil the past,she loves druv,then forget her love to druv,then hate druv.she loves bihaan then forget her love to bihaan then hate bihaan…what kind of girl she is?love is so cheap for her…the true lover is shrada,she loves druv for always.the writer use marriage and love as a game.use it and throw it…..from all indian tv series,this is the worse begin from october 2016 series…in the begining it seem so realistic and understanable.but now?to the writer if you don’t change your main idea,you will end this story without love and praise from the audience….just stop all heavy story,hatred,etc,shows something easy to understand,good moral value that god person who believe in god is always be the winner for every bad situation.

    1. She never really loves Dhruv…

    2. Shraddha doesn’t love Dhruv, she only married him for money and fame but it backfired on her when she couldn’t use him and he ended up using her. She’s such a hateful person she can’t accept that Dhruv can choose others above her so her ego gets bruised as she thinks she is above everyone else

  8. No thapki tz not fair

  9. Still not interesting…

    1. Exactly

  10. In this story,good person always cheated by bad person.the bad character like shrada,sangkar,kosi,chaca always win even their evil revealed,and it happend till now…in what condition they want us to watch this series?even then thapki win in her aim,but the way to reach it so bad more than kosi and friend.

  11. Where is Dhadhi Maa?..And nowadays, we can see only sad scenes between Thahaan..Tpk lost its old charm..only painful episodes..Thapki needs to forgive Bihaan..

  12. That’s so sad ! And the story with Kabir is bakwass ! Who want to stay in a house where he get shoot ?? I want to Sankar says truth to bihaan and die after.
    Thapki is going crazy, that’s very sad !
    I want also Aditi to know the truth, it will be interesting to see her reaction when she will realize that Thapki her sister is alive.
    That’s really too sad to see all people living in pain and trouble, and the story with Kabir once again is ridiculous !!!!! Stop this nonsense please !
    I am a fan from France and I want to see Bihann with Thapki and Kosi with Sankar in the hell please.

  13. Thanks manish ki divani and pooja i am fine and crazy girl they are some problem that was why i does not upload next port please understand.

  14. Cerita ini dari har ke hari tidak mendidik , bagaimana bisa perkawinan adalah sakral untuk semua agama apapun, tetapi dalam cerita thapki pyaar ki ini perkawinan hanya permainan belaka. silahkan produser menari uang sebanyak mungkin melalui opera sabun, tetapi tetap dalam koridor keagamaan, menerikan sekali untuk ke depanya karena hal ini dapat merusak cara pamdang anak anak sekarang , saya juga merasa kasihan dengan para pemainnya yang terlihat lelah , saya lebih senang melihat film india layar lebar yang masih dapat diterima baik dari segi pendidikan, budaya dan masih masuk akal , semoga saran ini dapat merubah cara pandang saudara manakala membuat opera sabun yang lebih baik dan mendidik, terimakasih

  15. The love between Tapki and Bihaan..there was divine intervention..the way they were brought together..when Bihaan’s life was in danger..mouse and snake were brought in to save Bihaan..divine intervention..we didnt forget…the writers have forgotten…dont make their love cheap…where is the family values…how can Tapki and Bihaan marry other people..Tapki and Bihaan are married to each can Shanker get away from murder attempt on Tapki..let the truth be known..let there be justice…we dont need new characters to complicate matters..bring Dadi Maa back..please dont destroy this show..dont let it be another flop..i will stop watching if Bihaan and Tapki dont get together…

  16. When will Bihaan & Thapki reunite??? I want Thahaan will never spilt up.

  17. No comments! I have no words to say for such a pathetic serial.

  18. I hate this show sOOOO Mach I don’t understand the writer what happen to him in first the show was amazing was my favorite show and I always feel sad when I hear that it will end and bihaan and thapki they were so cute together but now with all the new entry I wish the show end as
    soon as possible ??????Even I felt that this series should be the first series that Middle East should watch because it fun and family show and have a lot of sene were bihaan save thapki but now it is very stoped and boooooring and I wish that I never hear the name of this show so dame show how thapki feel all this hate for bihaan even after bihaan save her life thousands time very stoped serial ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  19. idiot serial..writter make simple story into more complicated one….a lot villans but a single hero bihan…even the main lead thapki did nit hv any believe on God and love….just behave like a psycho…ufffff….what she want still unknown inspite of taking revenge from kosi the main culprit…she is buzy in stupid stuffs….i think writter wants to end this show on a bad storyline with a lot of hatred and anger frm loyal viewers….

  20. As much as i loved the collage it made no sense for them to have the pics cos some of them were from dream sequences and some from their private moments

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